Thursday, June 28, 2007

finding your inner-celebrity.

i found a hilarious celebrity look-alike website.

some of the look-alikes are really good!!!!
Ozzie Osbourne look-alike.
Danny DeVito look-alike.
Sharon Stone look-alike.
Sophia Loren look-alike.
Samy Davis Jr. look-alike.
Fergie (the real dutchess) look-alike.

and some are just plain AWFUL!!!!
Pamela Anderson look-alikes.
Matt LeBlanc look-alike.
Gloria Estefan look-alike.
Rocky look-alike.

apparently any brunette wearing sunglasses can be victoris beckham and any guy with facial hair can be oralando bloom. hahaha.

and check out the photoshop jobs on emimen #1. looks like a sixth grader made it in MS paint!! and check out the awesome solar flare coming from brad pit #2's belt buckle. oh my!!

could you imagine making a living off of impersonating a celebrity??? if you answered yes, better start with the celebrity face recognition website to find out who you look like!! (my results below)

(really depends on what photo you use).

for hilarious results, use a photo with multiple people in it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

and i said, what about breakfast at tiffany's...

monday: met with dave to discuss what i will be doing while he is away in London. he gave me some of his portfolio books to send out and showed me how to contact ad agencies. he also showed me photos of the studio/house he is renting and some of the models he will be working with. (the kids are really cute and you know that they're going to be all proper and well-behaved and have cute little english accents, hehe). and then he paid me in advance, which is always nice. :) that means my share of the rent will be on time and i will be able to afford a ticket home. :)

tuesday: bummed around. scanned/edited photos. cleaned up the bedroom by rearranging all of my picture frames; putting away a big heap of clothes; and i even dusted. rick and i watched Paris When it Sizzles (audrey hepburn and william holden).

"According to several Hepburn biographies, the filming of Paris - When it Sizzles was chaotic, as Holden, who had had an affair with Hepburn during the making of Sabrina a decade earlier, attempted to rekindle romance with the now-married actress." ~wikipedia

it was one of those movies about making a movie. it was weird to see audrey hepburn with her hair down for a few scenes because she usually wore her hair up.

wednesday: (today) called ad agencies for dave. interviewed for a study that i really hope i am chosen for. (i don't want to jinx myself so i won't divulge the details yet). i talked to missy monchichi on the phone for 1 1/2 hours!! we had a lot of catching up to do!! although we've never met in person yet, she continues to be a great friend. we started talking through myspace in march 2006 after missy discovered our mutual admiration for a certain numerical band. (haha, 311 - making friends since 1989!!) so we just clicked and became pen pals/e-mail pals and have been ever since.

when rick got home, we finished watching Paris When it Sizzles, at which point we both were extremely sleepy so we took a 30 minute nap which turned into a 45 minute nap. then rick and i went to the library, checked out some more movies, stopped at costco and wound up eating dinner at 9:15 pm. our resolution for the week is to start eating dinner at a decent hour. lately we've been eating around 8-8:30 pm.

RANDOM FACT: (good jeopardy question) Orangey, the tabby cat in Breakfast at Tiffany's was a talented animal actor and the only cat to win two Patsy Awards (Picture Animal Top Star of the Year, an animal actor's version of an Oscar). source: wikipedia.


LOTS of NEW photos from the adventure with miss rutabegabunny on saturday... check them out.

broken glass
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

screen door
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

nails and hooks
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

end to end
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

Monday, June 25, 2007

boogers, trespassing and a wedding.

thursday: i was sick. :( i worked for Michael (wedding photographer) arranging photos and creating layouts for an album he was working on. i took a roll of toilet paper with me and was quarantined into the main lobby room of the studio. Michael is letting me borrow a jacked-up Canon 20D, just to see if it's working correctly. which it's not. it won't autofocus or play back an image on any other setting except auto. but i did take some kewl photos of miss gray with it. i'll post them on flickr in the weeks to come because i do not want to overload my contacts with cat photos.

friday: met with Jeff to see about that barista job. mostly weekend work, but it's local and it sounds promising. i also took some kewl shots of a "sundog" i saw while i was stuck in traffic in camarillo. posted some new self-portraits on my flickr.

saturday: rick and i bummed around all morning long and totally forgot that the 311 presale for the santa barbara bowl went on sale at 10 am. that sucks. pit tickets were already sold out by the time we called. :( what sucks the most is that i could have bought the tickets last week, but opted not to in order to avoid the extra "convenience" charges tricketmaster is notorious for adding onto your bill. ugh!!!!! i'm never trying to save money again... unless it's over $10-15. so then we went to the mall so rick could find some new sunglasses. (after 10+ years, his favorite pair finally broke). i didn't wind up working with Michael, i worked for him on sunday instead.

sunday: photo play day with rebecca. went inside the Maddy house (an old, abandoned ranch house off of the 101) and explored every room. it was pretty creepy at first. every time the door between the kitchen and the living room would slam shut, we'd get freaked out. and even if we KNEW it was about to slam shut, we'd still get freaked out. the house was built in 1912 and it's really kewl (and dirty). there's three bedrooms, two bathrooms, green carpeting, huge windows, two nice porches and lots of feathers. there were little animal prints all over the kitchen range and bird nests in every lighting fixture. there's also a barn/garage with a workbench. the house is situated on 5.3 acres and was purchased (supposedly for $20 million) so a shopping center could be built there :( just want we need!! i hope the plans fall through. i really want to learn more about the people who lived there.

"According to local legend, Maddy's husband was a retired scientist who had worked at the top secret Area 51 site in Nevada. He died many years ago. Several years later, Maddy reportedly went blind and had to roll out strings between the rooms of the house so she could find her way around."

rebecca and i took tons of photos. (we wound up spending 2 hours there!!) and my shoulders got pretty sunburnt. EXPECT LOTS OF NEW PHOTOS ON FLICKR!!!! :D

sunday night: was 2nd shooter at a wedding in malibu. really interesting wedding. it was jewish man and a chinese woman. the bride had two wardrobe changes. people were hugging the groom goodbye while his best man was giving the toast while the maid of honor was translating what the best man was saying into chinese. (shesh!!) they had a salsa-sounding band whose singer was from Congo. the bride and groom only danced together ONCE and it was choreographed. it was just all really ODD, but we got to eat good wedding food. i had salmon. :) and then michael took me for a ride in his brand new lotus. can't believe how close to ground those cars are!! (six inches!!) highly impractical cars.

movies watched this week: Spanglish (wanted to punch the girl who played adam sandler's daughter in the face), Down With Love (really cute), Saturday Night Fever (always a classic) and The Bridge on the River Kwai (i *heart* william holden).

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i'm sick. :(

yep, i got caught cold. running nose. sore throat. all that fun stuff. i have a busy weekend planned, so i better feel better soon. i've been drinking emergen-C, which is rare because i hate taking any kind of medication/anything, so that better work.

i planned on going to an audition today and then meeting up with my favorite photographer dave nagel to pick up some of his portfolios and see what i need to do while he is away in England taking photos!! (lucky bloke, hehe). so while he is gone i get to be his "studio manager." OoOOoOOOooo, fancy.

but instead, i bascially bummed around all day long, washed off our "new" patio furniture and hung out with miss gray. also, thanks to my grandmother, i ate a lot of pretzels.(she sends me bags of my favorite pretzels in the mail). awwww, what a good grandma. :)

here's how my weekend looks:
friday: interview with Jeff for p/t barista job
saturday: 2nd shooter at wedding with michael brannigan
sunday: maddy house/malibu photo adventures planned with miss rutabega

p.s. there's lots of new photos of miss gray on my flickr. enjoy!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

father's day.

rick and i went refrigerator hunting with rick's mother because her fridge just broke. :( you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find an off-white fridge. every one was either white, black or stainless steel. i personally am not into the whole stainless steel craze. i'd much rather have this fridge:

preferably an authentic, old one... but i guess it's safer to go with a newer model. and of course i'd want a teal stove top and sink to match. :) (sometimes i think i was born in the wrong decade, hehe).

so anyway, rick's mom had to pay an extra $125-165 just to get a "bisque" colored fridge, which is funny because at one point all refrigerators were off-white. my grandmother remembers the top three color choices being avocado, mustard or rust. Mmmm!! i'd actually like an avocado green fridge. hopefully when i'm looking to buy a new fridge, the color choices will be different because white fridges look sorta tacky, black fridges show scratches, stainless shows fingerprints and off-white fridges are boring.

after finally finding a decent fridge, we went food shopping, bought A LOT of food and BBQ-ed. rick's neighbors came over and we ate a lot. and then ate some more. and rick and i wound up leaving with an obscene amount of left-overs. we won't need to go food shopping any time soon.

check out my father's day tribute to my dad here and here and here and here.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

work and unwork.

wednesday: i met up with a local wedding/pregnancy/child photographer named aleasha. i was second shooter for a small shoot she did in a park. it was with two kids, very mellow and well-behaved given the circumstances, for a christmas card photo. (yes, people plan that far in advance. crazy). it was the first time meeting aleasha. she was extremely nice and pregnant, hehe. that's why she is looking for an assistant/2nd shooter/someone to whore out as a photographer while she is out of commission. so the day was more or less a test to see if she liked me and my work. i think it went well. i took a lot of images and innovatively saved the day when the mother of the children realized that her little girl was missing one of her tiny elastics for her pigtails. (hello, cabbage patch doll!! hehe). soooo hopefully she'll think i'm a keeper. :)

wednesday night: rick and i bought some toys for our spoiled kitty, miss gray, and she loves them!!!!!

thursday: i assisted a shoot for James Lemmo. it was a small test shoot with one model and three outfits, so i mainly acted as a stylist. the model was really down-to-earth and friendly and james was a really great guy to work for. before the model arrived, james shot a few photos of me outside and they came out REALLY nice.

i stayed for lunch and we talked about movies (he has directed and written a bunch)!! he also had some really great-sounding recomendations of foreign movies (my fave) that i've already queued on aldrin's netflix account. james said he could use me for some upcoming product shoots and i really look forward to working for him again. he's really to the point (he's from NY) and has a lot of knowledge about the film industry.

aldrin stopped by thursday night before his car meet, ate some fish and dropped off two movies that i put on his netflix (Delicatessen and Dark Habits films by two of my favorite directors Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Almodovar, respectively). :) Aldrin's a good guy... we just need to find him a girlfriend named Jen.

friday: unwork day. met with michael brannigan and david frey to discuss a new job position creating layout for their wedding albums. it's a tad low-paying to start but it's better than nothing and at least i'll be doing something dealing with photography. michael said the best way to learn about photography is to look at other people's photographs... and if that's the case, with the amount of time i spend on flickr, i'm already a pro!! hehehe. but he did bring up a good point about being exposed to all of those photos... while doing the layouts, i'll be able to see which photos the clients selected and i will get a good idea of what clients like/expect/want.

after that, i went to the home depot to introduce myself and charge a battery for a promotional demo scheduled for saturday. i also ran into target and bought some homer simpson magnets for rick.

friday night: went to the dodger game (dodgers vs. the angels) with rick, jonathan and his friends!!

it was my first time at a professional sporting event and it was pretty fun. we all had a good time!! dodgers won. :)

saturday: worked a six hour demo at home depot that basically consisted of me drilling a couple screws into a 2 x 4. only two people bought one of the powerdrill kits i was promoting and when they did purchase them, it was a major hassle because all of the sku numbers were wrong and we all realized that home depot didn't even have the 7 piece kit they were promoting!! they just had a 5-piece kit marked at the 7-piece kit price and i had to go to the register with the people who were buying them and explain why these people were adding tools to the kit for free to build the 7-piece kit. ugh, it was quite a headache. the highlights of my day included meeting the hispanic version of my friend barry; being blessed by a costumer; and witnessing an older man sitting on one of the patio chairs "hiding" on his wife by holding a box up to his face and seeing her walk right by him TWICE before he finally lowered the box and she "found" him. hehehe.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

american graffiti :: 200 cigarettes

monday went well. the golf tournament was an easy event to cover. i mostly shot portraits of guests at the reception and auction. rick and i watched American Graffiti. i was a little disappointed. it was good, but i don't think it deserves the 7.6/10 rating from it was kewl to see california depicted in 1962. the fact that guys and gals really met up by cruising the strip and hopping in each other's cars is still a bit surreal to me. what a different time we're living in now. but anyway, the movie really reminded me of 200 Cigarettes. Much like American Graffiti, 200 Cigerettes tells the story (in vignettes) of a group of friends or acquintances who are intertwined by a common event. both films revolve around hook-ups and missed (or found) opportunities for love. and both films take place in the event of 24 hours. even the character "types" parallel each other. the advantage of 200 Cigarettes is the fact that it is new years eve in nyc in 1981. you have to go watch both movies to appreciate my discovery, but here are the character parallels i found: (i'm using the actors' names because i don't remember character names).

american graffiti :: 200 cigarettes

Richard Dreyfuss :: Martha Plimpton
(characters searching for a mystery man/woman)

Ron Howard :: Angela Featherstone
Cindy Williams :: Brian McCardie
(couple that breaks up and makes up)

Harrison Ford :: Casey Affleck (shady out-of-towner)

Paul Le Mat :: Jay Mohr (looking for a hook up)
Mackenzie Phillips :: Kate Hudson (juvinile girl guy gets stuck with)

Charles Martin Smith :: Paul Rudd (nerdy/intellectual type)
Candy Clark :: Courtney Love (ditz/floozy who hooks up with him)

Wolfman Jack :: Dave Chappelle
(ominiscent voice that reaches all the characters)

if only the questions on the SATs looked like that!! haha.


for your listening pleasure... :) :) :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

majorly productive weekend.

really a great weekend. i've been really busy, both with work and with friends and i can't complain. :) i'm finally earning money to do what i like doing. i'll finally be able to pay rick my share of the rent on time!! (or at all). it feels good to only have to worry about money half of the time and not ALL of the time right now.

friday: beautiful day outside. rick and i went for a walk and watched Shrek because i had never seen any of the Shrek movies. (shocking, i know). later that night, we watched Reality Bites and played scrabble. (i won, hehe). i only miss not having cable at night when Jay Leno and Conan are on. and i only really miss a handful of shows like King of Hill and The Simpsons and of course my HGTV. other than that, i am perfectly content watching movies.

saturday: "worked" in Van Nuys. i was supposed to be promoting a DVD rental machine, but it was broken so i left early. the sucky part was that i had two hours to waste because i was meeting up with Rebecca right after my shift was over, but she was doing laundry over her dad's house and it was pointless for me to drive all the way home since i was near her apartment. but anyway, i managed. we wound up surfing flickr and talking and talking until we got really hungry. then we looked online for a good thai restaurant and found one right near her apartment!! the food was good. we each ordered a meal and then split pad see ew. we didn't realize it, but we wound up spending TWO HOURS in the restaurant. and after we ingested all that our stomachs would allow, they brought us sherbert. and of course we wolfed that down too.

Then we hopped into Rebecca's awesome, brand-new Prius and headed to Hollywood to attend Lou's polaroid show at CineSpace. (Rebecca and i "met" Lou at our favorite site, flickr). The show was well attended and everyone we met from flickr that night was really awesome.

Jena & Rebecca!
Originally uploaded by Lou O' Bedlam.

Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

Drew-the experiment
Originally uploaded by bluecitrus.

mingling at the Cinespace
Originally uploaded by bluecitrus.

mingling at the show
Originally uploaded by bluecitrus.

Drew was there and Irene and Tod Brilliant. it was great meeting more people who are as into polaroids (and flickr) as i am.

after the show, Rebecca and i met up with Rachel, a lady i found on craigslist who wanted to find a good home for her cat. we made the transaction at a strip mall in hollywood. it was obvious the lady was sad to see her cat go, but the cat keeps chasing her other cat. soooo rick and i have a cat now!! :) the poor cat meowed most of the way up windy laurel canyon. she came with the name "gray," but rick keeps calling her "nintendo."

she's really sweet and fat and she comes when you call her. she has the most gorgeously green eyes. she likes to nibble on your arm while you pet her and she uses her litter box like a pro!! she keeps all of the litter pushed against the back wall of the box so she doesn't have to be standing in the litter when she's in the box, hehe. she follows rick and i around and intently watches the humming birds that visit our feeder. and she's REALLY well-behaved. she'll follow me out onto the balcony when i water my plants and then follow me back inside.

gorgeously green eyes
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

under the bed
Originally uploaded by jena ardell.

sunday: rick and i ran A LOT of errands. first we picked up a flash from his work that i need to use on monday. then we headed to Victoria's Secret so i could use a gift card i've been hoarding since Christmas. (thanks ma!! hehe). it seems Victoria's Secret starts their semi-annual sale earlier and earlier every year. last year i came home with an obscene amount of bras and underwear, but this year was slim picking. i only came home with $30 worth of undies (seven pairs). after that, we ate thai food. Mmm!! then we bought a litter box and some cat food, and i got a free jamba juice. :) we were out for at least four hours and the cat didn't do anything bad while it was home alone. then i ran to one of my least favorite stores (circuit city) to buy a compact flash card. hopefully i won't need to use it on monday so i can return it. and i put gas in my car. $25 only got me 7.8 gallons... how pathetic is that?! i don't understand why gas is the most expensive in california if it's the kind that burns faster. uggggh.

that night rick and i played scrabble and watched Who Killed the Electric Car? a great documentary about how GM created an awesome electric vehicle, would only allow people to lease it and then destroyed every last car so America can remain dependent on oil. i HIGHLY recommend you watch this documentary. it will make you realize the inpact the media and advertising (and the government) has on the general public and hopefully it will make you reconsider your beliefs on brands and products.

Friday, June 8, 2007


thursday: what a hectic day. i had that interview for the position of personal assistant to the host of a reality show. it's a court show hosted by Bruce Cutler, the lawyer who defended John Gotti and who is currently defending Phil Spector. every week there will be three guest celebrity jurrors. i feel like the interview went really well and when i mentioned my career goals in photography, the producer said he would be willing to hire me to shoot stills on the days when the D-list celebrities would be on the show. directly after the interview, i changed my clothes in my car and drove to Santa Monica to attend an "entertainment" focus group which was mostly focused on adult content and porn on digital cable. i should have known the topic was going to be something shady when the screener who was recruiting me asked "on a scale from 1 to 5, how comfortable are you talking about adult content in public???" when i answered "uhhh... 2." she replied, "how about a 3???"

directly after the focus group, i met up with my friend Hal and we ate dinner at Swingers, a hip little diner with a very alternative-looking wait staff. we discussed an exciting plan we're eager to hatch then we went to Hal's apartment. i found out that Hal went to high school with Mark "the cobrasnake" Hunter. for those of you who don't know, Hunter is a photographer who just goes to clubs in LA, takes photos of party people (mostly girls) and uploads them on his website. believe it or not, he's become "famous" just by doing that. he even discovered young Cory Kennedy, who i kind of can't stand. I just don't understand why a sloppily dressed 15-or-16-year-old girl is considered a fashion icon. we'd all look like that if we didn't wash our hair and we wore clothes two sizes too big. but maybe i'm just jealous because i'm not the one who is famous for doing absolutely nothing. ANWAY, Hunter is two years younger than me and Hal and his sophmore yearbook photo is quite hilarious. he's the only person with headphones around his neck.

I stayed at Hal's until 10, sticking post-it notes all over everything and listening to Cake's unreleased "B-Sides and Rarities" album. "War Pigs" is definitely my favorite track. meanwhile, Hal and his friend mapped out their week-long cross-country trek to NY. and since Hal won't be able to shoot a job he usually books, he passed the gig onto me. :) so on monday i will be taking photos at a celebrity golf tournament. how awesome is that?!! at first i was a little nervous because i can't identify more than four professional golfers, but luckily i will be given an assistant who will tell me who's who and who i should be snapping photos of. i'm really excited. :D

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

kittenless :(

well we came home kittenless. which is both good and bad. good because i really can't afford its shots right now or the cost to get it spayed/neutered... and bad because who doesn't want a kitten?! i did come home with a large humming bird feeder that the vicious little suckers have been fighting over. and i'm trying to find some cheap patio furniture for our balcony because i am convinced that we would sit outside if we had a table and chairs.

today is roxie's birthday. she's 1!! check out my flickr tribute to her. i uploaded some silly ones.

and because it's her bday and because this is a funny story (sorta), here's how i obtained my [mom's] dog: my mom was looking on for a german shepherd. she made the mistake of leaving the internet browser open. i went on and searched for a pomeranian and found one named "princess elizabeth." local too. i went to the animal shelter (about 45 minutes away). i saw her in the main office laying in a little bed and i bent down. she lifted up her adorable little head and walked over to me. as soon as i picked her up, i got yelled out by this heinious bitch of a woman who works at the shelter. "M'AM, M'AM, don't handle the puppy please!!" ooooooook. so the bitch made me fill out some forms and i wasn't able to adopt the puppy because i was living with my mother and i was told the dog had to meet my mother first. the bitch also had to see my driver's license. then i made the mistake of telling her we had two cats. the bitch called my vet and then told me that because my cats were overdue for *insert unnecessary shot here* that i wouldn't be able to adopt the puppy anyway. i was told i needed to take my cats to the vet, get the shots and then bring back proof, then i would be eligible to get the puppy. and then the bitch added, "and by the time you do that, she'll probably be gone because a lot of people are interested in her." sooo i drove to my friend barry's house and asked his mom to go get the dog for me. she was all willing but not able to because she was getting her kids ready to go to an amusement park. but she did rant and rave about what a *insert a myriad of vulgar names here* that bitch is. apparently barry's mom wanted to put her dog up for adoption but that bitch wouldn't let her and told her she "shouldn't have gotten a dog in the first place." the next morning, i convinced my cousin anthony to adopt the puppy for me. getting him out of bed that early was an accomplishment in itself. i made him and his girlfriend drop me off down the street from the shelter so the bitch didn't see me. i was told the dog cost $300 to adopt, but the bitch told anthony it was $400 and even after i told him how much she told me, like a sucker, he paid (with my money) the $400. :( but the bitch gave him no problem. him and his girlfriend were able to hold the dog and walk out with it that day. and so that's how i got roxie, the dog formally named "princess elizabeth," hahaha. and after i moved to california, roxie became my mom's dog. she likes my mom waaaaay more than she likes me.

tomorrow i have a job interview to be the personal assistant to the host of a reality show, so hopefully that will go well. the best part is... it's local!! it's actually being filmed in the basement of a nearby hotel. :)

song i can't stop listening to: CSS - "off the hook." yet another catchy song from them.

Monday, June 4, 2007

tri-tip and sangria.

saturday: rick had to work so we got to ben's BBQ a little late. i also had to leave early to go to work but for the hour and fifteen minutes i was there, i had a good time. ben made tri-tip and sangria and there were lots of cherries. :) ben was exhausted (and pretty toasted) and was leaving that night with his girlfriend to go to nyc to visit jonathan (rick and ben's friend). i'm sure he slept well on the plane, hehe.

saturday night was A LOT of fun. i worked a gig at the wiltern during a citizen cope concert. i got well-paid to take polaroids of people and ask them survey questions. :) rj reynolds was hooking people up. free packs of cigarettes and drink tickets and photos and spin art. (the lengths tobacco will go to get more victims... i mean kids... i mean people to enjoy their products). hehe. i had a great time tho. i would love to be a part of a street team that travels across the U.S. maybe not for a tobacco company, but an ice cream company, sure. i didn't get home til 1:30 am. i couldn't believe the amount of cars on the freeway at that hour. it was like driving on a busy highway back east during the day!! but at least there wasn't any traffic.

sunday: worked. easy job. rick did our laundry and we ate dinner over his parent's house. we also picked up some ugly chairs from this girl i found on craigslist. they were $10 a piece and in really good condition for their age. they're retro and they don't match a damn thing in our apartment but at least they will accomendate another tush. one is round and spins and the other is striped.

the girl i bought them from is having a quarter-life crisis after enrolling into a film school that wasn't what she expected. take a wild guess at which school it is... BROOKS!!!! *bites tongue* poor girl. at least she was smart enough to get out. i also scored a nice roxy overnight bag and a large marilyn monroe poster and a framed print and a little crab ashrtry. all (including both chairs) for $30. thanks Brooks!!

monday: uploaded lots of new photos to my flickr site. did dishes. made the bed. hung up my clothes and rick's clothes. all that fun stuff. rick and i watched Sabrina (billie wilder's version with audrey hepburn, humphrey bogart and william holden... not the remake). i never saw it and i really liked it... except the ending. i won't say what i wanted to happen. don't want to ruin the surprise. ;) aldrin stopped by for a while and finished watching the movie with us. rick fell asleep so he doesn't know the ending yet, hehe.

earlier in the evening, rick's mom made the mistake of calling and asking if we wanted a kitten. her neighbor only had it a week but needs to give it away because his older cat hates it. we said we'd stop by and see it. i told rick "do NOT let me get this cat!!" but then his mother's neighbor sent rick a picture of the kitten to his cell phone and AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! it's way too cute and it's ORANGE, striped (like my hexum!!) and i already have a name for it. we really shouldn't get it tho, but we probably will because who can resist a kitten after you hold it and press it against your face and it purrrs and looks at you all cute with those big kitten eyes!! :( o, geeze.

Friday, June 1, 2007

robbed by pirates :(

(contains spoilers... but trust me, that won't matter).

rick and i saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 friday afternoon... and we hated it. after seeing how bad the second one was, we couldn't believe we fell for seeing the third. it's safe to say that johnny depp single-handily made the 'pirate' series a success. if not for depp telling interviewers keith richards inspired his captain jack-isms, keith richards would certainly not have appeared in the 3rd movie. in between the excessive amount of canon balls/sword fights scenes, i couldn't wait to get home and tear this movie to shreds.

it's such an easy formula: three parts jack sparrow, eleven parts talking about jack sparrow, two parts love stories, six parts pirate ships emerging from water, five parts capturing, five parts rescuing and ten parts action/violence/sword fights. mix haphazardly against elaborate sets and computer graphics. let set for three hours until the audience rises.

the movie could be broken down into FOUR major flaws:

it seemed the writers were very aware that audiences were only going to see 'pirates' for jack sparrow, so they thought... "hmmm, if people love jack so much... they'll love THREE jacks, or FOUR jacks, or even MORE jacks!!" so they made scenes reminiscent of alice in wonderland where jack hallucinates and sees many of himself. the mood and overall appearance of these scenes drastically contrast with the mood and overall appearance of the film. for a minute i thought i was watching an oompa loompa scene from charlie and the chocolate factory.

TOO MANY CHARACTERS: accompanying poor writing was the addition of too many characters. in a nutshell: jack's crew (which was two crews combined), the british crew, the squid's crew, and a new asian crew all have different agendas that (of course) require the other crews to be killed. elizabeth (knightly) becomes captain of the asian crew, stupid orlando bloom becomes captain of the squid crew and jack bounces between every crew as he is traded and captured for deal-making. orlando bloom's character wants to free his father, jack wants to be immortal, kiera knightly's character wants to be with orlando bloom again, the squid wants the sea goddess, elizabeth wants to kill the british captain for killing her father, the british crew wants jack dead and the asian crew wants to be a part of whichever crew is getting the treasure. but is there even treasure?!! the object they're all after is a beating heart. and yes, it's as confusing as it sounds.

OLD JOKES. just like the second, all of the "comedic" moments in the third movie relied on recycled material from the first movie. the humor in 'pirates' can be attributed to six subjects:
1) the wooden eye: kudos to whoever thought to give that guy a wooden eye because you added 30 pages of plot to each film!!
2) jack, the monkey: the only character whose acting improved by the third film. he's also in a lot more of the scenes in the third movie. rick thought he was the best part. and he was right.
3) rum jokes: the first movie relied heavily on rum jokes. since the third movie didn't know what the hell it was doing, it hit up the booze too.
4) the sexual tension between jack and elizabeth. the cliché "trust me, it would have never worked between us..." lines return again.
5) jack getting slapped: yes, women love to slap jack sparrow. we got that one already, thanks.
6) sheer stupidity/slapstick humor: the other nanoseconds of anticipated (but unreceived) humor relied on the dumb antics of the fat guy and the skinny guy with the wooden eye.

CONFUSING PLOT. it felt as though the writers made this movie up as they were filming it and when they were running low on plot someone said, "i know, let's make one of the crew members turn out to be a sea goddess!!" and since there are only two female main characters (one being kiera knightly), the jamaican-sounding chick landed the role of sea goddess. this made the plot entertaining for about 20 seconds when the jamaican chick turned into the 50 ft. woman and started talking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and then exploded into millions of crabs and i leaned over to rick at which point i leaned over to rick and said, "haha, she had crabs!!"

needless to say, i don't plan on seeing the 4th or 5th or 6th Pirates movie. but i will be curious to see if depp stays aboard.

bottom line: if you were planning on seeing pirates, go see waitress instead.

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