Friday, June 27, 2008

why i envy people who have perfect teeth.

today i went to an orthodontist who did a full x-ray on my mouth and i found out (after had been told i have none in the past) that i have a wisdom tooth. :( i went to an orthodontist because i've been putting off getting a tooth implant for many years (because i was scared shitless of having something drilled into my gums) and now my teeth have shifted which has created more problems.

here are the procedures i need done:
*gum grafting (because i have a thin gumline) (hopefully never)
*braces again for 2 years (approx $4,000)
*new retainers made (approx ($350)
*surgery for tooth implant ($2,000)
*tooth implant ($2,500)
*wisdom tooth removed (who knows)
*i also want to replace two or three mercury fillings (approx $350 or $400)

i have neither health insurance nor dental insurance and the cost of all of these procedures is going to be over $10,000. so starting today (which is good because i went shopping yesterday), i am not spending money on anything that isn't a necessity. the worst part is... i've already had braces on my teeth for over 4 years... that's why i had huge cavities on all my back molars. but i don't mind the fact that i'll have braces, it's the gum grafting i am NOT looking forward to.

i could go another route and not have any orthodonic work done and just get a bridge (to cover the gap), but that will ruin two healthy teeth and my bite will still be off which will cause jaw and possibly more tooth problems in the years to come.

so i am hoping i will be hearing from the IRS soon because (hopefully) i will be receiving some sort of compensation in lieu of my biological father falsely claiming me on his tax returns for many years... which, this year, prevented me from receiving a stimuulus check.


Gypsy said...

i rarely read about molars and all that teeth blogged. but I did blog about a dentist i found... who was good. i recently had to change dentist due to change of location, and it's back to zero... dentist-hopping 'til i find another capable one. sigh

jena ardell said...

Thanks for the comment Miss Gypsy.

Finding a good dentist is like finding a car mechanic... once you find one you like and trust, you never want to have to search again. Good luck!!