Monday, May 24, 2010


"Sarah Palin urged the country to 'trust the oil industry' and to continue to pursue offshore drilling initiatives in light of the Gulf Coast oil spill when delivering a speech in Missouri over the weekend. The Kansas City Star reports that Palin called the massive oil slick 'tragic,' but defended drilling as a viable energy solution when speaking to a mostly Republican crowd."


Sarah Palin's husband works for BP. Of course she's telling you to "trust the oil industry" despite there being a oil slick the size of Maryland and Delaware COMBINED floating in the Gulf Coast. DON'T SUPPORT OFFSHORE DRILLING and boycott BP.

FYI: BP earned 6.4 billion dollars at the begining of this year... why the hell aren't they using that money now to contain this disaster?!

FACT: BP refused to build a shut-off valve when building the rig. This catastrophe could have been avoided.

What a f-ing nightmare.

Photos of the oil spill.

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