Saturday, May 30, 2009

His name is Nick H-e-x-u-m

"Somebody pointed out to me that the point of a relationship is to relate. Humans need to hear other people that they can relate with and have similar thoughts and feelings. When you can provide that through art, when people say, 'That's the same way I feel,' then that's a masterpiece. The more honest we get with what's going on in our hearts, the more people connect with it and feel it." ~Nick Hexum of 311

excerpt from a recent interview via Artist Direct.

Smart guy who's looking good with a mohawk. :) Can't wait to see 311 live on MONDAY!!!! If you haven't already checked out their new album Uplifter, you can listen to the album in its entirety here. I highly recommend "It's Alright," "India Ink" and "I Like The Way". Great album to grove to this summer!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can't wait for Summer!!

Things I am looking forward to:

-Selling prints on Getty Images
-Secret 311 Concert :)
-The release of 311's new album Uplifter.
-311 hosting LOVELINE radio on Tuesday June 2nd
-Spending three days in Coronado with my friend Margot and her family
-Going to see The Wallflowers at House of Blues with Rick
-Midnight showing of Almost Famous with Adam
-Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale... yes, it's actually something I look forward to, haha.
-Chilling with my friend Kevin who will be in CA with his girlfriend

-A week down the Jersey Shore (feat. Rick on the East Coast!!)
-Being a part of APW Gallery's "Something Different" Group Exhibition in Long Island, NY. Opening night is July 17th!!
-KKP weekend full of antique/thrift shopping and Thai food
-Photoshoots, photoshoots, lots of photoshoots!!
-Taking my grandmother to an Elvis impersonator concert
-Making scrabble tile pendant necklaces with my grandmother
-Beating my mother at scrabble
-Helping Lindsay decorate her new apartment
-Seeing Justin's new apartment


-South of the Border roadtrip with my Mother
-What About Bob Trip with my best friend Andrea
-Hanging out and making silly videos with KKP at Princeton
-Spending my 25th birthday with family and friends back home
-Beach day trips with Lindsay
-Baking a 14-layer cake with Andrea
-Statue of Liberty field trip with my mom, Justin and Andrea (possibly Zac and Jess too!!)
-Spending as much time with family and friends as possible!! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I currently have 28 images up for sale (for commercial and editorial usage) on Getty Images AND 24 more images will be added!! You can see my collection for Getty Images here.

I was interviewed by fellow photographer Aaron Feaver. You can read the interview here and you can view Aaron's work here.

I was also interviewed by Amelie Foley. You can read her article (en Fran├žais!!) and the interview (in English) on her blog.

And as always, you can follow me on twitter. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Keep Me In Your Locket

Stumbled across these vintage photos that are too good to keep to myself:

Enjoy the weekend!! XOXO