Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm such a jerk sometimes... not really... ok, maybe.

Just have to share this convo I am having with an Etsy seller. For the record, I LOVE ETSY!! Up until now, sellers have never disappointed me and, if anything, they impress me with their cutesy packaging and Martha-Stewart-esque wrapping skills. However, THIS shop is another story.

Here is the item in question:

15 February 2011 9:39pm

I just received this dress and I appreciate the fast shipping, but I am really disappointed with the dress. I wish I knew it was a homemade dress made from vintage sheets (or a large pillowcase) prior to paying $25 for it. It doesn't even have a zipper. :(


15 February 2011 9:39pm
Hi Jena,

We are more than willing to accept returns under circumstances when we have made an error or gross misrepresentation. The vintage item described and pictured is the item you received so we do not feel is was misrepresented. We are always happy to convo back and forth until you have enough information to make your purchasing decision, including questions about the size, fabric, zipper or not, ect. There are inherent limitations in both posting and purchasing items, especially vintage items, online and we do our best to present items as accurately as possible. We are always here to answer your inquiries.

Thank You,


17 February 2011 6:48pm
Hmmm, I never thought to ask "Is this dress merely made from vintage bed sheets??" but I will be asking sellers that from now on.

Thank you,


kate gabrielle said...

LOL! Perfect response!!

I'm really shocked that they weren't the least bit accommodating. I've gotten bad customer service like that from big companies, but never from independent sellers! I guess they aren't interested in having a good feedback rating.. or staying in business, for that matter. I know I won't buy from them now!

Actually it would be kind of hilarious if everyone started asking them really detailed questions about their items now. "This sweater doesn't say wool or cotton, so I just want to make sure.. it isn't made out of dog or cat hair, right?" ;-D

jena ardell said...

HAHA, exactly!! Well, I'm glad you're on my side. This dress should have been $10 MAX, including shipping. If it had a zipper, $15 + shipping. Thicker material + a zipper would justify what I paid for it. I should know better than to make purchases after 2 am. Next time I'm just going to bed.