Saturday, January 12, 2008

text messaging is the new instant messaging.

we've all been guilty of texting mini paragraphs to our friends instead of simply calling them (or at least most of us have). texting a quick yes/no question especially if you're limited on time is very convenient but recently i found myself making plans through text messaging. and no matter what you may think, text messaging (especially on an ordinary cell phone) is much more time consuming than actually having to make the dreaded phone call. a general rule of thumb should be if you dread having to call someone that much to simply make plans then maybe you're really not in the mood to hang out with that person. in fact, there are only three reasons why you should text someone instead of calling them:
1. it's too noisy for you to make a phone call
2. you're at work and shouldn't be using a phone
3. you just want someone to know you are thinking about him/her

you should NOT use text messaging:
1. to make plans
2. to flake out/cancel on someone
3. as a substitution to a phone call

the best situation is when someone you haven't spoken to in a really long time texts you and asks things like "how are you?/how's life?/what's new?" sure it's nice to hear from them, but it's also impossible to answer such questions via text messaging.

people now rely on having conversations without having to see/hear/be near the other party. sure that's convenient but it's also making people more socially awkward. so the next time you're compelled to text an interesting anecdote to your friend, call instead. not only will he or she appreciate hearing your voice but you'll both do something you probably haven't done in a while -- have a a real conversation.

don't get me wrong, i'm not a text message-hater, but i just think people shouldn't rely on texting to keep in touch. can we honestly say our lives are "too busy" to make a 15 minute phone call???

as i mentioned before, texting to allow someone to know you are thinking about him/her is appreciated. here are some amusing texts i've recently received:

zac: I did a search on a new search engine to try to find your flickr page. I searched Jena Ardell and two porn links came up. One was about eskimoes. I won't be using that search engine anymore.

zac: P.s. I was reading all the old notes online. They are funny and most of the stuff is still true. I still want to kick mike in the sac.

mom: FwdIt's new year's eve & before i get drunk, high, naked and lose my damn phone.. Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and yours in 08.

lindsay: Ohmygod thats alot of underwear

ricardo: And you better be madly in love with me woman! i won't accept just a little bit of lovin!

scott: Ha ha no Jena its not ok you need to look your best 4 me ha ha jk i dont care lol Dork.

andrea: I have free texting now! lol get ready

and of course picture messaging is also a lot fun but relying on your cell phone to be your digital camera... ugh, that's another can of worms.

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