Thursday, November 8, 2007

call me slow but... NO MORE JANE MAGAZINE?!!! :(

so i was on a freelancing spree yesterday because i have some short stories and poems that i would love to see published (i've had some work published in my college's literary journals, but to me that doesn't count) so i'm online looking for publications and i think... "Oooo, what about JANE magazine, they publish short stories in the back of their issues!!" so i go to and i get redirected to Glamour magazine. what gives?? and then i see this... dun dun dun.
Dear Jane Reader:

With regret, Jane and is no longer being published.
In its place, we invite you to explore Glamour magazine and
We think you’ll love Like Jane, it’s packed with everything smart, sexy women want to know—about your body, your beauty, your relationships … and more!

Jane Magazine

WHAT?!!! Glamour is no substitution for JANE... that's why i never renewed my subscription to Glamour when it ended years ago!! (but this does explain why they keep sending it to me).

so i google this situation and discover this isn't news... this is OLD news!!
August 24, 2007 -- FORMER Jane magazine staffers are livid that Conde Nast is sending their one-time readers copies of Glamour now that Jane has bitten the dust. "I want all the Jane readers to just cancel, rather than get Glamour," one ex-staffer griped. "I hope they call and say, 'I don't want this. Give me GQ, anything but this.' " Jane subscribers were informed by Conde Nast, "We think you'll love Glamour. Like Jane, it's packed with everything smart, sexy women want to know." But those who worked for Jane editrix Brandon Holley say, "Glamour is not at all like Jane . . . It's the exact opposite. They preach fake empowerment of 'loving your flaws.' Jane doesn't point out flaws. Glamour is still preaching that women aren't good enough." A Jane staffer who was once courted for a job at Glamour told us she "was asked for a list of 'Jane-type' story ideas, then told, 'we will then need to dumb them down for our readers.' " A rep for Glamour declined to comment on the subscription pitch, but told us, "We don't comment on why specific people don't get hired, but it's safe to say that with two National Magazine Awards in the past three years, we don't dumb down our content."

JANE was my FAVORITE magazine!! the ONLY one i'm subscribed to!! COSMO is for whores. Glamour is for housewives. and JANE was for hip, "irreverent" artsy chicks. even the paper it was printed on was different and kewl!! not that uber-glossy always-stick-together crap. and JANE wasn't loaded with perfume ads and the photography was creative and the covers used to be awesome (those extreme close up shots) and there were always GOOD articles... not "10 sex tricks to convince your boyfriend he'd rather spend time with you than his friends." NOOOOO!! in JANE, the message was "screw him if he's rather spend time with his friends... here's 10 great roadtrips for you and your girl friends."

but truth be told, we should have seen this coming. ever since Jane Pratt left and Brandon Holley took over JANE, it was all downhill. no matter how many ads tried to lead us to believe that Brandon was "So Jane!" it wasn't the same. Brandon started squeezing out all the kewl features and replacing them with pages of indie music recommendations. (oh goody!!) don't get me wrong, Brandon was blunt and honest and covered some great features, but... I BLAME HER FOR ALL OF THIS. ;)

luckily i have a pile of back issues i haven't read yet (since they still get delivered to my mother's house). i hear BUST magazine is a fair, even sassier, substitution. R.I.P JANE magazine.

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