Monday, February 25, 2008

just loathing in las vegas...

so i spent last weekend in las veagas and i have to admit it was my least favorite vegas trip to date. las vegas used to be my favorite city but it's quickly becoming just like everywhere else, one strip mall at a time. they're demolishing all the kewl older hotels that actually had CHARACTER and replacing them with tall ugly buildings that all look the same.

my 311 concert experience at the joint in the hard rock hotel was horrific... but in a nutshell:

i was really looking forward to the vegas show. small venue + all GA pit. = awesome. after getting mangled in the pit, i stepped to the back of the venue to look for my guy and our friend. while i was trying to text my bf, some a**hole swiped my cell phone out of my hand as a poor attempt to catch my attention. i was like... "haha, funny" and took it back from him. after not being amused by this game, he decided to SHOVE people who were walking by INTO me. sooo i shoved him back and started cursing at him and asking him what the F his problem was. he then grabbed me by the throat. i was livid but for some stupid reason my initial reaction wasn't to kick him in the balls maybe because i couldn't believe what happened. or maybe because i'm a petite chick and this guy was bigger than me and he was with a friend and i didn't know if his friend would then kick the crap out of me. so i step back, curse at him and walk away and find a security guard. the a**hole LIES to the security guard and says i grabbed him by the balls. WTF. and the security guard can't kick him out because he didn't see it happen. but by this point, random guys who witnessed the incident approached the a**hole who grabbed me and were all in his face. and so the a**hole "decided to leave the concert on his own," as one of the security guys put it. his friend looked pretty PO-ed to be leaving. and i felt like a snitch but i wasn't about to let some a**wipe ruin my concert experience without having his own experience ruined.

and so, shaken up, i continued to look for my bf while avoiding drunk people sloshing drinks around; a LARGE area of floor covered in vomit and drunks with lit cigarettes in their hands. and i asked myself... "what the hell happened to 311 concerts?!!" this was my 20th? 311 show and by far my worst concert experience. (what i posted on the 311 bb)

however some of the highlights from the trip included rick drinking too much tequila and puking out the window of our rental car onto the door handle and down the side of the car door... Mmmm. he was pretty much a walking zombie after that but it didn't matter because monsieur qui sait tout about las vegas aldrin wasn't wearing dress code friendly shoes so we didn't get into any clubs. (who knew everybody had a stigma against chuck taylors at night?! apparently aldrin didn't, but pretended he did... so it's unclear why he wore those shoes anyway). i'm sure we didn't miss much (especially because ashlee simpson was singing her new single at LAX) and at least we're still $40 richer -- the cost of the outrageous cover charge.

on the bright side, i scored some terrific finds at a local thrift store while rick, tim and aldrin went go-carting. (i found a dress, a velour bodysuit, two pairs of shoes, two mugs, white stockings and a BUNCH of books... for $25.50. SCORE!!) i also took some kewl night shots of the Circus Circus and what remains of the New Frontier (just the sign) with rick's friend nate, who i finally got to meet. ANNNND i did take some kick ass photos of the las vegas sign in a way which i guarantee no one has ever done before!! 8) and rick bought me an awesome-looking 311 tee shirt i never saw before and a kewl roxy necklace.

and so, although i don't totally oppose las vegas, i am on the hunt for my next, new favorite city... unless las vegas wants to rebuild the boardwalk casino, the stardust, and the new frontier and promise me they won't tear down anymore kewl hotels... then i'll reconsider the breakup.

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