Monday, August 11, 2008

sunday is funday

i went biking with my friend hal this weekend and we shot a lot of great photos in venice beach. you can see some of them here. we also grabbed "breakfast" at 2 pm and swung on some swings. (i'm a BIG fan of swingsets). the highlight of day occurred around 9 pm when hal and i were riding bikes to his office to pick up a few things. as much as drivers in Santa Monica seem conscientious of bikers, i was hesitant to ride to hal's office because our bikes didn't have lights and it was dark outside... but hal assured me we would be safe.

moments later...

*while laying on the horn* an angry driver yells to hal: GET OUTTA THE ROOOAD!!!!!
the angry driver goes through the intersection and meets up with hal again, driving closely next to him yelling "YOU'RE IN THE ROAD!!!!"
hal's retort??? "YOU'RE DRIVING A CAR!!!!

HAHAHA, it may have been one of those you-had-to-be-there moments, but it was hysterical!! the driver would have retaliated but hal's un-insulting insult sort of befuddled him. the irony was that hal was riding IN A BIKE LANE!! this person was just crazy.

p.s. i tried Red Mango for lunch because i was eager to taste their frozen yogurt since they were established before pinkberry and are more natural and... yeee-uck. the pineapples were canned, not fresh, and the raspberries were mushy. i tried a sample of the green tea flavor but opted with original and boy was i was disappointed. from now on, i'm sticking to pinkberry when i want of overload of sugary artificial frozen yogurt that appears healthy. are you a "crackberry" baby too??? check out the comic i made based on my experience at the pinkberry in beverly hills...

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