Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Guide to Southern California Beaches


El Matador:
Gorgeous, secluded, difficult walk to beach. Sometimes littered with naked old men who think it is a nude beach.

Malibu Beach: Surfrider territory, lagoon, small pier. Checkout the Adamson House while you're there!!

Marina Del Rey: More industrial, smoggy, Venice fishing pier. Great if you like looking at boats.

Point Dume State Beach: Clean, diagonal, not free. You pay to park here but can go to Zuma (literally 50 ft away) for free.

Santa Monica State Beach: Tourists, dirty, pier. Awesome bike and walking paths. Please note these paths are SEPARATE so I can ride my bike without dodging you.

Venice Beach: Eclectic, graffiti wall, plethora of bums. Sometimes smells like urine.

Zuma: Flat, volley ball, large parking lot. A popular spot in Malibu.


Coronado: Lovely, fighter jets, gold sand. The Hotel Del is A-MAZING.

La Jolla:
Scenic, beautiful, cliffs. Sea caves and kayaking galore.

Ocean Beach:
Dirty, hippies, bikers. The pier there is the longest concrete pier on the west coast... it's also full of beatnik/hippie/alternative folk.

Mission Beach: Popular, drunken college town, kid friendly. Here boardwalk = concrete area near ocean, not on a pier. And the roller coaster costs $6-7 a pop to ride.

Pacific Beach: Surfer haven, scenic, Crysal pier. Area is full of shops, bars and night clubs. Parking is a bitch.


Leo Carillo:
Rocky, clean, tide pools. People from L.A. like to go here on the weekends so they can forget they live in L.A. for the day.

East Beach:
Sporty, college crowd, volleyball heaven. Look for starfish hanging onto nearby Stearn's Wharf pier. Sea lions are also common.

Oxnard Beach:
Dog beach, kid friendly, playground. I wouldn't swim in the water here, but the bike/walking paths are nice!!

Ventura Pier beach area: Scenic areas, lots of pebbles, chilly. Santa Monica feel, only less populated, no rides and more clean.


Rosita said...

offended my home town beaches are sorely misrepresented!!!! Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo... gf!

jena ardell said...

That's because I haven't had an opportunity to assess them!! : P