Friday, October 19, 2007

hello, it's 80s night, dress accordingly.

thursday: andrea and i spent the day eating fruit on the balcony, making pumpkin pie innards (my famous anti-recipe recipe without the crust), dancing around, chilling by the pool and playing guitar hero. after watching The Departed (andrea had never seen it), we got ready for 80s night.

we went allllll out (too bad people still don't dress like that!!) and i took some awesome polaroid shots. to our surprise, when we got to 80s night (all decked out from head to toe), NO ONE ELSE WAS DRESSED IN 80S CLOTHES. not a single pair of leggings or even a graphic tee in sight. we felt self-concious for about 2 minutes until a guy approached us and complimented us on our ensembles. he wound up sticking with us (err, rather, andrea) for the rest of the night. throughout the night, the outfits made us more approachable and we received a lot of compliments. two guys even asked for 80s dance lessons since we seemed to be "the experts". so regardless of everyone else being lame for not dressing the part, we were a success.

friday: tyler came up, we went to malibu and took lots of silly photos and videos on the beach. (and yes, there were naked men there... and no, we didn't take photos or videos of them). after we got back, we walked to the store to buy some hamburger fixins. on our way home, rick called me and asked where i was because the front door was wide open. apparently one of us didn't close it on our way out and little miss gray was MIA. :( rick thought he heard her meowing but she wasn't on our balcony. so rick met us in the street and i was REALLY not looking forward to trying to find a cat in the dark, near a busy street, in an area with coyotes. :( but luckily little miss gray didn't go very far. as we approached the apartment, andrea spotted her chilling on our downstairs neighbor's patio... which bumps up miss gray's cuteness factor to 110%!! i can't believe she didn't try to run away!! she's an inside cat who was left outside for at least 30-45 minutes!! rick thinks that just proves she's stupid, but i know that just proves how much she loves me. ;)

so we ate burgers and went to Coldstones for desert. the kids working there were awesome. KID 1 would mix the ice cream and KID 2 would grab the cup and walk 10 ft away and KID 1 would fling the ice cream (lacrosse stylee) to KID 2 who would catch it perfectly in the cup. it was pretty impressive. i held out on icecream because i was more interested in the pumpkin pie goodness i had waiting for me at the apartment... Mmmm!! when we got back, we started watching Sin City which put us all to sleep. Zzzzzz!!

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