Thursday, August 30, 2007

remind me never to work in a soap factory...

i assisted a shoot for james lemmo at a soap factory... actually a sponge-soap factory. (they make sponges infused with scented soaps that last 10-30 washes). it was interesting to see the various machines but, needless to say, the scent of allll of those soaps was INTENSE. the best parts were the little details... like the fact that they workers had JUST painted all of the bars and poles around the equipment (to make it looked nicer) and every time we'd brush against a pole or put our hands on one, we'd get blue paint on us. and the fact that this factory that makes their own soap, but use another company's soap in their bathroom. oh, the irony.

it was a 5-hour long shoot (with an hour-long lunch at denny's) and it was just a matter of packing and lugging equipment around to set up lights in different locations. (the wires and the bottom of our shoes got covered in a waxy soap. there was even soap remnants on the handles of the water cooler!!) the tricky part was lighting the inside of a such a big space. i learned things that will be beneficial to me during future PA jobs, so that's always a plus. and (of course) i got to take home samples of the product. :) i don't plan on using them right away though because they make great air fresheners. and i finally saw where the infamous "Randy's Donuts." unfortunately, i didn't have my polaroid camera with me, but at least i know how to get there now.

james is a great guy to work for. he pays the day of the shoot and he's full of interesting experiences as a ex-director for tv, movies and music videos. what strikes me funny is how fortunate (and lucky) i am to find such great employers. networking was never one of my strong points until i moved to california and now, since i am a freelancer, i rely on networking. without it, i have no jobs. :( as a production assistant, you can find a lot of crappy employers, but luckily i've been finding great guys who are willing to take me under their wings and keep me in mind for upcoming projects. can't wait til more jobs roll in... :)

sidebar: when i got home, rick and i went swimming. (the pool was SO WARM!! but full of teenagers). aldo stopped by and we started watching Laurel Canyon which was so horribly predictable and awful that we just fast forwarded through it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

foo is all around you.

i love it when this happens...

wednesday: i met up with james lemmo, a product photographer who i worked with for an apparel shoot. i brought along my "there is nothing left to lose" cd (my favorite foo fighters album), but first i turned on the radio. naturally, KROQ was full of commercials... but i decided to wade them out just to see if the next song was worth the wait. and guess what song came on... foo fighters - "everlong" (acoustic!!) Mmmm!!!! so after i listened to it, i popped in my foo cd. i listened to 1/4 of the album before my stereo started acting up (as it always does) and i had to turn back on the radio. and guess what "rock block" (two back-to-back songs from the same artist) was playing on KROQ... foo fighters "one by one" and their NEW single "the pretender."

i met up with james. he installed a program he needs for tomorrow's shoot onto my laptop. i was only there for an hour and when i got back into my car it was sooo hot i couldn't even hold the button long enough to roll down my windows all the way because the button was burning my finger!! i had to stop halfway and shake my hand to cool it off. the steering wheel was just as hot. :( now those foldable sun visors are my new best friends. i stopped at the dollar store and bought some AWESOME necklaces you won't believe came from the dollar store. then i went into a TWO-STORY walmart(!) and bought potting soil and cat food. i got back into the car, turned on the radio, started driving, and guess what song was playing... foo fighters - "my hero." my goodness... FOO IS ALLLLL AROUND YOU!!!! i felt like a little kid in a lego store. :)

i guess the foos are getting even more air time now that they have a new album coming out. (can't wait for that!!) listen to "The Pretender," the first single and video from their upcoming album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, in-stores the day after my birthday (sept. 25).

on my way home, i was a very courteous driver. instead of taking off at the green light, i let some idiot lady (who was waiting on the median) go around me. i also let a guy who was trying to pull out of a gas station get in front of me. i try to be a courteous driver because i believe in karma. ALSO i have out-of-state plates and i want to represent my home state and let californians know that new jerseyans are better drivers than them.

when i got back to the apartment, rick made dinner while i finished planting my yellow daisies and snapdragons. our balcony looks really nice now with all of the new plants. :) rick and i ate dinner outside then we headed to the studio where i pulled an all-nighter, designing a wedding album from 8:15 pm til 2:45 am. eeeek!! i felt like i was in college again, hehe. but at least it is finished. after 10:30 pm, rick took a nap in the big comfy couch room. i'm glad he went along with me. i uploaded a sarah mclachlan cd on one of the computers in the office. that's my new schtick - importing random cds on everybody's computers so that A) i have something decent to listen to while i am working. B) so they all wonder how the hell those songs got on their computers.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my to do list.

yesterday i bought snapdragons and yellow daisies and wound up planting them in flower pots on my balcony at 2:30 am. (not surprising). i ran out of potting soil, so i was't able to finish. i also bought packets of basil, parsley, thyme and cherry tomatoe seeds. can't wait to get those started. i have better luck with cactuses (hate the word cacti), but hopefully i will develop a green thumb. when i was home, my mom bought me weird cactuses called "living stones." i've never seen anything like them... check em out:

and they feel even weirder than they look!!

today my goal is to finally clear off the kitchen table so rick has somewhere to eat his cereal. i have officially taken over every surface in the apartment. the kitchen table is covered with paints and mini picture frames. and rick's computer desk (which i have since claimed as my own) is covered with my papers and calendars. it was funny because rick and i were talking about this yesterday while we were waiting for the doctor to take out his stitches and i mentioned how i took over every surface and he was about to refute and say, "no, the snack trays in the living room don't have anything on them..." (because they usually are don't) but yesterday i had my laptop and a photo printer set up on them. whoops!! hehe, a girl needs her space. ;) my reasoning for leaving everything strewn about is: once something is out of sight, it's out of mind and i never finish it. so i leave it around until i finally finish it. makes sense.

starting this weekend, i want to teach myself adobe flash. that should be challenging. i also want to create some more photoshop illustrations because i have plans for those. :)

tonight is a lunar eclipse!! last night rick and i ran up (aka: dragged ourselves up) the mountain to get a better view of the moon. it looked HUGE looming over the freeway but by the time we got back to our apartment and made it to the top of the mountain, it just looked like your average full moon. hopefully tonight i will be able to get some good shots of the eclipse. the moon shots from last night came out pretty good, expect to see some on flickr in the near future.

this and that.

i want to make this.

if only i were this productive. (dang, girl!!)

this is one of my guilty pleasures. (and of course, this is my other guilty pleasure).

this sounds interesting... but i'd rather see this.

and this is just plain awful.

this week: designing albums for michael on wednesday. working with james lemmo thursday (and possibly saturday) as a production assistant for a factory shoot. promo event on satuday. and tomorrow... possible beach day??? :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

jersey girls.

just a silly joke i found amusing...

Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had given their new wives duties.

The first man had married a Woman from Texas and told her that she was going to do dishes and house cleaning. It took a couple days, but on the third day he came home to a clean house and dishes washed and put away.

The second man had married a woman from Nebraska . He had given his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes, and the cooking. The first day he didn't see any results, but the next day he saw it was better. By the third day, he saw his house was clean, the dishes were done, and there was a huge dinner on the table.

The third man had married a girl from New Jersey. He told her that her duties were to keep the house cleaned, dishes washed, laundry washed and hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the first day he didn't see anything, the second day he didn't see anything, but by the third day some of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye, enough to fix himself a sandwich and load the dishwasher.

hahaha. ;)

Friday, August 24, 2007

rick and jena quotations

rick and i usually write down funny things we say and stick them in an email draft that's been forming over the past three years. this might fall into that "you had to be there" category, but here are some funny quotations we've jotted down this week:

*after handing miss gray a kidney bean and she refused it*
jena: she just looked at me and said "W.T.F!!"

*after rick gets all touchy over me threatening to add lettuce to his salad, thus ruining his lettuce-to-other-stuff ratio*
jena: ohmygawd, if i was how you just were [being] over my salad, you'd make fun of me.
rick: probably. but that's what makes you better than me.

*after rick (who is lying on the floor) picks up miss gray and puts her on his chest*
rick: jena said you like this gray.
*two seconds later*
rick: ...OWWW!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

dear nicolas cage, loosen up.

tonight rick, aldo and i watched Matchstick Men. here's the plot outline from

"A phobic con artist and his protege are on the verge of pulling off a lucrative swindle when the con artist's teenage daughter arrives unexpectedly."

it was realllly good!! nicolas cage always comes off as a bad actor (in my opinion), but somehow he gets by in every role. he seems limited by his own body, like his face and his body are too stiff. maybe it's just how he carries himself. he needs to loosen up!! anyway, the only problem i had with the plot was the ending. the movie should have ended where it seems to end instead of after the TMI provided in the "one year later..." segment. the info we learn is unnecessary and was best left to the imagination as to what happened next. usually the best endings are no endings at all.

here is the funniest part of the entire movie... nicolas cage's character storms into a drugstore demanding pills (he's a bit OCD and thinks he has mental problems) but he has to wait his turn...

the funniest part: after i made rick rewind so we could watch that scene again, i said: "we should record that and post it on youtube!!" and rick said, "it probably already is on youtube." and surely enough, it is.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


today i worked for michael in a detached office at his house. it was my first time working for him since i've been back from vacation and before i left for vacation, i accidentally left a bag in his car. we shot a black-tie wedding and i was afraid i wouldn't be "fancy" enough, so i brought along an extra shirt just in case i needed to change. since i usually wear all black and this shirt is cream-colored, i also brought a different bra. and naturally, i accidentally leave it his car. so today michael shows me his home office, checks his voicemails on his new iPhone and then says this, jokingly:

"Hey, by the way, you left your bra in my car. What if my wife found it?! Thanks A LOT. That'd be like me leaving a condom in your car."

so we laugh and he explains what albums i needed work on and attends to the company he and his wife had over. two hours later, he returns to the office with his wife. "wait'll you here this!!" he says. apparently brandon (a co-worker) stopped by michael's house and pulled him aside to talk to him in private, away from michael's wife.

"you might want to check your voicemail," he told michael. it turns out that michael's iPhone somehow recorded him saying what he said about my bra and... set it as his outgoing message!!!!
"Hey, by the way, you left your bra in my car. What if my wife found it?! Thanks A LOT. That'd be like me leaving a condom in your car." *BEEP!!*

HAHAHAHAHA. imagine that!!!! and the best part is... people were actually calling and getting that message. if someone calls the studio for michael and he doesn't answer, the call gets forwarded to his cell phone. the ladies who work at the studio heard it and michael's not sure how many people got his voicemail. the ironic part: michael's wife (who also found this whole situation to be funny), is a therapist who also deals with marriage counseling!!!!

moral of the story: be careful what you say in front of you iPhone!! HAHAHAHA.

sugar and spice and everything nice...

that's what little girls are made of.

funny story:
rick and i were doing dishes and making dinner when rick saw two little girls from our kitchen window. they were outside their apartment gathering painting supplies.

"we should go paint with them," he said.
the girls had paint up and down their arms and one was holding a shallow cardboard box with a string attached around her neck.
"they're not painting, they're selling stuff," i said.
"No, they're painting," rick reiterated.
"i should know... i was once a little girl."

so rick continues with the dishes and i step into the living room. miss gray lets out a loud "MRRRREOWWW" and the doorbell rings.

"who is it???" i whisper to rick.
rick, not wanting to say who it was since they could see him throught the kitchen window says, "you'll see."

during the .15 seconds i hesitated to open the door, my mind raced. at first i thought it was someone from our apartment complex office. then i imagined it was aldrin stopping by to show off his new miniature golden retriever puppy.

but to my surprise... it was those two little girls. SELLING STUFF. finger paintings and faces painted on cardboard squares. that's why rick didn't want to admit who was at the door. i almost couldn't contain myself.

"would you like to buy some paintings???" the little blonde with the box asked.
"these are crosses and this is God," the other little girl said. "and this one is rock n' roll man. and this this best one... these are flowers..."

i forget what they were calling them, people-somethings, but i bought one for 25 cents although one of the little girls was even "going to make a deal" with me if i bought one of the finger paintings. (it would be 25 cents instead of 35 cents).

here's what i bought:

on the back:

"sorry about the tape," the little girl with the box around her neck said. "it was the best girl one, so that's why it was on display."
"and this is the best guy one," the other little girl chimed in pointing to the other painting attached to the string.

after i paid my quarter, the little blonde girl glanced at her friend with "holy-crap-i-can't-believe-this-is-working/we're-going-to-be-rich" smile. and that made it all worth it.

and as soon as i shut the door, rick got a big "i told you so!!!!"

i had to call my mother to tell her the story. "doesn't rick know about all the crap you used to try to sell???" she asked. (my dad's biker friends used to have to visit my "store" in my treehouse and, of course, feel obligated to buy whatever little trinkets i was pushing. i also used to sell stuff to raise money to save the manatees. and once i made my grandparents pay to join my club where they'd receive homemade arts & crafts every month). i guess it's just one of those things little girls do. i wonder if i could get away with it now. ;)

my grandmother's reply:
good morning jena; I read your blog this morning and remembered visiting your gift shop or treehouse store. i remembered how you would sell me and ed things that we had bought for you. we didn't even get a discount. everything had prices on them and that was it, quite the little business girl when all else failed you would smile and look cute,that clinched the sale for sure.
talk to you later love gram xoxoxoxoxox

Monday, August 20, 2007

check the tech, 311 in LA.

311 in irvine 08.19.07.

rick and i went to the 311 show in irvine... my 18th 311 show!! our friend cory (who i met at a 311 show in 2004), was there as well as a handful of familiar faces. i took along the digital rebel camera my friend hal has graciously been letting me borrow for an extended amount of time. i wasn't sure if i was going to bother to bring the camera in the show but the tickets didn't say "NO CAMERAS ALLOWED" and i knew i'd be kicking myself in the ass if i didn't take the camera so i called cory who was approaching the entrance of the venue to inquire about the camera situation. he told me that digital cameras were allowed as long as they didn't have a detachable lens. which, of course, the rebel has. :(

so i bring the camera. we get the entrance and i gravitate away from a mean-looking security lady's line toward a guy who seems to not be giving anyone a problem. the guy checks my bag and asks me to take out the camera. the conversation went like this:

GUY: *sees the large ass camera*
ohhh man... does this lens come off???

ME: *"twists" the lens without pushing the button in*

GUY: oh good, that just saved you a trip [back to your car] because my manager is standing right there.

apparently they're afraid someone is going to throw their $300+ detachable lens into the crowd or at 311. who does that?!?!

the guy proceeds to ask for the cap from our bottle of water because that too can be a projectile. (why not throw the whole bottle?!!) really didn't make sense.

so we make our way toward the TINY, intimate pit (which i had bought tickets for well in advance through 311's presale)... only to be told we didn't have pit tickets. we had "orchestra" tickets. row N. which were still really good seats, but a major let-down if you thought you'd be in the pit. so now i'm inspired to write a nasty letter to ticketmaster who led me to believe i was purchasing two GA (general admission) pit tickets. those bastards. but it worked out because rick and i still danced around and he didn't have to worry about someone accidentally ripping out the stitches in his hand. YE-OUCH. that would suck. and i also got to take photos of the entire band, which is rare because usually i am only far enough away to take photos of one or two band members (which i am NOT complaining about because that is how close i like to be).

the opening bands were Matisyahu, the Wailers, Pato Banton and the Expendables. the Wailers were really good, but i could have done without the others. although it was definitely interesting to see Matisyahu perform. he's much skinnier and more awkward than i imagined. he was wearing a navy blue button-down dress shirt, khakis, white sneakers and a yamaka. he did start off the show wearing a navy blue blazer and a hisidic jew hat, but i am hesistant to believe that his image is more than just an image. (he grew up in new york and was a little druggie who used to follow Phish) but good for him that he found Judaism and is able to be a role model and so forth.

needless to say, 311 rocked and rick and i had a good time and we sang along to every song. rick and i played "would you rather" from the moment we left the venue until we reached our destination... a 90 mile trek. and i only remember a handful of the questions we asked each other. i know i asked rick "would you rather work a normal job until you're 65 or would you rather only work until your 45 but have to commute 3 hours to work." (he'd opted for the former). if we didn't play the game, we probably would have fallen asleep because we were that exhausted.

and apparently i was THAT exhausted because in the middle of the night miss gray was meowing next to my side of the bed and i dangled my hand over the edge of the bed and called "hexum... hexum..." (hexum is my cat back home). rick thinks i was really delusionally calling nick hexum into bed. luckily my cat has the same name. ;)

photos from the concert (and other 311 concerts) can be seen here.

Friday, August 17, 2007

my mom and i got tattoos.

monday: i went shopping with my grandmother. we went to kohl's and i bought a pair of black leggings. after we ate lunch, we each spent $15 at the dollar store. i found these surprisingly adorable Moroccan-looking frames, a set of pink glass candle holders and a bunch of other junk. a family friend (my former 2nd grade teacher mrs. m), took me, my mom, my grandmother to dinner at a thai restaurant she and her husband recently discovered. the staff was extremely nice and the food was pretty good too.

tuesday: my mom and i got tattoos!! our appointment was at 6 pm and we took FOREVER to finalize what we wanted. my mom (who went to add sommething to a tattoo she already has), wound up getting a really awesome-looking dream catcher and i (who went in to get a libra symbol), wound up with a small heart. the tattoo artist (who did my 311 tattoo... 4 years ago!!) limited my mother to three times to change her design and then told us "you guys are trouble together!!" my mom is going back this week to get another tattoo touched up and i'd love to get another tattoo in the near future, but rick would probably throw a fit. :(

wednesday: my mom and i went shop-shopping. she wound up buying a pair of cowboy boots that look like prop boots (fake) or at least that's what i think. i bought a really awesome lime greenish yellowish dress (on sale for $30) and a pair of black dressy shoes for work. i also bought two more pairs of giant $8 sunglasses. can't have too many of those. i've officially switched over to giant sunglasses. wearing regular-sized sunglasses makes me feel like i still need to squint to keep the sun out of my eyes.

thursday: my friend zac and his gf jess visited. they treated me to dinner at a spanish restaurant. i haven't seen them since... i don't even know when!! maybe last summer. zac and i met in 11th grade algebra class. we used to pass notes. i invited him to a get-together we had at andrea's house on halloween, that was the first time we hung out. and of course i painted his nails and i wound up washing his hair for some reason. hahaha!! andrea and i used to see how many guys would allow us to paint their fingernails and surprisingly, we racked up a decent number. and of course, after their nails were painted, i would take blackmail photos of them. :)

friday (today): my grandmother and i went over my aunt's house. she just got her FOURTH bengal cat. i think she wants to start breeding and showing them. it's a cute kitten and i took a lot of photos of it. my grandmother and i were planning to hang out by the pool all day, but after we ate lunch it started to rain. so i ran out to my grandmother's car to close her windows. riiiight after the door swung shut, i remembered that her car doors lock automatically after you shut a door. and the keys were idlely hanging from the ignition. luckily that's why she always carries a spare key in her purse... but unfortunately her purse was in the car. so i had to call my cousin who was getting ready to leave for work (he works until 3 am). but luckily, he stopped over and got the door open for us. what a good cousin!!

then it STORMED. thunder and lightning and rain and wind. it was pretty bad. i went outside during the storm because roxie had to go to the bathroom and after a LOUD lightning bolt struck, i actually saw SPARKS fly down the side of my house into the ground from the lightning rod wires!! needless to say, roxie and i RAN back to the house. after dinner with mom, lindsay stopped by and we looked at photos and chatted til after midnight. she is planning on visiting me and rick in november. and we are planning on going to las vegas!! :)

and that concludes my week home. now back to the heat, traffic, work, rick and miss gray. <3 (the only one i can really complain about is the traffic, hehe).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"gonna set my soul on fire..."

have you seen the new viagra commercial??? oh my. guys in a barn with musical instruments dancing and singing "viva viagra!!" my mom and i thought it was a spoof.

if you want to sing along the next time it airs, here are the lyrics:


Got me a honey gonna set my soul,
gonna set my soul on fire!
At the end of the day
I'm not a guy to stray
because she's my heart desire.

Now this lonesome toad
is sick of the road
I can't wait

CHORUS; Can't wait!

I can't wait to go home.

CHORUS: Viva Viagra! Viva, VIva, VIVA VIAGRA!

watch it here.

showering is overrated.


for the past week, i've actually had reasons not to shower - which is always a plus. i dunno why, but sometimes my best friend and i feel like showering is a chore, especially in the summer.

situations when it's okay not to shower for a few days:

1. when you're at the beach (X)
2. after you've been tattooed (X)
3. when you're camping ( )
4. when you're in college ( )

when we were on vacation, my cousin and his girlfriend would shower before they went to bed, before they went to the beach and after they got back from the beach. in that amount of time, i would shower 0 times. we got there saturday (after not showering), and my mom and didn't shower until late sunday night. our logic: you wake up and just go back to the beach anyway... so why shower before getting all sweaty and sandy??? at the pinnacle of my un-showeredness, i actually washed under my arms with hand soap. outside. with a hose. hahaha!! just thought i'd share. but that is what the beach is all about... nobody cares what you look like. people walk in stores directly from the beach, most of them still in bathing suits. you can get away with wearing short shorts and an unmatching top... anything goes.

funny clip: men vs. women in the shower.

facts that will (hopefully) make you wanna conserve water...

An American family of four uses up to 260 gallons of water in the home per day by:
Tap running for two minutes: 3 – 5 gallons
Flushing toilet once: 5 – 7 gallons
Showering, five minutes: 20 – 35 gallons
Full bathtub: 60 gallons
Automatic dishwasher: 10 – 20 gallons

and if you care more about money than our water supply, here are statistics that may stir your interest and make you want to conserve water too...

Water Conservation provides benefits welcome in every household by saving money three different ways:
1. Water Conservation will lower water bills.
2. Water Conservation in the winter will lower your annual sewer charge.
3. Conservation of water saves you energy costs for heating that water.

what really bothers me are sprinklers that water the sidewalks instead of the lawn. californians (who live in a state with an endangered water supply), should REALLY be more concerned about conserving water.

Did you know that up to 50% of the water used in the summer is for your lawn?
• Water the lawn and garden at dusk when the day is cool, watering during the heat of the day can account for up to 60% evaporation loss.
• Mulch the garden to retain moisture in the soil.
• Use a bucket of suds to wash the car and only rinse with the hose using a nozzle.
• Sweep walks and driveways instead of hosing them.


my two favorite insects.

lightning bugs vs. fireflies
lady bugs vs. lady birds ....what do you say???

some questions about lightning bugs answered here:

Q: why don't fireflies live in the western US???
A: because it's too dry... lightning bugs like moisture, humidity, lakes and rain.

Q: i've noticed fewer and fewer fireflies every summer, why???
A: you can thank urban sprawl and chemicals/pesticides. :( basically, we are the only ones to blame.

Q: how do lightning bugs light up???
A: it's complicated.

why some people call lady bugs "lady birds" (and vice versa):
Ladybird is a name that has been used in England for more than 600 years for the European beetle Coccinella septempunctata. As knowledge about insects increased, the name became extended to all its relatives, members of the beetle family Coccinellidae. Of course these insects are not birds, but butterflies are not flies, nor are dragonflies, stoneflies, mayflies, and fireflies, which all are true common names in folklore, not invented names. The lady for whom they were named was "the Virgin Mary", and common names in other European languages have the same association (the German name Marienkafer translates to "Marybeetle" or ladybeetle).

source and more info found here.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

thanks joan didion.

i finally started reading joan didion's "we tell ourselves stories in order to live," a collection of her non-fiction short stories and novels. i carefully absorbed every perfectly structured detail and even reread some stories i've already read and i feel inspired. didion is an author i aspire to emulate. and now i finally feel like writing short stories and poems again!! i should have picked up one of didion's novels earlier because for the past year i've been in a slump, but now i've got ideas, lots and lots of ideas and i'm starting 7 things at once because i don't want to lose any of these precious details i've created today on the beach. :)

thanks miss didion.

p.s. honorable mention goes to "open city," the spring/summer 2002 edition. seeing what is being published (especially if i think i can do better), gives me hope. no offense to the contributing authors...

but i can't touch joan didion. she is light years above me. i can only hope that through osmosis, my writing will one day reach an iota of her magnitude. oh how amazing it would be to meet her.

i'm sunburnt.

(and refusing to say "sunburned" because "sunburnt" sounds better).

yesterday my mother and i went to a used book store and got some new reading material for the beach. an interesting book surely beats the typical mindless magazine with articles you've already read a thousand different ways. so my mother got "i bury my heart at wounded knee," "in the spirit of crazy horse" and an anne sexton biography. i got "valley of the dolls" (i wanna read it before i see it because i heard the movie is awful), "this n' that" (bette davis's autobiography), "open city" (a collection of short stories and poems) and a book for andrea (i won't say what it is in case she reads this). my grand total: $12. i got a $1 discount because the sides of the pages of "valley of the dolls" appear to have reddish makeup splattered on them. (it's not blood, because blood dries brownish, the store owner informed me).

last night my mother and i were walking on the boardwalk and i heard my name. i turned around and it was robbie, a guy i went to middle school and high school with!! i see him all the time because he's a manager at a local food store (he's also a postman). and he's also gotten to know my grandmother since she goes grocery shopping on a daily basis, hehe. it's just funny to see someone you know when you are on vacation, but i should have figured i would see at least one person i know on the boardwalk.

today we stayed at the beach alllll day and went in the water for a long time. the waves were really rough and they seemed to be right after each other (and we were pretty far from the shore!!) at one point a wave crashed down on us and churned up so much sand that we got as sandy as we would have had we rolled in it. i fell asleep on my back with my knees bent for who knows how long so now i have sunburnt thighs, stomach, and chest. ye-ouch!! my cousin left behind some aloe vera gel, but i'm convinced that stuff contains some sort of pseudo-alcohol because it burnssss. tip: non-scented lotion works better. and if it's the coolness of the aloe you like, just put the lotion in the fridge.

tonight my mother and i ate at a little seafood restaurant then we went back to the boardwalk. my mother bought a pair of shorts and i went into a head shop to find some morrissey paraphernalia (patches, stickers and/or buttons) for missy, but no luck. :( they didn't have any good foo fighter stuff and they only had one 311 patch. the only blondie thing they had was a scratched up key chain that i scored for 50 cents. (the other key chains were $4 and this one was in the $1 basket because it had scratches on it). for 50 cents, i couldn't complain. this is the graphic on it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

i *heart* east coast summers.

for those of you who don't already know, i'm back in my home state enjoying time with family and friends. my mother rented a little bungalow and we are at the beach until saturday!! we really lucked out considering we never saw the house before we rented it. the house is small and dated, but it's nice!! my cousin and his fiancee stayed here a few days, their friends stopped by and spent the night on sunday and my friend lindsay visited for the day. we took some AWESOME polaroids and the photo you see above.

few moments of my trip so far:
visiting my grandmother; shopping for angels without faces; my cousin's 3-year-old daughter jumping off the diving board like a pro; my mom's bonko; winning the booby prize (thanks to andrea); poison ivy on my arms, shin, ankle and stomach (it's alright because i sorta like poison ivy); andrea singing to avril lavigne's "girlfriend" hahaha; roxie the vegetarian dog; my mom and i saying "we should get tattoos!!" at the exact same time; being on "vacation time," which means eating dinner at 10 pm; not being in a phone mood (sorry rick!!); the beach; polaroids with best friends; old ladies staring at me and lindsay while we were taking advantage of the self-timer; photo booth refunds; playing scrabble with my mother; swimming; crackhead whore heads; quoting "fear and loathing in las vegas"; being the only sober person able to make a beer run and driving stick without stalling; not showering; probably being the only 22-year-old on the swingset at 8 pm on a tuesday night, hahaha. more to come!!

i love east coast summers!! i've really missed the warm summer nights, the lightning bugs the beaches and the utz pretzels!! california may have a lot of nice-looking beaches, but they're pretty dirty and the water is cold and i always feel like the sand is dirty. :( so i am swimming in the atlantic every chance i get!! i love the ocean. the only thing cali beaches have going for them are the sunsets. next summer, my mother and i want to rent a bigger, four-bedroom house with rick, my cousin and his fiancee, lindsay and her man, and my mom's beau. renting a beach house with a bunch of friends is something i've wanted to do since i was in high school so hopefully this plan will materialize!!

pssst... did you notice the link to andrea singing to avril lavigne?!! hahaha. if not, here it is:

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

mystery solved.

just have to share a hilarious moment that happened while i was on my grandmother's laptop (that once belonged to my cousin). i was on the log-on page when i asked...

me: so, did we ever find out what Bohica means??? what kind of name is that?! it's gotta mean something...

my grandmother: yeah, it means "bend over, here it comes again..." anthony and vincent made it.

me: *dumbfounded* and laughing.

HAHAHAHAHA. aye my grandmother. gotta love her. <3

monday to monday.

this week i worked every day except monday.

tuesday: i worked a promo at a gym from 12-7pm. the promo required me to pick up 40 lbs of ice on my way... so i stopped at a grocery store whose shtick is to have the bag boys and girls to ask if you need help carrying your bags to your car. so i asked one of the bag boys where the ice was. i was expecting to get four 10 lbs bags of ice (which is manageable to carry without a cart) but instead, there were only 20 lb bags. i was in a rush, so i didn't bother to get a cart. when i got the ice to the register my arms were freezing cold and red. soooo instead of asking me if i needed help hauling this 40 lb ice berg to my car, the stupid bag boy says, "so... did you find where the ice was?" uhhh, DDDUUUUH. what a lazy ass.

tuesday night: rick and i went to the library and checked out some movies. we watched Love Actually during dinner. ***random fact/memory: the first time i saw that movie was with andrea and tyler when andrea and i flew out to visit tyler in 2004. we made the mistake of visiting during california's infamous "june gloom" and our approval rating for california significantly dropped (temporarily). however, we did have a great time in san diego and at the 311 concert in santa barbara. (where rick was!!) AND we were on TV two nights in a row in brief clips from the pepsi smash concert series... we went to see 311, naturally.***

wednesday: i worked the same promo from 6am-2pm. this time i got a cart when i picked up the ice. rick and i watched Uncle Buck because neither us had ever seen it in its entirety. the plot is predictable but john candy is funny and mccauley culkin is ADORABLE and this was pre-home alone. little culkin definitely used to outshine any actor he shared a scene with. Richie Rich is a classic good time, despite imdb's rating.

thursday: worked for michael making wedding albums. there was no AC in the studio and it was pretty toasty... and of course i was wearing capris, socks and shoes and a tank top under a tee shirt because usually i am cold in there. i finished what i had to do, then i stuck around to help brandon finish up some portfolio albums. rick and i met up with rick's friend mike and jessica (mike's wife) at the cheesecake factory (Mmm!!!) and they treated us to dinner. we also hung around the mac store while mike was deciding which desktop he's going to buy. and naturally we took loads of silly mac photobooth photos. i got some plans when i get my hands on that program. :)

friday: worked for michael making wedding albums. dave and michael (the owners) weren't there, so i closed myself in their office with a fan and blasted some fiona apple. funny moment of the day: at one point brandon came into the office and asked...

brandon: want to do me a favor??
me: ooook... what is it??
brandon: wait, what time is it??
me: (without missing a beat) why, do you want me to wake you up???
brandon: *dumbfounded* yeah!! how did you know?!!

hahaha. so he took a nap in the little comfy conference room where couples review their wedding photos/albums.

saturday: worked a promo 10am-5pm. went to rick's parents' house during my lunch break. then (after sitting in much traffic), rick and i met up with tyler in santa monica!! (i hadn't seen tyler since... august 2005?!! damn). it was good to finally see him again. we hung around the promenade and had dinner. while we were waiting for our name to be seated, tyler and i ran to the mac store and took some silly photos together. we had LOTS of catching up to do. it took us 6 months of me living in cali to finally get together (he lives about 2.5 hours away) but now that we've finally met up, hopefully we will hang out more often.

sunday: assisted michael/was 2nd shooter at a jewish wedding in beverly hills. i met michael's brother (who is a videographer) and his assistant. there was TONS of food at the wedding. i ate sushi and strawberries (from the reception) and they fed us the good stuff (choice of steak or halibut). on our way home, i had an insightful conversation with michael. ***fact: michael bought his first house at age 18, his second at 21 and a plane before he even knew how to fly it*** we didn't get home until 12-12:30 am.

monday: met up with dave to return his portfolio books. he bought me lunch and we chatted about kids, life, work and mtv's "my super sweet sixteen." hopefully he'll have some good gigs lined up when i return to california. he's definitely my favorite person to work for and his help and confidence in me has been invaluable.