Monday, September 3, 2007

labor day weekend.

saturday afternoon: rick and i went swimming!! we wound up playing frisbee in the pool for a looong time. surprisingly, there were only three other people at the pool for the majority of the day. rick and i watched The Manchurian Candidate while we were eating an early dinner. it was a decent movie, but predictable with every stereotypical character for its genre - the obscure older man/scientist who gives the protagonist the necessary meds; the female stranger who (has an interest in the protagonist) and switches sides to help him; and the whacko (who dies mid-movie) who is really telling the truth but no one believes him. it was definitely watchable, but i don't think it lives up to the 6.7 it received on the original Manchurian Candidate (with frank sinatra) received an 8.3 - VERY high for on and sounds like the wiser option to watch, so rick and i are going to try to find and rent it.

saturday evening: i got my first taste of a rolling blackout when we lost power for 35 minutes. i really wish the government (the californian government especially) would subsidize solar power instead of SUVs. (a point my boyfriend brought up when we were discussing the matter). just shows you what the government deems more "important." gas. oil. owning energy. depleting our natural resources. i firmly believe the government killed the electric car and that if people just let the government continue to be as corrupt as it is, we are all screwed. so now i'm feeling inspired to write to my congressman. :) or i think you have an option to call them.

saturday night: rick and i watched Butterflies are Free while playing scrabble. the movie (starring Edward Albert and Goldie Hawn) is about a blind man who moves out and gets his first apartment, neighboring Hawn who becomes his friend. Hawn is 27 in the movie, but looks and sounds MUCH younger. definitely rent the movie if you are a fan of hers just to hear how high-pitched her voice is!!

sunday morning: went over rick's parent's house. we were going to go to church with his sister, but she's sick :( so we hung out with his parents and ate breakfast instead. then we stopped over tim's house and went to the dollar store (to buy a beach ball) and then went to my favorite spanish super market (to buy produce). after we got back, rick and i watched The Holiday with his mom. had to have been my sixth time watching it, but it's a really well-made romantic comedy. definitely the last relatively recent movie (besides The Simpsons that i actually enjoyed.

sunday afternoon: we picked up rick's neices...

and took them back to rick's parents' house. after eating some BBQ, we colored and painted these cute little ceramic animals rick picked up on our way there. after we returned the girls to their house, we were EXHAUSTED. they didn't want us to leave. isabel (the oldest) was hanging on my leg and Daniella kept wanting to be picked up and called me "her" jena.

sunday night: after finishing some laundry and checking out rick's mom's photos from hawaii, we headed back to the apartment. (oh, p.s. rick also showed me the blood stains that are still in the parking lot of the store he was in when he cut his hand. eww!!)

monday morning: we bummed around in the heat. i wrote a short story (see my blog from yesterday). rick and i walked to the store so i could buy pretzels (of course).

monday afternoon: we went swimming. the pool was SO warm that it was not-at-all refreshing, but it was still fun. there were A LOT of people there. i was being quite the "pool pest" to ricardo which entails hanging on someone when they're trying to swim and trying to dunk them under the water constantly. it's fun, try it. ;) note: it's important to know your boundaries because your friends might never want to go swimming with you again. my tip: in between pestering, leave them alone for sparatic intervals of 5 minutes. that way, you won't seem as relentless. after we got back, we lost power for 30 minutes which sucked because i was just in the middle of creating something really kewl (and unsaved) in photoshop and i lost it. :( so now i'm saving projects after every significant addition or edit. during the blackout, we started cleaning the kitchen since we couldn't go online. hehe.

monday night: we ate a late dinner and started watching People I Know (with Al Pacino and Tea Leoni). about 15-20 minutes into the movie, we finally had to read the back of the box because we still didn't know what was happening or what the movie was supposed to be about... it was that awful.

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