Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Commitments

"You won't see me writing resolutions, instead I do commitments". ~Melissa Galt, interior designer and social media extraordinaire.

I really like Melissa's approach and attitude toward setting goals in the New Year. I have a strong belief that 2011 will be my biggest year yet, in terms of photography opportunities and collaborations. I feel like all of the stepping stones are in place and I just have to start walking down the path. I've been my own roadblock for too long. As social as I seem, I am a bit of a hermit. This year, I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone and seek opportunities to meet and work with people I have always hoped to work with. For example, I want to shoot photos of Fiona Apple. That is going to be one tricky goal to achieve, but a few of my life goals are already starting to materialize, so hopefully I can add that to my list...

Here's which goals are around the corner:
-to have one of my images be published on the cover of a novel (happening this month)
-to create and sell a photography book (happening in February--if I ever get my act together)
-to collaborate with my favorite contemporary painter, Robert Townsend (happening now)
-to meet Dave Grohl (pending...)
-to meet Steve Martin (happening in February)
-to meet all the members of 311 (happening in March)
Yes, the last three are really life goals of mine, don't laugh. ;)

REMEMBER: "What you create tomorrow is built on what you act on today." (Melissa Galt, again) SO GET GOING!!


Jan's camera said...

Congratulations on those books. That is very exciting. Happy New Year to you.

jena ardell said...

Belated thanks so much Jan~!!