Wednesday, April 30, 2008


for the past two days, i worked for my favorite boss dave who keeps me busy/employed so i don't move back to new jersey. i'm helping to plan/coordinate his upcoming stock photo shoots for infants and children. within one hour of posting the casting call online, we received 150 submissions for the infants shoot (of which, we will choose six infants). and due to a posting error which made mothers believe they will be receiving $300 per HOUR instead of $300 per DAY... we received 650 submissions in one hour for the children casting call!! (of which we will choose ten kids).

usually a shoot will keep me out of trouble for three days but a few weeks ago i had the pleasure of working for dave and his wife mary for a week. i worked as dave's photo shoot coordinator (which consisted of booking/contacting models; building a production book and assisting in wardrobe). the shoot was for the cover of a midway video game called BLITZ 2, a "vice city" style football game where steroids are optional. dave rented a studio and hired an awesome prop stylist who transformed the space into a mini patch of football field. the models who were hired were once athletes, muscle-y football player types.

on the day of the shoot, i served as "girl friday" to the crew - helping the prop stylist lay sod; assisting the grip guy move lights; lending an extra hand to dave and hal (the digital tech); shooting production stills; and writing checks to the crew and models. in addition to all that, i had the honor of rinsing mud off every crevice the prop stylist caked mud into the helmets and cleats. the shoot ran very smoothly (as always) with dave occasionally exclaiming "i love my job!!" between shots (as always). i know i've said this before, but it's so nice to work for someone who actually loves their job. dave's career is a constant inspiring reminder that "work" and "fun" can coexist and that you can get paid for having fun. (yes, it's sometimes hard work and can be stressful at times... but it's well worth it).

after wrapping up production (billing and budget stuff), i worked for dave's wife mary, resizing a plethora of images and preparing them for print. mary works for a london-based clothing company who recently purchased a bunch of worn vintage frames of all styles and sizes for in-store displays. after the images returned from the printing press, i assisted in framing... which consisted of stripping the frames; cleaning the glass; cutting/trimming the photos to fit (usually in odd sizes); and reassembling the frames. the highlight of the day was finding a newspaper from 1923 from england hidden behind a signed artist's proof/lithograph from the same time period - hello, antiques roadshow!! hehe. a cleaning person tried to covet it, but they got it back.

in addition to a generous paycheck from mary's company, mary included some gnomes from their last in-store display!! this little guy was one of three i adopted. on day two of the project, i took home a giant outdoor gnome. so there i was, jena poulain, walking in beverly hills with a giant gnome under my arm... which i may have to do more often. it made a lot of people smile... and point at me. haha. here's me and the gnome in the elevator:
aaaand then on monday of that week, dave took me back to high school. i assisted him while he provided hands-on lectures to five different photography classes. it was really fun!! dave showed the entire process of a commercial shoot: 1. receiving the idea/sketch from an ad agency. 2. the thousands of photos shot during the shoot. 3. the chosen, retouched images. 4. the final product (which in this case was the box/packaging of a video game). we set up studio lights and groups of kids got to pose and take photos of their friends using dave's camera and equipment. everyone seemed to be really interested and having fun!! it was entertaining to go back to high school and see the little cliques and unabashed fashion choices and personalities.

afterward, dave and i stopped at his friend's house for a pair of sunglasses he left behind. his friends live in the neighborhood rick and i used to live in... awww!! so it was nice to be in that area again. (i miss it!!) and that concludes the awesomeness that is my boss and his stylish wife.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

lindsay's visit!!

saturday: lindsay arrived at 6:45 pm. rick and i picked her up at the airport then we went to santa monica and walked around the promenade. lindsay dropped $100 in about 20 minutes. (she's a bit of a shopaholic) she bought a cute dress though, hehe. i bought a kewl 80s-looking blue and black volcom sweater in urban outfitters for $9.99. SCORE!! we ate at the gaucho grill then headed to the pier and wandered around until our noses started running. then we headed back to the apartment and i gave lindsay a tour of our apartment and she got to meet the infamous miss gray (my cat). then we sang a belated happy birthday to lindsay and ate bday brownies i baked that morning and i gave lindsay her birthday presents. sunday: lindsay and i got up early and headed to hollywood. we drove up beachwood canyon and stopped at the hollywood sign. then we went to hollywood & highland and Grauman's Chinese Theatre. we took lots of photos. lindsay was wearing a summery blue bandanna-print tank top she purchased the night before and a random guy driving by on a bike said "nice shirt, but it would look better in red!" we assumed his comment was harmless, but in the back of our minds we thought, "oh crap, that could have been a gang reference." we shrugged it off until another guy passed us and said, "good color." so we ducked into a shop and lindsay bought a replacement shirt. then we walked around the open-air market; got our makeup done at napoleon; and ate lunch at pig n' whistle. we tried on wigs with all intentions of buying them, but then didn't buy them (which saved us over 85 bucks... mine would have been $35 and lindsay's would have been $50!!) then we headed to rodeo drive. while i was trying to decipher the fine print on the parking meter, a guy with a dog noticed my jersey plates and informed us we had just missed Bruce Springsteen coming out of Barney's. (i think it's funny people assume all new jerseyians like Bruce Springsteen). lindsay and i walked around and went in and out of shops. i found something for ricardo's birthday. when we got back to apartment, lindsay was ecstatic to see we had spinach and mozzarella raviolis from costco. we watched "the holiday" while eating dinner.
monday: woke up early again and headed to my favorite beach in malibu. stopped at the post office so i could mail a print to someone who purchased one from me on etsy. :) then we ran in a grocery store to buy some beach snacks and lindsay got starbucks. we sunbathed, took photos and chatted on the beach for 2 1/2 hours or so. then went back to the apartment, changed and got ready to go out. rick drove us to the santa monica promenade so lindsay could see the area during the day. we caught the sunset while freezing our toes off at the pier. then we ate at the cheesecake factory in beverly hills. when we got back to the apartment, we watched the hills and brutally made fun of everyone on the show.
tuesday: we got free jamba juice and dropped off lindsay's photos to be printed (98 of them, to be exact). then we took showers/got ready and headed to melrose. we saw Mischa Barton in wasteland -- one of my favorite shops there. i'm not particularly a fan of Mischa Barton but i'm glad lindsay got to see a celebrity and it was interesting (and a bit disturbing) to witness paparazzi stalking someone. they had their video camera lens pressed against the glass windows and waited outside to bombard her after she emerged from the store since they aren't allowed inside. Mischa was wearing a cute hippy-ish floral dress while trying on hideous fur vests but left the store wearing unflattering pink sweat pants (see the paprazzi's photos here). we bought a few things; ate lunch; then headed to CBS studios in studio city to watch the taping of "Secret Talents of the Stars." it's a reality show (already got canceled) that exposed secret talents of celebrities. John O'Hurley hosted accompanied by a celebrity judge panel (Debbie Reynolds, Brian McKnight and Gavine Polone). we got to see Sasha Cohen perform a contortionist act; Clint Black perform stand up comedy (he was so cute!!); George Takei sing a country song; and Mya perform a tap dance routine. we had prime seating among the wives and family of the mentioned celebrities and you should have seen the rocks on the womens' fingers!! holy goodness. lots of plastic surgery too. after the show, we made a special trip to pinkberry. if you're not fimiliar with pinkberry, there are only three flavors and it's waaaaay overrated. i sampled the green tea (awful sour taste) and opted for original, but i wasn't too crazy about that flavor either. lindsay got the coffee flavor with raspberries and loved it.
wednesday: we stopped at denny's before heading to the airport; took more photos (of course); then lindsay went home. :( all and all an awesome visit -- the weather was well-behaved; we packed as much as we could into each day; and we beat traffic every time!! and now we have lots of new photos and memories. :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

my last four ebay purchases

stuff i just had to have...

these adorable vintage fish plaques:

a new roxy bathing suit:

can't wait to wear it!!

61 vintage teeth charms (i got plans for these):

my only regret... this stupid dumb apron i shouldn't have bought:

*sigh* i wish i could go back in time and live in the 50s for a month just so i could hoard a lot of kewl crap to bring back to the 21st century.