Monday, January 21, 2008

mexican food. uncle jessie. and an old chair.

i'm writing from hal's apartment. he's on his way to the studio to pick up a soft box so we can partake in a late night photo shoot. tonight was a lot of fun. hal, his roommate megan, his friend nick and i went out to eat at El Cholos in Santa Monica. my dinner wasn't quite what i expected. i ordered the Chicken Tostadita which was described as "An Array of Fresh Garden Vegetables, Avocado, and Grilled Chicken Breast, Served in a Crisp Flour Tortilla" and more or less was served a salad with four large chips. it was good though. on our way out i spotted John Stamos sitting with a young lady and another couple right by the front door. he's cute. kinda skinnier than i imagined and lots of facial hair. i gawked for a few moments while we waited for the valet to retrieve hal's car but i didn't bother him for a photo. that's right - i saw UNCLE JESSIE and didn't get a photo with him. that my friends is called will power.

after dinner, hal, nick and i rode to "top of the world" in hope of taking some awesome night shots. despite the fog, we managed to capture a few good shots. then we headed to the Santa Monica pier. windy roads plus a full stomach... not a good combination. i felt like i was going to vomit. luckily the feeling subsided in the restroom of Bubba Gumps. hal shot some good photos of nick in an alley near the pier and then we went on a mission to find an outdoor electrical outlet so we could use hal's strobes. on our way toward venice i spotted an awesome chair on the side of the road. better yet, it was near an outlet. but the backdrop sucked (minus the guy peeing from around the corner. he was uh, kewl). i took some good shots of hal and nick near an abandoned blockbuster (where we were thinking about dragging the chair). now here's the kewl part about hal... we pass a chair on the side of the road. i suggest we take it (it matches our new backdrop perfectly) and hal thinks it's a great idea. so we wedge the chair in hal's trunk that was already full of equipment. luckily the door of the truck was heavy enough to hold it in place and we didn't have far to drive.

UPDATE: we set up our backdrop with the chair and shot some REALLY AWESOME shots. all. night. long. (til 1:30 am). hal shot me in a pink 80s dress (that i scored at a goodwill for $8) and a tiara. i shot hal through a wine bottle. hal shot nick with a guitar. we had fun. i can't wait to see more of the results!! and of course i will post some shots.

now hal and i are scheming up our next plan... an 80s party to launch our photo business!! stay tuned. :)

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