Saturday, July 5, 2008

most fun work day

i worked for my favorite boss dave on thursday and it was thee most fun work day i ever had!! it was very mellow, but very productive. first, dave shot photos of me with an iphone... mostly torso shots that would make killer iphone ads. then dave's neighbor's daughter arielle came over and i shot photos of her on dave's swing and photos of her with her dogs. then dave shot photos of her. then dave shot photos of me and arielle doing cartwheels. then i shot photos of arielle doing handstands and some mid-air jumping shots. then dave's wife mary came home and became a mid-air model. dave took some really good photos of mary with their foster dogs. then dave shot photos of me, arielle and mary jumping. and finally, i shot photos of dave and mary jumping. we shot exactly 1,000 photos... lots of good ones dave can hopefully sell on getty images which is why i can't upload them onto here. but i will post a link after they've been accepted by getty!! so stay tuned. :) :) :)

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