Friday, May 2, 2008

thank goodness for TV (tapings, that is).

last monday i went to a craig ferguson taping to see zooey deschanel's band She & Him perform live. i befriended a nice woman from Connecticut who was accompanying her husband on a business trip. we chatted about the differences between east and west coast women while waiting in line and once we got inside the studio, we scored front row seating. :) she & him performed first, playing a song called "change is hard." zooey was adorable. she was wearing a ruffly cream-colored vintage dress. (their segment aired may 1st). then craig ferguson did intros to skits and interviewed kathy griffin (not really a fan) and a stand up comedian performed.

then i met up with rick and we ate thai food at a restaurant lindsay had given us a $50 gift certificate to for christmas. when we paid the bill with the gift card, the owner/waiter asked "you're the ones whose friend bought you the gift card from new jersey and were supposed to eat here on valentine's day but couldn't show, right??" and we were like, "yup, that's us." it was funny he remembered all of that!! haha.

on thursday rick i went to a taping of jimmy kimmel live to see STONE TEMPLE PILOTS~!! while standing in line, we ran into rose - a fellow 311 bber and hardcore fan whom we've met at numerous 311 (and zack hexum) shows. before the show started, another 311 friend named jared appeared!! i ALWAYS see him at 311 shows... he's been to every cali show i've attended. we watched jimmy kimmel's interview with puff daddy on the big screens behind the outdoor stage and then *drumroll* stone temple pilots took the stage!! they played interstate love song, silvergun superman, vaseline, sin, trippin' on a hole in a paper heart, wicked garden, big empty and, as an encore, plush. IT WAS AWESOME. here are some photos i took with rick's phone (because cameras weren't allowed):

me and rick:
look at all the camera phones in the air!! hehe:

jimmy kimmel:

jimmy kimmel:

me and rose:
me and jared:
clips of the performance will be posted on my youtube channel soon!!!!

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