Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what i had for lunch...

medium sized original with three toppings: strawberries, raspberries and pineapple.

on my "lunch break" from working with my favorite boss dave, i stopped at pinkberry in beverly hills. driving in beverly hills SUCKS. especially during tourist season. i watched a car attempt to pull out of a parking spot onto beverly blvd. he, of course, was blocking the road but mr. angry man had to pull up right behind him and laaaay on his horn. the guy backing up acknowledged him, then proceeded to back up even further (in attempt to get out of the way) but in doing so, wound up backing right into angry man's car. thus, making him even angrier.

back to me and my lunch... pinkberry and i have an odd relationship. it's sort of become my guilty pleasure. the first time i've ever tried it was back in march when my friend lindsay was visiting me. before then, i never had any desire to try pinkberry... it seemed too trendy and i couldn't understand why it was such a popular place when it only served three flavors... none of which are pink. so i got an original (because the green tea sample tasted nothing like green tea) and it tasted like sour milk... not so much as spoiled milk, but sour -- as if it was trying to taste like lemon but couldn't overcome the pungent taste of plain yogurt. i couldn't even finish the small and rick took one spoonful before tossing it in the garbage. lindsay, on the other hand, got the coffee flavor with raspberries and LOVED it.

so flash forward to me working a promo on a hot day, somewhere within walking distance from a pinkberry. i went there on my break, i tried it again... and it wasn't so bad!! so i'm guessing it's an acquired taste. it's not a habit i go out of my way for (yet) and i'm hoping it will never become one because a medium original with three toppings is almost $6... and that seems pricey for almost-sour-tasting frozen yogurt so i usually opt for no toppings. rick still thinks it tastes awful. and lindsay thinks i'm blatantly addicted. i still think pinkberry is waaaay overrated but i'm not going to lie, i sorta look forward to eating it now. O:)

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