Tuesday, September 4, 2007

the tuesday that felt like a monday.

my goal was to clean. i didn't get very far, but i managed to put away all of my clothes, make some room in my closet, sort through a bunch of my papers that were covering rick's desk and almost finish my little photo project i started on the fridge. i also found a 1950's blonde wood desk on craigslist that will soon become my craft space. so now... desk :: craft space as kitchen table :: food space. (finally). i also cleaned the cat box (one of my not-so-favorite activities) and watched the hills online.

funny story: this weekend when rick and i went to my favorite spanish food store, we were in the checkout line when i remembered i wanted a head of iceberg lettuce, so rick ran back to get one... fast forward to tonight's dinner: i made the veges and rick was in charge of making the salad. he shredded the lettuce; cut up the cucumbers and the tomatoes; got out the olives, croutons and the walnuts. (we make a goood salad!!) so i walk over to grab some lettuce and notice that it's CABBAGE. he had accidentally grabbed a head of cabbage instead iceberg lettuce... which isn't a uncommon mistake for guys to make in a grocery store, i'm sure. ;) so now we're stuck with a fresh head of cabbage that neither of us will eat. so i walk over to our neighbors' to see if she could use it. she says "oh sure. i can't remember the last time i had cabbage!! and i hate to see food go to waste," so she takes it. then she says, "hey, wait. do you want some lettuce?!" then hands me a HUMUGOUS head of really nice romaine lettuce she bought at a organic farmer's market. then she asks, "do you need some tomatoes too???" just thought that was one of the nicest things ever. she also told me she'll food-swap whenever i wanted, hehe. moral of the story: one small act of kindness brings back double.

during dinner, rick and i watched A Simple Plan which i HIGHLY recommend. i can't recall a time when i wanted to describe a movie as "gripping," until now. the plot is very suspenseful and will have you guessing until the very end. the plot is very comparable to something Andre Dubus would create. and since most well-written scripts were adapted from a novel, novella or short story, i was not surprised to learn the movie is the screenplay version of the novel A Simple Plan by Scott B. Smith. according to imdb.com, brad pitt was asked to play the main character, which would have ruined the film. you could roll brad pitt around in mud, but he'll still look too "pretty" and not rugged enough to portray a farm-raised working man. the casting in this film is right on and the acting is highly believable.

around 9:30 pm, rick and went swimming. :) it was a warm night and the pool was even warmer. i haven't been swimming at night since last summer.

tomorrow: work for michael. early.
friday: pick up my "new" desk. :)
saturday: promo.

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