Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jena Ardell Giveaway

I'm giving away any TWO retro fine art prints from my etsy shop (A $70 value). All you need to do is enter to win!! Just post a comment here answering this question: If you could go back in time and visit any decade, which would you choose and why?? One lucky winner will be selected on April 22, 2010.


Jan's camera said...

I would like to visit the 1940's. Our country was fighting in WWII and it was a very patriotic time. I would like to see how people lived during that time. I think that Americans really appreciated everything that they had because of the war. Also, I love the music and the clothes from that time period.

jena ardell said...

Hi Jan!! Thank you so much for commenting... however, I'm not selecting the winner of the giveaway, the person who runs The Brightside Project is, so you will need to post your comment here: in order to be in the running!! :D

Jan's camera said...

Hi, Thanks for letting me know. I love your photos.