Friday, February 1, 2008

til 4 in da mornin'

yesterday was an interesting day...

i went to beverly hills for an interview for a personal assistant job for a website launch this weekend. didn't get the job (or else they would have called me) but all is well because the gig would have required driving and i hate gigs that require me to use my car/my gas. since i was in the area, i decided to visit my friend hal but en route to hal's office, my brain made me go into a thrift store. i wound up buying more ridiculous things i will use for future photo shoots including a vintage polka dotted mossimo canvas dress with side cutouts (it looks like a 1970s go-go clown dress); a pair of hot pink snakeskin (hope it's fake) pumps; and a pair of wooden platform clogs that i now wear around the house.

i tagged some images for hal and edited some photos hal took of me the night i wore a 70s dress and sat on his stove with a large knife. (needless to say, very interesting shots). we stayed in the office until 7:30 in order to avoid the peak traffic hours. hal wound up eating dinner with me and rick (rick cooked!! :) aw) and then hal and i embarked on a late night photo adventure.

we met with his creative genius friend sarah who got in touch with two strangers she found on myspace just an hour prior (a brother and sister) who wanted their photos taken. also involved were four of sarah's friends. we met the strangers at a starbucks and acted like we had a plan for a shoot when in reality we had no idea what we were about to do. everyone was in his/her car following us as we feverishly looked for a potential location to set up a guerilla-style photo shoot. after finding an abandoned building next to alley, we set up and took some photos with sarah's lighting equipment. everyone was really enthusiastic, even the bum who lives in the covered parking lot of the abandoned building. the brother and sister duo were fantastically friendly and fun and everybody quickly became friends.

hal and i scouted out our next location while sarah wrapped up her shoot. after scouring a car was for a working outlet (no luck), we found a construction site with exposed beams of steel or iron, staircases leading to nowhere and lots of equipment (hoses, electric cords, ladders, you name it). in order to get to this location we all had to climb over a chainlink fence and climb down a steep ladder into the foundation of the "building" ... with equipment. it was quite an experience. lots of interesting shots.

after freezing our toes off for who-knows-how-long (and sarah accidentally breaking one of her lights), we finally decided to call it a night and go to a local diner. sitting in the diner, lethargic with red noses and cold toes (and a few of us a little tipsy)... i felt like i was in college again. i didn't get home until 4:30 in the morning. it's comforting to meet people who are dedicated to making art happen and are even more wildly imaginitive than i am because it gives me a reason to do crazy things and makes me feel as though these things aren't that crazy.

photos to come on my flickr.

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