Friday, November 9, 2007

consider yourself updated...

my grandmother broke her hip. :( she is still in the hospital but she is doing better. i talked to her today and she was pretty drugged up. the conversation went like this:

me: so did they replace your entire hip???
my gma: no, they just put a piece of metal in it
*after slurring jibberish for about 15 seconds*
my gma: they replaced it with almond with brown trim...
me: what?!!
my gma: the kitchen cabinets

then she asked what we were talking about and told me not to believe anything she was saying because she is drugged up. my poor grandmother!! hopefully she'll laugh at this post when she's back to normal and back online. please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. :)

i've been watching a lot of mediocre movies that i haven't tore into yet... so here are some harsh mini-reviews:

Friends with Money: people who like B movies will think they're watching a clever "indie" flick but will soon be disappointed when the movie just ENDS without much resolution of conflict, character or... anything. once again Jennifer Aniston plays the role of the misunderstood, less fortunate chick and Frances McDormand plays a neurotic.

The Machinist: hmmm... insomniac hallucinates and creates an alter-ego scapegoat in his head. in the end, we learn the scapegoat doesn't exist and it was the insomniac who was self-inducing havoc upon himself the whole time. sound familiar?? hey The Machinist, Fight Club called and pointed and laughed at you. looks like Christian Bale wasted his time starving himself.

Down and Out in Beverly Hills: so bad it's not good. Richard Dreyfuss plays the fussy, short-tempered husband. Bette Midler plays his over-the-top wife. and Nick Nolte is the stranger (or in this case, the bum) who enters a dysfunctional family, solves every one's problems and in doing so, pisses off the man who took him under his wing. typical and predictable. you should be watching What about Bob? instead.

Knocked Up: if you thought Anchor Man, Wedding Crashers and Grandma's Boy were funny... then we would not get along ;) but you'd also like this gem of a B comedy that will leave you saying "hey, isn't that that fat kid from Super Bad???" (the answer is "yes").

The Lost Weekend: rented it because i like Billy Wilder's work (ok, just Sunset Blvd.) but after watching this, i felt like i was the one who lost their weekend. despite what some fanatics say, The Lost Weekend is laughable dated. had i seen it when it debuted in 1945, maybe i would have thought it was edgy (the movie is about an alcoholic) but now it's as cheesy and exaggerated as Wiona Rider in the remake of Mr. Deeds.

Psycho: a classic. no complaints. Alfred Hitchcock is the man. :) i even watched all of the special features/making of Psycho. did you know the infamous shower scene took ONE WEEK to film and a body double was used??? to keep the public (and potential viewers) on their toes, Hitchcock even announced he was casting the role of mother and thousands of resumes were sent in. oh, that twist ending. ;)

friday: i have a job interview and aldo is spending the night.
saturday: rick and i are looking at a potential place to rent since our lease is up in december but i am thinking about moving back to jersey, so this all could be a waste of time. who knows...

funny stuff...
me: let's pretend it's friday and have some fun!!
rick: what, because we can only have fun on fridays?!
me: yesssss.


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