Saturday, November 10, 2007

when good songs sell their souls to the devil... or in this case Apple.

dear CSS,

whyyyyy???? :(


dear jena,

because we like money.


Music Is My Boyfriend?
Apple's iPod Touch Ad is a Hit
By Erik Gunther
Fri, November 09, 2007, 9:48 pm PST

The crafty folks who work on Apple's commercial campaigns have done it again. After creating a smashing success with Feist and the iPod Nano ads, buzz on the new iPod Touch commercial is busting out all over.

The spot features a quick-cut tour of the gadget's features backed by a rhythmic beat and an enchanting female voice. The tune starts with the words "music is my boyfriend" and searchers got busy looking up that phrase. However, those words aren't the song's title.

Truly intrepid diggers turned up the real title—the naughty sounding "Music is My Hot Hot Sex." Searches on the catchy tune have jumped from zero into the thousands just over the past week and related queries on "music is my hot hot sex lyrics" and "music is my boyfriend lyrics" are surging.

So, who's behind this catchy tune? None other than indie fave Cansei de Ser Sexy (also known as CSS). Searches on the Brazilian band are up a whopping 300% this week. Not bad for a band whose name means "tired of being sexy" in Portuguese.

As for Apple, it's another buzzworthy win. Their agency took the commercial's brilliant concept from a British college student and reaped the rewards. Searches on "ipod touch commercial song," "ipod touch," and "ipod touch review" have all jumped over 50% this week. Hot hot, indeed.

o geeze. i love it when a song from 2004 becomes a "new" hit in 2007. i was telling people to download that song in April. but now prepare to hear it be overplayed by every annoyingly loud clothing store with overpriced stuff in small sizes. guess i will have to find a new ringtone... :(

i also love how the author of the article credits APPLE for the success of the song because of course the musicians had nothing to do with anything.

this whole situation has me disturbed not because i care THAT much about the song but because i realize i am one of those people who hates something she liked after it becomes mainstream and trendy. uh oh.

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