Wednesday, September 12, 2007

more writing, more work, more back massages.

my grandmother always tells me all these interesting little stories about our family and how she could write a book, but she never writes them down. :( i told her she should email me a page every day and then i'll put them all together.

gma: where do i start???
me: as far back as you can remember...
gma: i can remember things from when i was three years old...
me: well then you'll have a lot to write!!

hopefully this will inspire her to start typing soon. (*hint *hint)

yesterday aldo took rick and i to IKEA (it was my first time) and i bought some frames and something really kewl for my grandmother and one for andrea as well. (i can't tell you what it is because they read this). last night i finally finished editing an environmentally-friendly-how-to craft video i filmed this weekend while rick was at his parents' house. i'm pleased with the results and will post the final product on youtube. more info about it later. :)

as for work, i'm seeking a more reliable part time job. (as you've read, i sometimes have issues with scheduling/my boss). my boss told me yesterday that i can assist him at weddings, but he can't pay me because i don't produce enough quality images. ouch!! i would take this as conscructive criticism because i KNOW i could use more experience on the technical aspect of photography, but i don't think i was ever fairly represented. first off, i've only assisted him three times and twice i was handed a camera i've never used before. during my third assist, there wasn't a flash for me to use and we were shooting people dancing in a dark venue... so i was pretty much useless. i was always hesistant and weary to shoot reactions to what my employer was capturing because i could never predict his next move. i assisted two of his colleagues on seperate occasions and had a much better experience because neither ran around like a nervous gazelle. i'm not quite disappointed because i know i'm not cut out to be a wedding photographer anyway (too much ass-kissing), but i was still pretty bummed. luckily i've been receiving some awesome compliments in emails from people who are fans of the work i post on flickr. :) i'd much rather receive credit for my photography than to take wedding photos and not be attributed in somebody's wedding album. so onto bigger and better things...

cute story: i woke up with rick's alarm the other morning (6 am). Rick got up, showered, got ready for work and then came over to the side of the bed i was sleeping on, leaned over and challenged me to a game of scrabble (to be held that night) loser gives the other person a back massage!! hahaha. very random, but i loved it. and guess who won by 49 points... ME. :)

my progress report.

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