Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Billy Baldwin photos

here are the photos feaured on PARADE magazine's website of Billy Baldwin taken the day i babysat my boss's house during a photoshoot. only one photo was chosen for the physical copy of Parade.

photo credit: Larsen & Talbert for PARADE

you can read the article that accompanied the photos here.

it was awesome to have witnessed the photo shoot and to now see the final results of the production and it's also really awesome to know (by looking at the photos) exactly where william baldwin was standing and to have taken photographs/been photographed in the exact same spots. here's a polaroid i took of that birdfeeder he is standing in front of and here are shots of me in dave's dining room:

Photo Credit: Court Leve

and on the infamous swing...

Photo Credit: Dave Nagel

more polaroids i've taken at dave's house can be seen here.

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