Saturday, January 2, 2010

Buddhist Blessing for the New Year!!

I'm not a Buddhist, nor do you need to be to enjoy this blessing. May 2010 be one of your best!! Happy New Year!!

Just as water flowing in the stream and rivers fills the ocean, thus may all your moments of goodness touch and benefit all beings, those here now and those gone before.

May all your wishes be soon fulfilled as completely as the moon on a full-moon night, as successfully as from the Wish-Fulfilling Gem. May all dangers be averted; may all disease leave you.

May no obstacles come across your way and may you enjoy happiness and long life.

May those who are always respectful, honoring the way of the elders, prosper in the four blessings of old age, beauty, happiness, and strength.

~Adopted from the Pattanumodana blessing-chant

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