Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Featured in Elle Girl Korea August 2009!!

My photography is featured on pages 2 and 33 of this month's Elle Girl Korea!!

Cover of the issue:

My Froggy on the Letter From the Editor page.
Full Page spread on page 33!!


I'm so excited to finally be published in a magazine. :)

In case you can't read Korean, here is my interview in English. Not sure what parts they published:

1-1 have you been published anywhere? My work has been published in a Madrid-based online magazine, 10x15, and a London-based online magazine, Appendix Magazine, as well as numerous blogs -- the most notable being Decor8 and {Frolic!}. This is the first time I am being published in a print magazine so I am very excited!

2 What are your favorite things to take the picture? I love photographing things, people, places or situations that have a dreamy, nostalgic appearance. My goal is to "transport people back in time" by creating authentic-looking retro images reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s; so I usually choose objects from those decades.

3 What are you working on right now? Right now I am working on three collections: Daydreams, Life's a Beach, and Under The Boardwalk. The latter two collections are offshoots of my growing Summer Love collection. These collections will be able to view on my website this fall. I also plan on publishing a book titled Summer Love in October which will feature 75 images, including a lot of never-before-seen work.

4 What puts you in the mood to create? I constantly want to create things because I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am able to turn my visions into something tangible. When I do not have time to create something, I make lists of things I want to create. I draw inspiration from anything and everything -- summer, the ocean, Old Hollywood movies, clothing patterns, vintage photographs, the composition of everyday objects, etc. I also spend a lot of time browsing the internet for images that catch my eye because I believe maintaining an inspiration folder is crucial to every artist.

5 What artist(photographer) do you admire? And reason? I admire artist David Hockney's vision of water and fixation with swimming pools. Hockney's Polaroid collages are impressive, especially since Photoshop was not involved in the process. I love the composition of Robert Bechtle's automobile paintings because my eye gravitates toward balance and symmetry. I am in awe of Old Hollywood photographer George Hurrell's portraits. Hurrell used light like no other photographer could or has ever. I am inspired by the simplicity and honesty captured in both Bill Wood's and Bill Owens's photojournalistic shots. Their work is so raw, it almost appears candid. I always strive to capture a similar sense of authenticity. As for contemporary photographers, Peter Granser is among my favorites because I share a similar admiration for subjects and landscapes that appear subtly absurd.

6 What is your dream? My goal is to keep the past alive and to own a tiny bungalow near the ocean where I can shoot photographs all summer long.

7 Where can we see more of your stuff? You can view my portfolio on my website: www.jenaardell.com. I also have an etsy shop http://jenaardell.etsy.com where I sell fine art prints and my work is also available for commercial usage through Getty Images.