Thursday, August 30, 2007

remind me never to work in a soap factory...

i assisted a shoot for james lemmo at a soap factory... actually a sponge-soap factory. (they make sponges infused with scented soaps that last 10-30 washes). it was interesting to see the various machines but, needless to say, the scent of allll of those soaps was INTENSE. the best parts were the little details... like the fact that they workers had JUST painted all of the bars and poles around the equipment (to make it looked nicer) and every time we'd brush against a pole or put our hands on one, we'd get blue paint on us. and the fact that this factory that makes their own soap, but use another company's soap in their bathroom. oh, the irony.

it was a 5-hour long shoot (with an hour-long lunch at denny's) and it was just a matter of packing and lugging equipment around to set up lights in different locations. (the wires and the bottom of our shoes got covered in a waxy soap. there was even soap remnants on the handles of the water cooler!!) the tricky part was lighting the inside of a such a big space. i learned things that will be beneficial to me during future PA jobs, so that's always a plus. and (of course) i got to take home samples of the product. :) i don't plan on using them right away though because they make great air fresheners. and i finally saw where the infamous "Randy's Donuts." unfortunately, i didn't have my polaroid camera with me, but at least i know how to get there now.

james is a great guy to work for. he pays the day of the shoot and he's full of interesting experiences as a ex-director for tv, movies and music videos. what strikes me funny is how fortunate (and lucky) i am to find such great employers. networking was never one of my strong points until i moved to california and now, since i am a freelancer, i rely on networking. without it, i have no jobs. :( as a production assistant, you can find a lot of crappy employers, but luckily i've been finding great guys who are willing to take me under their wings and keep me in mind for upcoming projects. can't wait til more jobs roll in... :)

sidebar: when i got home, rick and i went swimming. (the pool was SO WARM!! but full of teenagers). aldo stopped by and we started watching Laurel Canyon which was so horribly predictable and awful that we just fast forwarded through it.

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