Tuesday, March 4, 2008



the foo fighters concert was AMAZING!! no concert horror stories here!! everyone was really chill (quite an ecclectic crowd!!) the guy behind me was pathetically irrating at times but at least he didn't grab me by the throat. he'd yell "YAAAAA, FOO FIGHTERS!! #1!!" at the top of his lungs. then he'd start yelling "CURT COBAIN!!" for no reason.

foo fighters put on an AMAZING show and they went all out with this tour. there was a runway to a circular pit which later revealed itself to be... A MINI STAGE complete with a drum kit!! the stage actually lowered from the ceiling and it was in the area where we had seats (behind the pit) so it worked out nicely. great view!!

i bought a davy grohlton band tee (as seen in their "long road to ruin" video). they're out-of-stock at the online FF store so i was happy they were selling them on tour. however, i'd love to know why girls' tees are $10 more in person as opposed to the online store and also $10 more than the guys' shirts whose longer length actually requires more fabric. i just don't get it.

SDSU's cox arena is HUGE!! and the school is pretty massive too. walking around on campus made me wish i chose to go to college there (or at least somewhere warmer than PA, hehe) but the distance between buildings would definitely make it harder for me to get to class on time. i barely made it on time as it was!!

here's the 3/3/08 set list:

Let It Die
Times Like These
Learn to Fly
Cheer Up Boys, Your makeup's running
This Is a Call
The One
--a Zeppelin riff interlude--
Stacked Actors w/a massive drum solo
--all march to the smaller stage at opposite end--
Skin & Bones
My Hero
Cold Day In The Sun (Taylor Hawkins on lead vocals)
But, Honestly
Everlong (started solo on the small stage and finished in full band back on the main)
Monkey Wrench
All My Life
Big Me
Long Road to Ruin
Best of You

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