Tuesday, September 23, 2008

KKP weekend in review!!

andrea and i spent the weekend visiting my friend kyle at slippery rock, PA this weekend... here's how it went:

7:27 PM - met andrea en route
11:00 PM - arrived at penn state/left andrea's car near her friend's apartment
11:30 PM - kyle picked us and we embarked on our trip to slippery rock
3:01 AM - arrived at kyle's apt.

after we toured kyle's apartment, andrea passed out on the couch and i made kyle give me a back massage. we probably went to bed around 4 am.

the next morning we walked through town and kyle gave us a tour of slippery rock university's campus where he is finishing up his master's degree. i shot a lot of photos of andrea (who is always a willing model) and kyle (who is uhhh, not so much but he was moderately patient with us). it was pretty hot outside -- which i wasn't expecting. we walked back to kyle's apartment; shot a few more photos; and andrea found kyle's "missing" keys. ugh, boys. after we browsed (and made fun of) party city's halloween costume inventory, we headed to Pittsburgh where we ate some REALLLLLY good thai food. our waitress was extremely pleasant, she even hooked us up with 6 MORE fortune cookies after we gushed about how good they were. Mmmm!! after dinner, we parked near a cluster of bars and clubs and walked around the docks. then we headed up the hill so i could take some night shots of the city. the skyline was pretty impressive and overall, Pittsburgh was much more appealing than i imagined. andrea and i ducked in a grumpy ice cream shop near closing time and managed to get ice cream cones. "do you have sprinkles?" andrea was almost afraid to ask. "ugh, yeah," the owner sighed. "as long as you don't get them on my floor." we were all pretty tired on our way back to kyle's but after a mini back massage session, we got our second winds and filmed some hilarious videos of awkward relationship moments (based solely on real-life events). after laughing hysterically at the finished products, we watched "Juno" and went to bed around 4:30 or 5:00 am. we slept in til 11 am; packed up our belongings; took some g'bye photos and were on our way. stooping to an all-new desperation, we managed to give each other massages during the car ride. at one point kyle was massaging andrea's knee while she was massaging my hand because it was ailing after i massaged kyle's back. we're obsessed!!

1:03 PM - left slippery rock
3:30 PM - arrived at penn state/i drove andrea's car to new jersey
7:00 PM - arrived in new jersey. ate chinese food with my mom and her beau.

andrea still had two more hours of driving ahead of herself.

total time i spent in a vehicle during the entire weekend: approx. 13.5 hours
andrea's total time spent in a vehicle during the entire weekend: approx. 18 hours

...but it was worth it!!

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