Thursday, November 22, 2007

madonna inn trip recap!!

who: LA + SF polaroid nerds (11 of us in total).

what: two days, 1 night of mind blowing photo making.

where: thee madonna inn.

when: nov. 17 - 18, 2007.

rooms: "pony room," "round room," "irish hills" and "just heaven."

highlights: seeing the inn all decked out for christmas!! unlocking new rooms as if we were advancing to the next level of a video game. kim making deva (our stellar pink-tie-wearing breakfast waiter) blush. the urinals. squished penny machines!! crashing a wedding party. romping in the stench of the SF boys ;) just teasin. the amazingly awesome pool!! (i wish i brought my suit, damnit!!) julia's vintage dress selection and gnarly strobe skills. lou's anti-cookie-crushing episode. getting reacquainted with mr. and mrs. brilliant. (yes, that's actually their last name). plastic babies. making new friends. the room decor!! holy goodness!! figuring out who was in which room/who had which key/which key unlocked which door. ::confusion:: the 3-ipod, pretzel-eating car ride with miss rutabega and lou o. everybody acting like kids in a polaroid candy store. needless to say, good times had by all.

see all the photos i took during the trip here. more to come, so stop by again soon.

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