Monday, March 10, 2008

over 47 million Americans (over 16% of the population) are without health insurance... and i'm one of them. :(

my myriad of drugs:
perk #321 of being a freelancer: unlimited sick days.
i couldn't imagine sitting in a cubicle surrounded by green phlegm-infested tissues for 8, 9, 10 hours. no way.
disadvantage of being a freelancer: no health insurance unless you buy it yourself.

so i've self-diagnosed myself with bronchitis and i've been coughing my brains out for the past two weeks. this started out as a cold i caught from my boss james and has progressed to whatever-it-is-now. and i don't know if it's because i have a deviated septum or what, but i have not been able to taste or smell for a week now. i am refusing to go to a doctor because i don't have health insurance and i don't feel like paying $100+ for antibiotics, so i am taking amoxicillin that rick's parents brought back from mexico. (they sell 58 or so tablets of amoxicillin in mexico for $30... too bad the united states is a greedy bastard and makes us pay an arm and a leg for the same products other countries sell at afforadable prices).

here's what bronchitis looks like:
i am also attributing this bout with bronchitis to the poor air quality in los angeles... thanks LA!!

if you're a smoker, expect to develop chronic bronchitis... one of the many guaranteed side effects you are paying for with each cigarette. (which is why i will never understand why the facts alone are not enough for people to quit smoking, my mother included). but i regress... as i watch shopgirl for the umpteenth time.

P.S. it also should be noted that while i was sick i threw too many tissues into the toilet (because i felt bad throwing them all away) needless to say the toilet got clogged and impatient me had to try to flush it one more time and the water rose over the seat and spilled onto the floor, covering our little bathroom floor area with 1/2 inch of water. luckily it wasn't enough to reach the carpeting but it was enough to make the downstair's neighbors' ceiling leak. so the toilet fixed itself and my mom ran out to buy a mop because we didn't have one and i managed to break the mop within 5 minutes of using it. don't ask me how. i just snapped the part that connects the mop to the stick. rick felt bad and told me he'd deal with the mess and picked up a mop on his way home. my boyfriend loves me. moral of the story: ever notice how much dust a tissue makes??? that can't be healthy to inhale in between nose blows.


kelwal said...

jenna, just to let you know, I've been to a doctors before with a double inner ear infection (death! my entire throat was swollen - the infection had spread to there as well - i couldn't sleep) and he only charged me $80 for the visit and gave me a bunch of antibiotics for free! Sometimes doctors will do this, especially if it's an old family doctor or a doctor that a friend or family member goes to. just an experience i had - i thought i'd share in case you get sick again in the future.

jena ardell said...

kelwal: hello, thanks so much for your reply!! i never knew doctors would just give out antibiotics. like you mentioned, i'm sure my family doctor would do that or at least cut me a deal... but now i live 3,000 miles away from him. :( however, next time i'll see what my boyfriend's doctor could do for me... but hopefully by then i'll have health insurance. i just hate to pay something extra, out of pocket every month to a sleazy insurance company. (no offense to insurance companies because they save lives, but they also take lives by denying coverage).