Saturday, January 12, 2008

well that sucks.

Twins unwittingly got married in Britain
By Thomas Wagner, Associated Press Writer
Fri Jan 11, 9:31 PM ET

LONDON - Twins who were separated at birth got married without realizing they were brother and sister, a lawmaker said, urging more information be provided on birth certificates for adopted children. A court annulled the British couple's union after they discovered their true relationship, Lord David Alton said.

that sucks. but at least they found each other. y'know what else sucks...

i've been trying allll weekend to win "breakfast with the foo fighters," a private concert with KROQ's kevin and bean and all the other contest winners at 6 am on monday (dave grohl's bday). there's a chance to win EVERY HOUR all weekend long. and i've been trying A LOT. you have to be caller 20 and so far i've been caller 2, caller 10, caller 13, caller 15 (twice), caller 18 and caller 19 DAMNIT. (and these are all at different times, not consecutively). how beat is that?!! so wish me luck.

but here are some things that don't suck...

song you should download: Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
movie you should watch: Goodbye Lenin!
youtube video every one is talking about:

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