Thursday, September 13, 2007

the truth about cats

my new favorite quote:
"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."
-Robert A. Heinlein

so my boyfriend and i always debate over the cleanliness of cats. the latest scenario: we have a blanket at the apartment that we used when we picked up the desk i bought on craigslist. the blanket really belongs to magoo, my boyfriend's dog. the blanket SMELLS like a dog so it has found a new home outside on our balcony until we return it to rick's parents' house. in the meantime though, miss gray is willing to call it her own. but before she could even make herself comfy, rick runs outside, shoos her off the blanket then throws a crappy tablecloth over the blanket. why??? good question. he thinks little miss gray (who is self-sufficient and self-cleaning) is dirtier than his smelly, yet likeable dog magoo. his reasoning: gray digs in a cat box containing her own feces. good point, but miss gray also washes her paws. and so the debate continues, often with amusing little conversations like these:

rick: she digs around in her own piss and shit!!
jena: but then she cleans herself...
rick: yeah, but with her tongue!!
jena: so, the cat's tongue is like a comb.
rick: well, then if you shit on a comb and comb your hair with it...
jena: no, no that's not the same thing.

so i found a discussion board that supports my theory that cats aren't hazardous to our health. the best part is that the pro-cat people make it seem like the anti-fecal people are crazy for thinking a cat is the least bit dirty. my favorite response was this:

"Yes you are most definitely being way too over protective and paranoid. I have 9 cats and my kids hardly ever got sick. I mean the cats would eat off of our plates while we were eating and they walk on the kitchen counters too. Sitting on our lap after using the litter box, well no problems there. This whole thing has been going on now for over 16 years. Maybe once or twice a year we will get a cold but that doesn't mean we got it from the cats. If you are that worried about it, then you need to find your cat a new home. It's beyond me why people always think it's the cats fault and why all of the sudden the cat becomes a dirty filthy animal."

in my best cat impersonation... MRRRRRRRAAAAWWRR!!!

my rebuttal to rick's germ argument is this: we NEED germs to stay healthy. :) bottom line: as long as you aren't licking your cat's paws, then you should be fine and need not worry about cat germs.

on the subject of animals, here's another good quote:
"She's a nonstop, super hyperactive, pardon the expression.. little piece of shit."
-my grandmother talking about my [mother's] dog.

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