Thursday, October 18, 2007

cat butts and rent-a-cops.

today, i had an audition at a place i found while browsing craigslist. i went on whim. last night i went to Staples and asked for 4 prints to be made (3 photos, 1 to be copied twice) to use as headshots. of course the guy behind the counter was too busy to make 4 copies, so he asked if i could pick my photos up the next morning. i accepted, begrungingly. i get to Staples this morning and the woman explains there were no instructions so there's three of every photo and of course all of the photos are badly pixelated/stretched out/badly cropped. she attempted to fix them, but i had no time to wait around, so i bought two crappy copies of the photo i wanted to be printed twice.

my audition/interview went well (it's been so long since i had to interview for anything!!) and luckily i didn't have to drive far. i was asked to do a cold read which went well but my best acting occured after the woman told me the cost to find me an agent would be $319.00 and i pretended to still be interested. i asked if they would find you multiple agents and was told that California law prohibits you from having multiple agents... so $319.00 to find ONE agent. and of course "it would be beneficial to take some classes to brush up on my commercial reading skills..." for $385.00. uh, i doubt it. the worst part is... DJ Tanner's (Candance and Kurt Cameron's) MOM works at this place!!!! there were little book marks on the front desk promoting her NEW book "A Full House of Growing Pains." (could the title be more lame???) hey Mrs. Cameron, for one low cost of $385.00, i'll help you come up with a better book title. ;)

luckily only 45 minutes of my time was wasted. after i got back to the apartment, andrea and i headed to the mall where we found some great sales and bought 80's style wrist warmers to wear to 80's night tomorrow. :) andrea bought chanel perfume and some cute work clothes. i bought a top that was on sale for $3.99!! and a funky green elephant necklace for $4.60. andrea also bought rick some cat butt coasters for "putting up with jena and andrea all week." they're pretty hilarious. my favorite has to be the Persian cat butt:

when we got back to the apartment we ate vegan soup on the balcony and listened to the Foo Fighters. then we took a series of photos that reveal little quirky "secrets" we have. (look for them on my flickr soon). rick met up with a friend in santa monica. andrea and i ate dinner late. and i was forced to watch Grandma's Boy. (*rolls eyes* that movie is sooo NOT funny).

after best friend back massages, andrea and i went in the hot tub... only to be kicked out 15 minutes after we got in by:

unfortunately we simply complied but here are...
10 things we thought to say to the rent-a-cops after the fact, in response to their question: "excuse me... do you know what time the pool closes?!!"
1. no, but this sign might be able to tell you.
2. can i at least finish peeing first???
3. yes, that's why we're not in the pool.
4. yeah, well at least we have cat butt coasters!!
5. no habla inglais.
6. are you guys brothers??? or are you just both bald and ugly???
7. hey, would you mind taking our photo for us???
8. "your shit's weak!! your shit's weak!!" (quote from Grandma's Boy).
9. aw, you guys are dressed up for halloween already?!!
10. "this is the only relief i've had from my constipation all week... are you going to spoil for me now?!!"

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