Wednesday, September 5, 2007


this morning i got up early because i spoke to one of my employers yesterday and he told me he would have work for me today and to be at his home office "the earlier, the better." so i get to his gated community this morning and they say i'm not on the list to enter. i call him to ask him to clear up the situation and this is the conversation we have:

him: what?! i don't have work for you today.
me: um, you told me to come over the earlier, the better.
him: i know i said that. but then i said 'i'll talk to you later about it' and you never called me back.
me: i thought you just had to get off the phone...
him: yeah, i did. but then you never called me back.
*after discussing how he doesn't have any work prepared for me*
me: so, should i just go back home then???
him: yeah...

arrrrrrrrrrrrg. :( i don't understand and i don't feel at fault. i think what happened was he forgot (or didn't have time) to set up work for me because when we were talking on the phone his 'i'll talk to you later' really just seemed like an 'i'll talk to you later.' not an 'i'll give you a time for tomorrow but if you don't talk to me later about it, i'll have no work for you.' :(

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