Saturday, November 24, 2007

flickr timeline and stats

december 6, 2005: i join flickr for the first time.
early april 2006: i abandon my account. (tant pis).
september 17, 2006: i make a new account and rejoin flickr.
november 19, 2007: a generously lovely canadian girl named jacqueline purchases a pro account for me and the addiction ensues...
november 1, 2007: flickr extends my pro account by 1 month!!
december 1, 2007: my pro account will expire. (but a renewal would make thee perfect [early] christmas present ;) hehe).

and so... between Sept. 14 2006 - Nov. 24, 2007 I:

♥ favorited 2,551 photos uploaded by other people
♥ uploaded 1,557 photos (617 of which are polaroids)
♥ made 4,839 comments on other people's photos
♥ and my flickr has been viewed 58,202 times (wow!!)

♥ the photo in my stream that has been viewed the most amount of times is "palm trees" (with a grand total of 2,749 unique views)

♥ the photo people favorited the most is "pink azaleas" (33 people call it a favorite).

♥ a close runner up is "pool" (with 29 favorites)

♥ and also with 29 favorites is "miss gray's great big eyeball"

that's a lot of numbers.

you can view my *most interesting photos here.
*flickr determines which are "most interesting"

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