Friday, June 6, 2008

my most recent ebay purchases

i'm like an addict... but i can't help it if i still wished it were the late 90s!! seriously though, ALL of these items are things i was buying/would have bought in the year 2000. i guess i haven't changed...

i finally retired my old roxy wallet that i've used for the past 8 years... (not by choice, it was falling apart) and i purchased this gem - a pristine roxy wallet circa 1999-2000. i figured if i'm going to replace my favorite wallet, might as well replace it with something similar:
i have these shoes in white/lavendar and black/hot pink... now i have them in gray/pink: i have a thing for straw bags. i love how they look but i rarely use them for fear of ripping them. stupid, i know. this one will look great in photos. :)
they don't make this style anymore. :( i have a pair of periwinkle/white platform vans (circa 1997) that are very similar to this and are probably my favorite pair of shoes everrr. i used to have these shoes in white and another pair in navy, but they got pretty beat up and i had to toss them. in 2005, vans made second-wave of platform sneakers in three colors. i bought the white/pink when the first came out and now i'll have the blue/yellow.
here is something else that's been looong discontinued. roxy's "hula" perfume. according to roxy, their "first" scent called "roxy" was launched in summer 2007... which is an utter lie because their first fragrance was roxy "hula" which was launched in 1998!! back when roxy clothes looked more like surf clothes... but i addition to these items, i've also purchased polaroid film, vintage issues of LOOK magazine and 51 issues of workbasket magazine circa 1950-1970.

oh dear, i need to stay away from ebay.

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