Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas and New Years

my generous, amazing boyfriend went above and beyond (waaaay beyond) this christmas and bought me my dream camera, a Canon 5D!! he even secretly contacted my boss dave to ask some questions about it. sneaky, sneaky. when i mentioned the gift to my mom, her face dropped... she was planning on buying me a Canon Rebel XTi because she didn't know rick was buying me a camera!! what an amazing mother and boyfriend i have. :)

this year i realized i enjoy christmas eve much more than christmas. there's just something more magical about christmas eve -- some sort of warm anticipation that's lost after it officially becomes christmas day. everything that has been decorated, purchased and planned suddenly becomes obsolete after christmas morning. i must have watched A Christmas Story at least four times on christmas. TBS should really just air the movie until 12 am december 26th, because i would have squeezed one or two more viewings after christmas dinner.

new years eve was a blast -- a dozen of us (me, my mom, my cousin, his fiancee, two of their friends, my best friend andrea and five friends from high school: zac, jess, scott, phil and his girlfriend jessica) all went out to eat chinese food at a restaurant my family has frequented since i was in 2nd grade. afterward we all went bowling -- a tradition we started last year.

my mom and i bought "bling rings" for all the girls and i brought along my infamous bag of fun.

the bowling alley supplied a lot of decorations too. everyone had a really great time. we used the coveted "strike necklace" again. (the prize you earn/lose each time someone gets a strike). each time it's passed, a photo is taken.

this year andrea wound up being the last recipient of the necklace which was long-deserved since she got robbed of it last year by justin who was the last bowler of the night. we were a very eclectic group -- some introductions were needed and it was the first time andrea and i had ever met phil's girlfriend (who was awesome... we totally approve, hehe) but everyone quickly became friends. being home made me miss my friends even more but knowing we can always pick up from where we left off reminds me how lucky i am to have such awesome friends. :)

HAPPY 2008!!!!


mikehedge said...

you got the 5D!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice. have a blast shooting. I expect some great work from you.

jena ardell said...

thanks so much mike!! we should meet up and go shooting sometime.