Sunday, May 30, 2010

Overheard in a restaurant tonight

There was a little boy sitting a table away from mine tonight at the Thai restaurant. He looked about six years old (couldn't have been older than seven), and was sitting across from his younger sister. In between bites, he looked up and asked his mother...

"Do you think there will be a World War III?"
"I don't know," she said.
"Well I hope not," the little boy responded. "I hope I'm not alive when there is a World War III. We'd hear gunshots outside in the streets... and people would be shooting in our windows!!"

The parents seemed unfazed and remained silent. Then his little sister asked when the end of the world was going to be!! Geeze. I couldn't believe that these YOUNG kids were worrying about issues like this. I already never want to have children, but stuff like this makes me REALLY never want to have children. Unless a miraculous awakening happens in the year 2012, all the problems we shrug off because it's not happening in most of our backyards, like contaminated soil or lack of clean water, are problems that the next generation is going to be forced to deal with. :( I hope the latter scenario doesn't materialize, but that's where it seems we are headed. This month-long-plus oil spill + ocean dumping + drying of seas + overfishing + overpopulation + wastefulness, especially of water + the current mass production of plastics is going to catch up to us REAL FAST.

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Jan's camera said...

Interesting post. I'm surprised more children aren't wondering about what the future holds. Especially the World War III. That is one I worry about myself.