Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Commitments

"You won't see me writing resolutions, instead I do commitments". ~Melissa Galt, interior designer and social media extraordinaire.

I really like Melissa's approach and attitude toward setting goals in the New Year. I have a strong belief that 2011 will be my biggest year yet, in terms of photography opportunities and collaborations. I feel like all of the stepping stones are in place and I just have to start walking down the path. I've been my own roadblock for too long. As social as I seem, I am a bit of a hermit. This year, I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone and seek opportunities to meet and work with people I have always hoped to work with. For example, I want to shoot photos of Fiona Apple. That is going to be one tricky goal to achieve, but a few of my life goals are already starting to materialize, so hopefully I can add that to my list...

Here's which goals are around the corner:
-to have one of my images be published on the cover of a novel (happening this month)
-to create and sell a photography book (happening in February--if I ever get my act together)
-to collaborate with my favorite contemporary painter, Robert Townsend (happening now)
-to meet Dave Grohl (pending...)
-to meet Steve Martin (happening in February)
-to meet all the members of 311 (happening in March)
Yes, the last three are really life goals of mine, don't laugh. ;)

REMEMBER: "What you create tomorrow is built on what you act on today." (Melissa Galt, again) SO GET GOING!!