Monday, September 3, 2007


lately i've been rediscovering things...

such as a website i discovered a few years ago that allows you to create a list of 43 goals, posting your progress and have the satisfaction of checking off the goals you've already accomplished. you can see how many other people have the same goals and you can comment on other people's items/goals. there are millions of goals to select, or you can create your own.

but don't worry, there's already a "learn to control animals mind, set a whole bunch of animals free, and have the tigers guard my secret base while i have the monkeys and gibbons steal gold at fort knox and then start a fake buisness as a front for my revolt of the animals to reclaim the world" goal. the funnier part is... 40 people have listed this as a goal.

here's are my 43things. i encourage you to make your own account. it's a fun site. i've already started to swim more and write more short stories. :)

there are also sister sites like 43places that allows you to list places you want to travel. you can also keep track of and comment on places you've already visited.

ever decide to throw some old cds in your rotation???
here are albums i've rediscovered and am currently listening to:
tonic's "sugar" (great to listen to at work).
stone temple pilots's "tiny music" (ditto).
dave matthews band's "under the table and dreaming"
next, i'm moving on to the beastie boys. :)

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