Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the perfect idea!!

soooo lindsay, andrea and i are trying to come up with new years eve plans. all we know is:

1. we want to get dressed up.
2. we want dancing to be involved (or at least andrea and i do, hehe).
3. lindsay probably wants mojitos to be involved. ;)
4. we want to have fun.

one thought was to throw a theme party (as for the invitees, that's another story), another idea was to go to atlantic city and another idea was new york.

i have no solution as to the "where" aspect of our dilemma... but i do know what we will be wearing because i have the best idea everrrr!!!! :) and instead of just telling andrea and lindsay... i am going to send them a little note. :) muahahaha.

the best part is... it's something we're each going to MAKE.

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