Friday, May 23, 2008


four days of sunshine, ten days of rain; baking a VERY LARGE cake shaped in a 5 and a 0; surprising my mother on her 50th birthday; going to walmart far too many times than i'd like to admit; mother's day eggplant parmesan; shopping with lindsay; calvin the beta fish; visiting nicole and talking for four hours straight; my cousin's graduation from the police academy; best friend foot and back massages; skateboarding; playing cranium (andrea and i won of course); grocery shopping at 2 am; bowling with andrea, justin, zac, my mom and donald; becoming the scrabble champ; fortune cookies; scanning loads of old photos; ice cream/art outing; babysitting my cousin's kids; ginormous rainbows; eating an obscene amount of utz pretzels.

due to the crappy weather, i only took 15 polaroids (7 of which are utter garbage) and i bought a lot crap i don't need... like picture frames, fabric paint and more summer clothes.

movies watched: the letter, waitress, 13 going on 30, ghostbusters 2 and charade.

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