Sunday, July 29, 2007

old, but kewl news

In May 2006, Dave Grohl sent a note of support to the two trapped miners in the Beaconsfield mine collapse in Tasmania, Australia. In the initial days following the collapse, one of the men requested an iPod with Foo Fighters songs to be sent down to them through a small hole. Grohl's note read, in part, "Though I'm halfway around the world right now, my heart is with you both, and I want you to know that when you come home, there's two tickets to any Foos show, anywhere, and two cold beers waiting for yous. Deal?"[5] In October 2006, one of the miners took up his offer, joining Grohl for a drink after the Foo Fighters acoustic concert at the Sydney Opera House. [6] Grohl wrote an instrumental piece for the meeting, which Grohl pledged he would include on the band's next album.[7] The song will appear on the Foo Fighters' upcoming album Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace, titled "The Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners".
~source: wikipedia

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


on sunday i went to the Salton Sea with the LA polanerd crew (rebecca, lou, drew, kim and bryan). i've wanted to visit the notoriously salty sea ever since i stumbled upon it during a late-night online tangent. the idea of exploring the surrounding desolate area chock full of abandoned buildings really appealed to me.

the Salton Sea is a result of what humans do best... neglect the environment by using shortcuts and insufficiently funding major projects so we are ill-prepared for environmental challenges. you would think environmental disasters due to poor upkeep, like the levies post-hurricane katrina would not still occur, but unfortunately we never learn. pertaining to the Salton Sea, man's biggest mistake occurred between 1905 - 1907 during which the colorado river flooded into the "Salton Sink," a major salt mining site, for TWO years. the result - the Salton Sea: the largest lake in california. today, the maximum depth of the Salton Sea measures 51 feet!!

once described as an "investor's dream," the Salton Sea was a hot spot for water skiers, fishermen and boaters in the 1920s. now high levels bacteria, pesticide runoff, raw sewage, excessively high salinity and algae blooms make the water inhabitable. (the water is more salty than the ocean!!) thousands of dead talapia, the only fish that survive long enough to die, wash up on the shores. the sea grows larger and larger, an average of 1.36 million acre-feet per year, thanks to agricultural run-off and the nasty, dirty New River.

what's the New River? why, it's the "single most polluted river in America."

"The New River is composed of waste from agricultural and chemical runoff from the farm industry irrigation in the U.S. (18.4%) and Mexico (51.2%), sewage from Mexicali (29%), and manufacturing plants operating in Mexico (1.4%). By the time the New River crosses the U.S./Mexico border near Calexico, California, the channel contains a stew of about 100 contaminants: volatile organic compounds, heavy metals (including selenium, uranium, arsenic and mercury), and pesticides (including DDT) and PCBs. The waterway also holds the pathogens that cause tuberculosis, encephalitis, polio, cholera, hepatitis and typhoid; levels for many of these contaminants are in violation of U.S. EPA and Cal/EPA standards by several hundredfold.[2] Fecal coliform bacteria are at levels of 100,000 to 16 million colonies per milliliter at the border checkpoint (possibly more, as this is the measuring capacity threshold), far above the U.S.-Mexico treaty limit of 240 colonies." ~wikipedia

soooo before we embarked on this little road trip, i researched the Salton Sea on wikipedia and flickr. all of the photos i saw were of the infamous abandoned North Shore Motel. i promised myself i wasn't going to over-shoot the motel since so many people have already covered that one spot... but during my Salton Sea adventure, i realized why so many people only have photos of that hotel - it's the first stop. and after stopping there, few want to continue to explore the Salton Sea coastline. to my surprise, there were fewer buildings in the area than i expected. i felt like i was walking around a desolate, post-apocalyptic scene from T.C. Boyle's "After the Plague." judging by the trash and graffiti left behind by past visitors, the majority of intrigued visitors fall into four categories: 1. drunk kids en route to or from coachella. 2. curious photographers (we found empty film boxes and polaroid cartridges). 3. skateboarders. 4. whatever animals eat the plethora of pigeons that roost in the abandoned buildings.

the temperature fluctuated between 95-102 degrees at the peak of the afternoon. that mixed with the smell of thousands of dead fish (and some dead birds too) was not-so-pleasant, but add hundreds of relentless flies and you have borderline-unbearable. it was so filthy that the shoes i wore that day are still being quarantined outside until i disinfect them. this may seem a bit like an overreaction, but after you sink ankle-deep into bacterial-laden barnacles and fish bones that have washed up from a sea of dead fish, you too would not want to track the Salton Sea into your home.

we hung around the motel for a long time, each going our seperate ways to find our shots and then meeting back in a small corner of shade and then going back for more, often using each other as "models." lou is an avid pola-portrait photographer so he was busy trying to get us to crouch down in a nasty corner or stand in a shady blue-tiled shower. my favorite part of the motel and yacht club were the abandoned swimming pools. there's just an unnatural appeal about being able to walk on the floor of an empty swimming pool.

after attempting to de-fly drew's vehicle, we headed to Bombay Beach, an interesting off-beat trailor community located near the "marina" of the Salton Sea. for me, this was the most interesting part of the trip. i loved the idea of this little sustainable community out in the middle of the desert. there was a tiny general store, a liquor store and a small garage of a fire station. i headed toward the homes while everyone else was shooting the marina area and i found some interesting things... including a solitary goat living in (under?) an abandoned-looking trailer with fenced-in yard. i would have loved to explore more, but i felt a bit uneasy walking around by myself. my friend hal has been itching to go to the Salton Sea so if and when he does (hopefully when it's a bit cooler outside), i would glady accompany him just to further explore Bombay Beach. i am really interested in the types of characters who live there and you could imagine my delight when i discovered THIS. a documentary about the people who live in Bombay Beach!!!! check out the trailer. the film is only playing in (small) select theatres on certain days and unfortunately i already missed the LA showings and i was all disappointed because i thought i was going to miss one of the upcoming screenings, but as luck would have it, i won't be missing it after all!! THANKGOODNESS. otherwise, i would have had to wait until its dvd release in late september. woo woo, i smell another polanerd get-together!!!! :D

after Bombay Beach, we kept on truckin until we passed an abandoned warehouse conveniently located on the side of the freeway. after over-exploring the motel/hotel/restaurant buildings on the North Shore, i was more interested in the LARGE hay stacks located OUTSIDE in front of the building, away from any disgusting debris. there were two wrecked cars and an old truck behind the warehouse - one car was severly pinned in a ditch. and of course, there were loads of graffiti and fluffy pink insulation littering the warehouse.

undoubtedly, the Salton Sea is an interesting place and i'm glad i got to experience it with the polacrew, because rick and my mother would have really hated it there (and i wouldn't blame them). after driving past Palm Springs, i am reconsidering my strong desire to visit there. i just really want to see all of the kewl 50s architecture. the large dinosaurs (you pass along the way) were a bit of a disappointment. i imagined them being out in the middle of nowhere, not behind a burger king and a gas station. inside the brontosaurus is a small junk shop (that doesn't believe in evolution). you can go inside the t-rex for $2-3... but we didn't. it would have be kewl... but really maybe not, since there isn't much of a view to look at once you are up there.

overall, it's really disappointing and alarming that man has single-handedly caused the environmental disaster known as the Salton Sea. the aftermath is eye-opening. after walking across dead fish carcasses and seeing a body of water THAT LARGE that is completely useless and contaminated, it really makes you fear how badly mankind is destroying our earth and our water supply. if the earth's water were proportioned down to fit in a gallon jug, the available fresh water would be equal to just over a tablespoon. that's a scary statistic. people need to stop being so apathetic to our WORLD'S environmental problems and realize that mother nature can't always magically repair herself. we need to repair our environment before it's too late and the damage we've done becomes irreversible. we need to demand that congress passes environmental laws that will deal with a situation NOW, not in the year 2010 or 2020. we need to conserve water and natural resources and raise children with that same mentality so that it becomes second nature. (i can go on and on, but i will step off of my soap box for now...)

check my flickr for photos.

facts and figures:
during the 1960s: the Salton Sea becomes increasingly salty.
1992 - 1996: a LARGE number of grebes (150,000) and pelicans (unknown how many) die as a result of the bacteria in the water.

article 1
article 2

Monday, July 23, 2007

one day i will write a post that doesn't include a movie review...

but today is not that day. ;) hahaha.

friday: worked for michael/finished up some wedding albums. rick and i watched Children of Men, a post-apocalyptic movie set in england in 2027. it was a really griping film. definitely held our attention but then, the movie just ends. abruptly. which made me really disappointed (unless they make a sequel). however, after rationizing with myself, i finally concluded that it was acceptable for the movie to just end like that because the movie is based on a book and a book would end like that. but apparently (i've heard) the book is pretty lousy and the movie is waaaaaaaay better (and much different) from the book.

saturday: worked a promo event. rick met me for lunch and brought me cantaloupe. since the promo was in a store, people usually ask me where certain products are and usually i don't know the answer. so one guy approached me and said (with an english accent) "allo, love!! how are you today???" i inhaled, preparing myself to give the whole "i don't really work here" spiel... but to my surprise he simply said, "you have very nice eyes and eyelashes. but don't tell nobody." hahaha. another funny quotation occurred as an old lady was approaching me. she had a sample of some sort of drink. after taking a sip, she stopped in front of me, with a disgusted look on her face and said, "this tastes like that old milk of magnesia my mother used to give me when i wouldn't go to the bathroom." i laughed as she proceeded to finish drinking the rest.

after work, rick and i went food shopping and then watched Pan's Labyrinth while eating dinner. it's a spanish movie about a little girl's fantasy world as she deals with living in facist spain (1944) as the "step-daughter of a sadistic army officer." i was worried that i wouldn't like it because i'm not a fan of science fiction, but rick and i had heard good things and gave it an 8.5. however, after watching it, we both felt the movie didn't deserve that high of a rating. it's captivating and all, but it didn't live up to all of its hype.

cd i finally listened to and wasn't all that impressed with: G-Love's "Lemonade." (but it is kewl the cd looks like a lemon).

cd i can't stop listening to because all of the songs are so good on it and it reminds me of summer: Foo Fighters "There is Nothing Left to Lose." Mmmm.

FACT: "There is Nothing Left to Lose" won a grammy in 2000 for "Best Rock Album."
FACT: early editions of the album came with an "FF" temporary tattoo... which i still have and am always tempted to wear whenever i see it. :)
FACT: David Eric Grohl is the Peter Pan of Rock n' Roll.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

wedding albums, saggy boobs and Cary Grant.

wednesday: worked, designing wedding albums. i also retouched two photos of a lady who was unhappy with her appearance at her daughter's wedding and blamed michael for not telling her that she had saggy breasts. so i had to retouch her boobs, haha. rick and i wound up watching Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes), the original, spanish version of Vanilla Sky. naturally i like the original, spanish version more (because foreign films are almost always better), but unfortunately both movies are equally as confusing. still, i don't understand why Cameron Crowe felt this movie needed to be remade.

wednesday night: i wrote a poem, but it needs to go through another stage of editing. i've been trying to write again, but i usually end up with nothing. i start with a few really great lines, but my problem is i don't know whether or not the lines should form a poem or be incorporated into a short story. there's no doubt the writing minor i earned in college has improved my writing skills, but since then, the technicalities of the syntax usurps my creativity. :(

thursday: worked, creating wedding albums. rick and i watched Born into Brothels because rick had never seen it. it's an amazing doctumentary about a photographer who visits Calcutta, teaches children of prostitutes how to use cameras and then tries to help the children get an education. the film illustrates how one person CAN make a difference (and in this instance impact the lives of children who deserve a better life). i highly recommend it.

after rick went to bed, i watched His Girl Friday, an old Cary Grant flick. pretty typical for its time... but it received an 8.0 on!! Grant was such a handsome devil.

new self-portraits!!

Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

blowing a kiss
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Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

long neck
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ghost world vs. art school confidential.

monday: scanned and edited photos. went to the bank, the post office and the food store. made rick some orange jello loaded with fresh peaches. rick and i went swimming. tim and aldrin stopped by. nothing too exciting to report.

tuesday: finished my masterpiece made of wires. went to the library and costco with rick. during dinner, we watched Art School Confidential - a movie based on a comic book by Daniel Clowes. i was eager to see this movie because Daniel Clowes wrote one of my favorite movies and graphic novels, Ghost World. he also wrote Ice Haven, which is really good. however, i was disappointed with Art School Confidential the movie. I was REALLY surprised Terry Zwigoff directed it because throughout the entire movie, i sat there thinking, "Damn, i wish Terry Zwigoff (the same guy who directed Ghost World) directed this instead of whoever is responsible for this..." but what can you expect from the same guy who directed Bad Santa?! OUCH. maybe i just had overly high expectations. rick actually enjoyed Art School more than Ghost World because "this movie didn't have slow, boring parts where nothing happens."

Art School Confidential wasn't dark enough for me. it hinted and brushed over dark plot, but never embraced the dark humor to make it its own. bottom line: Ghost World is better; watch that instead. i remember how thrilled i was the first time i watched Ghost World. a I-can't-believe-I-didn't-see-this-in-theaters, where-have-you-been-all-my-life?! kind of feeling swept over me. i made EVERYBODY watch it. and of course my best friends andrea and margot loved it and started quoting it as much as i was. then during my freshman year of college, i introduced Ghost World to a room full of people who wanted to watch a good movie... and they hated it. i actually FELT them hate it. the WHOLE room. they made me take the tape out before it even reached the 1/4 point because it was "too weird" and "depressing." they obviously didn't have the same sense of humor i have. so we all watched 10 Things I Hate About You instead... which i couldn't complain about, but i sat there thinking about how close-minded they all were.

their loss.

plans for this week include:
wednesday (and possibly thursday and/or friday) - work
saturday - promo gig

i also want to listen to all of the CDs i checked out of the library and PAINT.

a post only missy will appreciate...

on sunday rick and i were wrestling around because i was trying to smell his delicious armpits. (missy understands). for those who think smelling somebody's armpits is gross then you have never smelled rick's. haha. HE NEVER SMELLS!! i dunno how he does it. there's probably some logical scientific explanation involving my brain being attracted to his pheromones and all that crap, but the bottom line is that rick has some good pits!! i think it's the combination of 1 part old spice deodorant and 3 parts rick's sweat but anyway... so i was trying to smell his armpits (rick hates when i do this by the way), and during the scuffle i gouged myself in the forehead with my thumbnail. ouch. actually, i didn't even notice until rick pointed out that i was bleeding. so now i'm hoping it won't turn into a scar... but if it does, that would be pretty funny.

aye, my grandmother.

my grandmother is an avid reader of my blog and after reading my last entry, this paragraph in particular:

"by sunday i was itching to hug miss gray and eat lots of pretzels and upload more photos onto flickr. and rick was itching to play resident evil. hehehe."

my grandmother wanted to know...

"why did you call [rick] the evil resident???"

hahahaha!! i love my grandmother.

Monday, July 16, 2007

away for the weekend

rick and i stayed at his parents' house this weekend while they were away. i worked two promo gigs and rick and i watched a few movies and a lot of tv. (we were having cable withdrawals).

friday: we made dinner and watched Napoleon Dynamite because rick had never seen it. we both agree it doesn't live up to the hype. and the most hilarious part was after we finished watching it, we turned to the dvd player off and guess what was playing on MTV... NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!! hahaha.

saturday: rick and i went to jamba juice with aldrin. then we went into Nordstrom Rack and i bought a really kewl pair of plaid hurley board shorts, a pair of BRIGHT neon green roxy capris and a cute SOFT gray tee shirt. rick and aldrin actually left me there and came back for me because i take a realllllly long time to shop. then rick and i took his dog magoo to the beach. he loved it.

saturday night: we watched North By Northwest a really good Hitchcock film with Cary Grant. so good i even watched the extras/the making of the film and that was pretty good too!! Hitchcock takes the cake for suspense thrillers.

by sunday i was itching to hug miss gray and eat lots of pretzels and upload more photos onto flickr. and rick was itching to play resident evil. hehehe.

sunday: on our way home i bought a half crate of fresh strawberries, Mmmmm!! miss gray was REALLY happy to see us. she was meowing up a storm and even rubbing against rick's legs!! (she's still wary around rick). during dinner we watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High because i have never seen it. it make me feel like watching 10 Things I Hate About You (i really like that movie) but i actually liked Fast Times more than i liked American Graffiti. still, 10 Things and Clueless are tied for my favorite teen/high school comedy but maybe that's because i was a teenager in the 90s.

music i can't stop listening to: Charlotte Gainsbourg's "5:55" album and Susanne Vega's "Nine Objects of Desire" album. good stuff.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

up to my ears in polaroid film.

thursday: bought A LOT of polaroid film from a really nice guy in santa monica. i should not need to buy film for a long, long time. i also visited hal and looked at all of the photos from his cross-country drive/nyc trip. then hal, his gf leah, their friend and i walked to this little coffee/tea shop and then we went to the beach. it was really nice day outside. and of course hal and i took a bunch of photos.

i received a care package from my mother full of giant marshmellow candies shaped like a hamburger, a hot dog and french fries, hehe. she also sent me sun tan ltion spray and these awesome colorful bendy wires that i've already started making amazingly kewl things with. photos to come. (thanks ma!! xoxo). aldrin stopped by and during dinner we watched Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, a creative spoof of films from the 1940s starring Steve Martin. The kewl part is that Steve Martin is sometimes acting alongside clips from famous old movies. this makes for some comedic scenes since the dialogue of the clips are obviously being taken out of context.

rick and i watched Scoop the night before. it's a Woody Allen mystery/comedy. it wasn't bad once i accepted the fact that Scarlett Johansson hasn't been a believable actress since Lost in Translation. (my favorite movie of hers is still Ghost World though). and of course Woody Allen is very irritating at times, but once you become immune to them, the plot becomes more interesting and you actually want to know what happens at the end.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

then and now.

i just finished watching Please Don't Eat the Daisies, first a best-seller book then a hokey Doris Day comedy in which she plays a frazzled housewife with four children - all boys. the youngest boy (who is kept in a cage) only knows two words "cokie cola" and "daddy" which are hilariously dubbed into the film. Day plays Kate, a mother who treats her sons like unwanted monsters - which they are. her husband, who wants nothing to do with his children, has just become a successful (and controversial) film critic. they live in new york city then move to the country - but hubby didn't really want to move so Kate is forced to fix up the house by herself in hope to win over hubby's approval. it's a very chauvinistic-driven movie. the most amusing aspect of the film was the way societal roles were portrayed and how vastly different society is now. for example, here's a dialogue from a scene where Kate's mother gives her son-in-law some friendly advice...

kate's mother: don't go near that girl until she calls you and apologizes.

kate's husband: but i don't want her to be unhappy, i love her.

mother: oh loving her is one thing. letting her think she's intelligent is another. and look where it's got you. into a house you don't want and a lot of ridiculous interference in your career. well she's good and scared now. and that's where you keep her... right under your thumb.

husband: (sarcastically) you think i should make her say "Hail Larry!" every morning.

mother: wouldn't do a bit of harm.

imagine your own mother telling your spouse something to that effect!! ironically, after watching this movie, i noticed one the top headlines on yahoo: "Study: Wives yield more power in marriage." the article, which was just released today, finds that "wives have more power than their husbands in making decisions and dominating discussions." (well DUH!! ;) hehe). it goes on to say research suggests 'men accepting influence from their wives' is a marker of a healthy marriage. so wife power could signal a harmonious couple. if only Doris Day knew...

trivia: in 1961, Please Don't Eat the Daisies was nominated for "Best Written American Comedy."

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

my mother's spoiled dog.

my mother just sent me this photo on my cell phone, thought i'd share:

the caption read: "me, spoiled?" hahahaha.

another one:

hehehe. ;)

Monday, July 9, 2007

i'm a fruit whore./another productive weekend.

saturday: woke up at 5 am to meet kerry (wedding photographer) to drive to santa clarita where the bride was getting ready in her parent's house. (the bride and her family were all SUPER friendly, by the way. and her parent's house was really nice!!) after that series of photos were shot, we were off to the church in north hollywood. naturally we missed our exit because we were too busy talking. for the first time ever, i was glad i brought along my navi. i'm not sure how old the couple was, probably post-college, but the groom looked about fifteen. after a loooong catholic ceremony, we were off to the reception at the bel-air hotel. (fancy-shmancy!!) the centerpieces were amazing and the cake was really cute - it was three layers, looked like a castle and was adorned with clovers. (they were irish). the wedding ended by 4 pm and before the main course was even served, one of the groom's brothers had to be carried out to the newlyweds hotel room because he was THAT plastered. all and all, so far it's been my favorite wedding to shoot. kerry was a fun guy to work with (a bit... confident) but he really allowed me A LOT of room to take some awesome photos. and although i was working without a flash, i think this was my best wedding work to date. and while i was working, rick did the dishes and vacuumed the entire apartment. :)

sunday: rick and i went to his parent's house. i did laundry while rick, tim and his father fixed (and by "fixed" i mean hammered, torched and repaired) our broken patio chair. i mindlessly watched part of a marathon of Sweet Sixteen, a reality show about how spoiled brats blow $200,000-350,000+ on a birthday party. it's so bad it's entertaining. then rick washed my car because he's the best boyfriend ever. after the last load of laundry was in the dryer, we went out to eat thai food (are you surprised?!) in a restaurant we've never tried before. the food was pretty good and it's local, so we want to take rick's mother there when his parents get back from mexico. rick and i have probably eaten thai food together in 15-20 different restaurants. after dinner, then we picked up aldrin, went to target and then went to my favorite spanish food store. :) here's what we purchased... try to guess how much it cost. (without cheating!!)

8 or 9 nectarines (3.94 lbs)
9 mangoes
4 cantaloupes
4 large green apples
2 cucumbers
2 bags of red grapes (4.24 lbs)
1 bag of fresh mint
1 seedless watermelon

my fruit rolling down the check out belt:

guess how much our bill was... and then check the tags/labels for this post to see if you were right!!!!

monday: miss gray woke up me twice nudging me in the face. that's her new favorite thing to do in the mornings. she's starting to sleep on our bed a lot. it's so cute how much she loves me. i just wish she liked rick as much as she likes me. i called more ad agencies for dave, scanned some photos and caught up on emailing people back. when rick gets home we're going to the PO and then going swimming (after we deal with our patio and rick kills some resident evil zombies). usually our goal is to eat dinner before 9 pm, but i doubt that will happen tonight. i don't think we're even going to try.

some plans:
*calling back friends i've neglected to call recently :(
*meeting up with hal to discuss our brilliant plans
*buying polaroid film
*creating albums this week for michael brannigan
*working a promo this weekend

*****don't forget to guess how much alllll of my fruit cost!!!! (and then check below).

LOTS of polaroid nerd out portraits on my flickr!!

chek em out!! :D

polaroid jesus
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hangin out with lou
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

miss cool bluecitrus
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

ice cream sandwich
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

more photos can be seen here.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

it's saturday AGAIN???

because the 4th was a wednesday... i have been totally unaware as to what day of the week it is. in fact, today felt more like a wednesday than july 4th did. the 4th flet like a saturday and now today is saturday. ahhhh!!!! the confusion. anyway... so here's the scoop.

thursday: MAJORLY productive day. i called a lot of ad agencies for dave. both lindsay AND andrea called me (my two best friends). i did the dishes, made the bed and cleaned every inch of the guest bathroom. then when rick got home we went to the bank; i ran into a foodstore to buy snyders pretzels; we went to costco; i dropped off film; we went to the library; we went back to costco and shopped; i picked up my film; we went to albertsons; then came home and made dinner and watched The Break-Up which certainly doesn't deserve the 5.9 rating it received on

friday: worked for michael doing layouts and making templates. went to post office. aldrin came over. rick and i cut his hair. (his hair was getting LONG!! it grows so fast. the last time we cut it was in may!!) then we all went swimming. aldrin stayed for dinner and we watched Lucky Number Slevin which was actually really good. i didn't know ANYTHING about the movie before i watched it... and that's the best way to watch that particular movie. it's pretty violent, but not excessively gruesomely violent. but four or five characters die within the first 30 seconds of the movie, even before the opening credits are finished.

saturday: meeting up with kerry (guy who works for michael/dm photography) at *drumroll* 6:50 AM to drive to santa clarita to shoot a wedding. ohhhh my. and i am NOT a morning person. the good news is the wedding ends at 5 PM.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

fourth of july. lucy in the sky. i remember palm trees and the coat of many colors. ~311

hope everyone had a happy 4th of july!!

rick and i went over his parent's house for a BBQ. we picked up aldrin, went over tim's house and browsed through their high school yearbooks. we also ran a few errands then went to see the fireworks from the harbor. there was a little street fair with a live band and a highly amusing old guy who danced like nobody was watching (although he was kind of hard to miss). we wound up sitting on a bridge watching the fireworks from accross the water (and have now been inspired to rent a little boat one of these weekends).

this week: i am finishing up work for dave until the 11th.
this weekend: i am working as 2nd shooter for michael.
next weekend: i am doing promotional work.

i'm also working on albums during the weekdays. i'm trying to get as many gigs as i can right now because i am going home in august for two weeks to see family and friends and i could really use the money. hopefully a lot of jobs will come my way.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


this past weekend was a blast!! rebecca and i attended the san francisco Polaroid Nerd Out (a large gathering of polaroid photographers from flickr). it was my first time ever having been in san francisco. (pretty city, but too cold for me). 41 people from all over California/Oregon/Seattle joined forces at Delores park on Sunday. every one who showed up was extremely nice. a man from the east coast, who couldn't attend the Nerd Out, even made and sent polaroid buttons for all of the attendees.

so picture this: a large gang of prehistoric camera-wielding, creative people scattered about playground equipment, taking photos of each other for at least two or three hours. everybody havd an arsenal of cameras (rebecca and i packed five cameras a piece) and came fully stocked with film. (i believe lou shot NINE packs!!) definitely my kind of afternoon. i compared it to a high school reunion for only the kewl kids. i love the feeling (and comfort) of connecting with a group of strangers over a shared interest. it was like meeting up with a bunch of friends you've always wished you had. the whole experience was very reminiscent of how i felt attending 3-11 day in 2004 and 2006. just a bunch of people who are very different, yet very similar- traveling, meeting and reveling in their favorite hobby. it fills you with a lovely sense of belonging and warmth. here's how it went...


drove to SF with rebecca. (loooong car ride... took about 6.5-7 hours). drove over the golden gate bridge. took photos. was in awe of the view of the city from the Headlands. crashed at Rebecca's friend laura's apartment. ate thai food with laura and company. rebecca went on a hot date. i went to bed early (shocking, i know) since i had gotten three hours of sleep the previous night.


we got my nerd on at the polaroid nerd out!! as i mentioned, 41 polaroid photographers (98% of them from flickr) met up for two hours of photography fun, swinging, chatting and random shenanigans. rebecca and i befriended an awesome girl named arielle. after hundreds of photos were snapped, the crowd dispersed and rebecca and i left the park with a dozen or so flickrites. we walked a decent distance to catch the bus. lou and tod brilliant shot LOTS of random portraits while we were riding on the bus. everybody grabbed some food or jamba juice, then we all chilled outside the japanese gardens (waiting for more flickrites who chose to drive there). then we went up the observation tower in the bay bridge park. amazing view. we all took plenty of photos. eric (a nice guy who built his own holgaroid with a fisheye lens!!) let me use his fisheye lens on my digital camera to take some hilariously unflattering photos of everyone. (will post them on flickr soon).

after that, rebecca and i literally dragged ourselves back to laura's apartment. at which point we were sunburnt, sweaty, EXHAUSTED and in pain from our shoes. everyone had such a blast at the meet-up that some people had already uploaded photos from the event onto flickr!! rebecca and i ate a lot of pretzels and then went to alamo square with laura to see the painted ladies (aka: the full house houses). we took even more photos and ate at a vegetarian restaurant. the BRISK walks to and from bus stops solidified my decision that san francisco is too cold for me.

later we met back up with the remaining polaroid crew around 9:30 at greg's (polaroid jesus's) awesome warehouse apartment. where we saw greg's awesome bedroom ceiling that he painted, ate pizza, took EVEN MORE photos, experimented with light painting, partied, chatted, gossiped, ate pizza, took EVEN MOOOOORE photos. lou took lots of shots of me and rebecca. and watching drew in action as he light painted this photo was mesmerizing. around 3:30 am, we hitched a ride back to laura's apartment with drew and lou. (unfortunately drew's car had gotten broken into the night before so it was a breezy, music-less driving experience. poor drew).


six-or-so hour long ride back into LA from SF. few pit stops/photo stops along the way. ate lots of pretzels. stopped at a fruit stand and a cattle feed lot. (very sad!!) took some photos. saw pyramid lake. got back to the apartment around 6:00 pm. watched Valley Girl with rick while eating dinner. (awful movie but a REALLY bitchin soundtrack, fer sure!!)

and there you have it!! plans are already in the works for a Polaroid Nerd Out in NYC this october and the Seattle crew is itching to host a Nerd Out as well. rebecca and i plan on hanging out with the LA crew more often.

my photos from this extravaganza can be seen here.
other nerds' photos can be seen here.