Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Years Resolutions

1. Give five strangers one sincere compliment per day.
Preferable in person but if I don't come across five unique individuals in a given day who are deserving of a sincere compliment, I can either give an insincere compliment or find someone online to be the recipient of a sincere compliment.

2. Be more social.
Sometimes, OK -- most of the time, I tend to be a bit reclusive. It's much easier to spend the evening in your PJs watching a movie than it is to go out somewhere... but you don't new people that way.

3. Celebrate every holiday.
Last year I worked on Thanksgiving; skipped out on Easter; didn't do much for Valentine's Day and didn't dress up for Halloween. This year I am going ALL OUT. Decorating, baking, carving vegetables, even celebrating the weird Holidays, you name it. I want to be borderline sickeningly festive.

4. Je voudrais améliorer mon français.
Translation: Improve my French. I have an Associate's degree in French but you'd never know it because I refuse to speak the language aloud. I want to change that. I also want to build my French vocabulary.

5. Plan/have one photo shoot per week.

I need to start pumping out stellar photographs on a frequent basis (especially now that I own some lighting equipment)!! I want to get paid for taking photographs (other than my etsy shop) and I want to arrange photo shoots with people outside of my comfort zone.

6. Make one good female friend who lives within 5 miles of me.
HA!! This one may be the hardest of all. I have been living in southern California for two years now and I have yet to make a good female friend in LA. I want to find someone I can just randomly call and invite over to have a craft night or watch a movie or go to the beach!!

7. Switch to all natural products.
I've already started to use natural toothpaste (Tom's) and the most delicious-smelling natural shampoo and conditioner (Hugo's Naturals) and the best natural face wash (Aubrey) on the planet. Now I want to use handmade natural soaps and try to find decent natural make up!!

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