Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just ripped an a-hole a new a-hole on flickr

DISCLAIMER: I don't advocate being mean, but sometimes it's just necessary.

I just received a nasty little email from flickr user sunderlandartstudent and feel compelled to share it with you guys just because of its sheer preposterous-ness. Here it is:

Subject: um.. your stuff is not that good for you to be snooty about who borrows what.

i looked on your website and you rip off painters and other photographers left right and centre, in fact most of your work is a rip off of this artist

Anyway im not here to pick an argument, simply to point out how much your work is a theft of others.


First off, who the hell are you?! Did I accidentally comment on one of your flickr uploads?! I can't even believe I'm wasting my time to respond to you, but I love arguing with assholes online and you fit the bill.

Take a look at when Neil Krug started shooting poolside Polaroids and girls in bikinis: 2008. Now take a look at when I started shooting them: 2007. NICE TRY ASSHOLE. I love Krug's work, but I hadn't heard of him until 2009 or 2010. AND the main difference between me and Neil is... I DON'T PHOTOSHOP MY POLAROIDS. Nor are all of my shots of a supermodel, nudes or musicians. Back to your left, right and centre bullshit... I am inspired by David Hockney and Robert Bectle, I'm ASSUMING some of my images reminded you of their work. And guess what, that's intentional. In fact, I even attribute them in my tags or captions.

Anyway, I'm not here to pick an argument, simply to point out how ABSOLUTELY WRONG YOU ARE.

Thanks for taking the time to be envious of my work,

P.S. Might wanna send Neil Krug a similar email now...

For the record, I don't think Neil Krug is copying me or ripping off my work. I just wanted this douchebag to see how asinine his accusation was. I must have denied him or someone else free usage of my photographs in the past?! WHO KNOWS.


shelly said...

Ignorant douchebag = PWNED! :D Yay you!

Catnip Intoxicating said...

That is terrible. With thousands of people on Flickr, your work stands out on its own. I have been a fan of your work for years.