Wednesday, July 2, 2008

hard work.

today was a grueling day of work at nagel photography. i love working for my favorite boss, but sometimes it's more work than i anticipated. i started at 6:30 am and was so busy i didn't get a chance to sit down until 3:00 pm!! i had to clean alllll of my boss's camera equipment; program his computer so lightroom would stop screwing up; iron and sew a VELVET backdrop that was 14 x 20 ft long; build an entire set (basically from scratch) for our upcoming baby shoot, edit 283 images; give his dogs a bath; set up his digital cable; make him lunch AND fold his laundry. sure, those seem like manageable tasks, but his phone would not stop ringing AND i had to quickly learn japanese in order to talk to the adobe help tech who was walking me through the new beta version of lightroom. i cut my finger on a shelf while i was organizing all of my boss's camera gear in his garage but luckily, my boss let me take a two minute break to get a band-aid (he's such a nice guy). he also let me work two minutes overtime. i didn't get home until 7:15!! and then i had to cook dinner.

...NOT. ;)

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