Sunday, September 30, 2007

clothing optional?

so my mom and i found an awesome little beach in malibu where the seascape is something out of europe. you seriously feel like you are somewhere abroad. when we went during the week it was pretty secluded, but on sunday there were more people. we attempted to go to Point Dume, which we nicknamed "7-dollar-beach" because you had to pay to get in, no refunds, no re-admittance. nothing special there, just a giant rock protruding from the coast. so we headed back to our favorite little beach. it's an ideal location, but there is one little issue... the beach is a magnet for weirdo guys and for some reason (i guess because the beach is secluded), these men think they can take off all their clothes. and it is NOT a nude beach. and even when the weirdo guys are wearing bathing suits... it's still just as bad. as we were about to leave there was a man climbing up the stairs in front of us, wearing an ill-fitting bathing suit (not quite a speedo, not quite short shorts) whose hairy ass was staring us in the face. especially when he bent down to fix his sandals. so we waited until he got to the top before we headed up the stairs.

weirdo naked guys aside, a lot of friendly, talkative people (especially foreigners) flock to this beach, but i doubt i will ever go alone.

mon-thurs: GRAND CANYON!!!! :) :) :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

what we've done so far.

wednesday: went to a taping of the ellen show. my mom and i were on tv!! :) and everyone in the audience received season three of Grey's Anatomy. (mine's for sale on ebay because i don't watch the show). we saw ellen pull out of the parking lot AS SOON AS the show let out. she waved, but didn't stop like jay leno did. my mom and i still can't believe they make allll that money and only work 1 hour a day. i think i'm in the wrong profession. : P

on our way home, my mom and i stopped at Trader Joes (my mom wasn't impressed) and then headed to Whole Foods (bigger, better selection). we made tilapia and during dinner we watched The Pledge.

thursday: beautifully warm beach day!! hung out in malibu all afternoon. took lots of beachy photos (to be uploaded on flickr). saw a photo shoot Rachel Hunter (Rod Stewart's ex-wife). chatted with the AD. left my name and number with the photographer for possible future PA jobs - nice lady, but i highly doubt she'll ever call me.

aldo stopped by and ate dinner with me, my mom and rick. we watched Wild Hogs which was pretty funny. comedies usually aren't my thing though (unless they're from 1989-1999, like What about Bob? or Black Sheep). i beat my mom in scrabble AGAIN, hehe.

friday: rainy, dreary day. went to radio shack (to buy a camera charger for hal since the one rick ordered online wasn't advertised accurately). then my mom and i went to two estate sales, a yard sale, a vege/fruit stand, a gardening center, the food store and the bank. (busy afternoon!!) my mom bought an artist's (Bill Anton) print of a Marlboro-looking man with a horse. and i bought an odd statue of dogs dancing and some other knick-knacky stuff.

saturday: worked a cosmetic promo. met a nice guy named Lyndon who gave me lots and lots of shampoo and conditioner samples (in such cute little bottles!!) my mom booked all of our arizona reservations, went for a hike and lounged by the pool. she was itching to go to the Viper Room, but i wasn't too keen on the idea. i'm more of a homebody. here's how the convo went:

me: you should be glad your daughter would rather stay home and make crafts instead of going to the Viper Room!!
mom: no, YOU should be glad your mother would rather go to the Viper Room instead of staying home and watching Doris Day!!

(yes, i had checked out Pillow Talk from the library).

and then she called me a "deadhead."

we were also contemplating going to a local country western bar, but we went to PetSmart, made Roxie a dog tag, my mom bought cosmopolitan mix, we ate dinner and watched A Simple Plan instead. we're going to the Viper Room next week. :)

what we did to roxie in PetSmart:

plans for tomorrow: heading back to malibu. or going kyaking and visiting rick's parents. and packing. :)

Monday, September 24, 2007


my b-day weekend...

saturday: i picked up my mom from the airport. :) and it was pouring. :( first time it rained in CA in a LOOOONG time (CA certainly needed it) but by the time we reached the apartment, the sun was shining. when we got to the apartment, there was a bday package waiting for me from lindsay. miss gray met my [mom's] dog roxie and hates her. poor roxie just goes about her business and miss gray actually stalks, chases and attacks her. after rick got home, we went food shopping but for dinner we ate in a local restaurant that has thee biggest, most widest variety of a menu. and we all passed out early that night.

sunday: my mother gave me my present in the morning. :) she had my dad's Valley Forge class ring made into a bracelet. it came out really nice!! my dad would have been impressed. (and i bet he's happy i'm wearing it).

later, my mom, rick, aldrin and i got all dressed up (i wasn't aware as to why at this point) and ate sushi in hollywood. which was nice because i've been craving california rolls!! then rick surprised me with tickets to Wicked. we had never seen it (except for aldrin who has seen it three times now!!) and it was really good.

monday: (my actual b-day) my mom had decorated the apartment with balloons and banners and gave me flowers and a b-day card full of lottery scratch-offs. then we went for a hike/walk with roxie.

after lunch, we went to a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. the guests were The Rock, Dennis Kucinich and Dinana Krall. we noticed former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson sitting a few rows diagonally behind us in the audience. we got to see Jay do the "Headlines" segment and *drumroll* afterward, we met him as he was leaving the studio and he signed an extra ticket we had and my mom took my photo with him. :)

on our way out of the studio, we were handed tickets to see Late Night with Carson Daly. (they needed more people to fill the audience). we accepted them, but remembered we don't even like Carson Daly... so we were no-shows.

when we got back to the apartment, rick gave me a star wars b-day card (yuck!!) and some pretty purple orchids. we watched Shooter and ate dinner. then we ate angel food cake with strawberries... Mmmmmm. all and all a very happy birthday!! :)

me wearing my new gnome pjs pants (part of a gift from my grandmother):

i feel so loved...
total # of birthday cards i received from my grandmother: 4!!
total # of happy birthday comments on my myspace: 6
total # of people who called to sing to me: 4 (plus mom and rick)
total # of "happy birthday" messages received on facebook: 24
thanks everyone!!!! :) :) :)

tomorrow: the new Foo Fighters cd comes out!! and my mom and i plan on lounging poolside and visiting a Chumash Native American museum. and wednesday, we're going to a taping of the Ellen show!! :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

being a PA is better than being from PA.

trust me, i lived in PA for 4 years. : P

tuesday: worked for my favorite boss dave. :) i was mainly there to inspire dave to work, but i made a few calls to ad agencies, looked through a really interesting (and inspiring) photojournalism book from 1978 and got lunch. it was a pleasant afternoon. dave is letting me borrow his lomo action sampler camera so expect some fun photos soon!!

wednesday: long, tiring, productive day. i assisted a product shoot for james. he rented a studio in hollywood and shot boating accessories (wake board racks, speakers and lights that attach to the "tower," if that's what it's called). the pieces were all round and chrome so it was nearly impossible to shoot with the amount of resources (mainly white cards and c-stands) we had with us. but we did it!! and the man and his wife who designed and patented these parts were really nice. they were an older couple with southern-ish accents who drove in from san diego. james is a really great guy to work for because you always learn something. i'm hoping to work for him more often (assisting small product shoots in his studio) after he returns from new york. and i might even be one of his apparel models for a test/webpage shoot.

thursday morning: was ready and waiting to buy foo fighters tickets to the special album release show at the henry fonda theatre on my birthday. both rick and i tried to get tickets. we both clicked the button AS SOON AS IT HIT 10:00 and -sold out- the hell??!! :(

thursday afternoon: worked for dave again. i e-mailed ad agencies and dave tested out his flash on me (since he has to use it on a friend's wedding this weekend). dave's not a wedding photographer, but he looooves shooting weddings... NOT!!!! i helped him pack, we talked shop and i played with his pseudo-dogs (that really belong to his neighbor). i can't wait to assist dave's upcoming stock shoots. :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

"Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" ~Auntie Mame

i like to watch old movies. recently (this week and last), i watched:

Inherit the Wind: good movie, great acting but i prefer the book... but i'm biased because it's one of my favorite books. i haven't read the book since 2003-2004 and i'm sure it states this fact, but i never pictured Henry Drummond to be that old. (Drummond is the attorney for Cates, the man on trial for teaching evolution in school). very few minor differences seperate the movie from the published screenplay.

Auntie Mame: long, but worth the watch. a tale of an eccentric woman/aunt and her nephew as told in classic 1950s style. (lots of upbeat instrumental jazz music between and during scenes; subtle innuendos; and awesome "modern" decor). the story was actually a play, once starring Lucille Ball.

most memorable quote:
"Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" ~Auntie Mame

Rebel Without a Cause: first time i've ever seen a james dean movie and honestly, i was expecting more. his acting was great, but i imagined him having a deeper, manlier voice and being more handsome. (but i guess he had that sensitive guy thing going for him). after watching one of the first scenes, i turned to rick and said, "i think james franco makes a better james dean."

cool part:
a majority of the movie was filmed at the griffith observatory.

My Man Godfrey: a classic "screwball" comedy. the plot: rich folks get their kicks playing scavenger hunts. one of the itmes on the list: "a forgotten man." (aka: a bum). girl falls in love with bum she finds at the city dump, makes him her family's new butler. comedy ensues. evil sister hates him because he wouldn't be her forgotten man, but there's more to him than meets the eye. rick and i both enjoyed it up until the very ending. we didn't want him to end up with her... but the movie ends before anything is official... so maybe he didn't end up with her. (don't worry, i didn't ruin the movie, you can still watch it).

funny quote from the movie:
Angelica Bullock: You mustn't come between Irene and Godfrey. He's the first thing she's shown any affection for since her pomeranian died last summer.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

busiest saturday ever.

9:30 am - 1:00 pm: assisted james during a product shoot.
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm: commute back to apt.
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm: ate and changed at apartment.
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm: commute to second gig.
3:00 pm - 10:45 pm: served/helped cater an outdoor wedding.
10:45 - 11:15 pm: commute back to apt.

assisting james was fun. he shot an assortment of day planners, greeting cards and gift sets designed for moms by a moms. i helped prep the set and the products. i've assisted a clothing line shoot before, but never a product-only shoot. the idea that most products aren't shot on a level surface never occurred to me. we actually stuck the products to a white seamless backdrop using a sticky putty. assisting a variety of photographers has helped me narrow down which photography fields i would like to pursue professionally. i'm working for james again on wednesday on location for a boating-product shoot. he's thinking we'll need extra C-stands which means... lots to haul and set up.

serving at the wedding was pretty hateful at first. the guy in charge was 45 minutes late because he had a lot of last-minute stuff to do. we were all scrambling around doing nothing because we didn't know how the guy wanted it to be done. there were 6 of us... quite some characters, almost stereotypical, as if from a movie:
1. the masculine woman of questionable sexuality (not that there's anything wrong with that).
2. the annoying chick/borderline know-it-all who is waaay too enthusiastic about the job.
3. the older (indian) guy who you wonder why or how he ever wound up doing this.
4. and 5. two girls (one tanned and of hispanic decent. the other, a redhead) who know each other and paired off.
6. and me. the judgemental girl. ;)

one of the chefs was french and i swear he said "hamBERGarr" over a million times. he also looked at my shoes (black vans with pink stripes) and said, "you're were those??? non, that iz not good. you need black shoes. those are not acceptable."
and i said, "are you kidding me?!!"

the wedding was semi-formal, meaning there were burgers, lemonade and port-o-potties, but nicely done and decorated to look classy. there were couches covered in brown seude-ish material, round paper lanterns, lots of candles and champagne dyed blue to match the color scheme. as the night progressed, i wasn't hating it and some moments were disguised as fun. perhaps the most memorable moment occurred while i was carrying a tray of (filled) champagne glasses and one of the guests was headed right for me. i made an "UH-UH-UH-UH" kind of noise and lightly swerved to avoid him. he noticed me and put out his hands as if he were going to dodge me, but he didn't move and just kept walking straight into me. spilt and broke all but two glasses. amazingly no champagne wound up on either of us. and he cleaned up all the broken glass.

so that was my night. i got paid more than i antipated. so perhaps this could become a semi-regular thing on the weekends. :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

aye, craigslist...

this is great. kudos to whoever posted the reply!!

============ Original post ==============

Photographer needed!
Reply to:
Date: 2007-09-13, 12:06PM PDT

We are a Burlesque show that needs a photographer every Monday night in Oct. There is no pay for now but you will get great shots to use in your portfolio. If interested email for the link to the show.

* Location: The Derby, Hollywood
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: no pay

Reply to:
Date: 2007-09-13, 12:35PM PDT

How about this:
I'll come take pictures of your event, but I won't give them to you.
What you'll get is the look of having a photographer on site.
People will think you're a serious company with a budget.
That's not bad of a deal for what you're offering.

***don't ever work for free!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

the truth about cats

my new favorite quote:
"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."
-Robert A. Heinlein

so my boyfriend and i always debate over the cleanliness of cats. the latest scenario: we have a blanket at the apartment that we used when we picked up the desk i bought on craigslist. the blanket really belongs to magoo, my boyfriend's dog. the blanket SMELLS like a dog so it has found a new home outside on our balcony until we return it to rick's parents' house. in the meantime though, miss gray is willing to call it her own. but before she could even make herself comfy, rick runs outside, shoos her off the blanket then throws a crappy tablecloth over the blanket. why??? good question. he thinks little miss gray (who is self-sufficient and self-cleaning) is dirtier than his smelly, yet likeable dog magoo. his reasoning: gray digs in a cat box containing her own feces. good point, but miss gray also washes her paws. and so the debate continues, often with amusing little conversations like these:

rick: she digs around in her own piss and shit!!
jena: but then she cleans herself...
rick: yeah, but with her tongue!!
jena: so, the cat's tongue is like a comb.
rick: well, then if you shit on a comb and comb your hair with it...
jena: no, no that's not the same thing.

so i found a discussion board that supports my theory that cats aren't hazardous to our health. the best part is that the pro-cat people make it seem like the anti-fecal people are crazy for thinking a cat is the least bit dirty. my favorite response was this:

"Yes you are most definitely being way too over protective and paranoid. I have 9 cats and my kids hardly ever got sick. I mean the cats would eat off of our plates while we were eating and they walk on the kitchen counters too. Sitting on our lap after using the litter box, well no problems there. This whole thing has been going on now for over 16 years. Maybe once or twice a year we will get a cold but that doesn't mean we got it from the cats. If you are that worried about it, then you need to find your cat a new home. It's beyond me why people always think it's the cats fault and why all of the sudden the cat becomes a dirty filthy animal."

in my best cat impersonation... MRRRRRRRAAAAWWRR!!!

my rebuttal to rick's germ argument is this: we NEED germs to stay healthy. :) bottom line: as long as you aren't licking your cat's paws, then you should be fine and need not worry about cat germs.

on the subject of animals, here's another good quote:
"She's a nonstop, super hyperactive, pardon the expression.. little piece of shit."
-my grandmother talking about my [mother's] dog.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i love stories like these...

Tue Sep 11, 8:38 AM ET

LONDON (AFP) - A British couple have shacked up in a budget roadside motel for more than 20 years because they love never having to do the laundry or cooking, they said Tuesday.

David Davidson, 79, and his wife, Jean, 70, first tried out a Travelodge hotel while visiting a sick aunt in 1985 -- and were instantly hooked.

Their room -- near Grantham, east central England off the A1 trunk road from London to Edinburgh -- overlooks a car park, but is also within sight of a slip road that trucks rumble down day and night, jazzing up the view.

"We get great rates because we book well in advance and we even have our own personal housekeeper. All our bed linen is laundered, too. It doesn't get much better than that, does it?" said former Royal Navy sailor David Davidson.

The couple have spent around 100,000 pounds (200,000 dollars, 150,000 euros) renting rooms which cost them as little as 15 pounds (30 dollars, 22 euros) a night.

The motel is renaming their room The Davidsons' Suite and mounting a plaque in the reception to mark their 10-year anniversary.

The couple, who initially lived in a Travelodge in nearby Newark before moving in 1997, have kept their old flat in Sheffield, northern England, and return every fortnight to collect the post.

The Davidsons exchange Christmas presents with the staff, dine out at a roadside eaterie across the car park and watch the traffic go by.

"There is always something outside our window. Our room looks out to the car park and a busy slip road where lorries pass through the night," David Davidson said.

"We do have to be a bit choosy about what we keep in our room as it can fill up easily."

His wife added: "We don't get hit with huge heating bills over the winter and its safer than a lot of places these days."

The couple do go for trips abroad -- but stay in a Travelodge.

"Some will think David and Jean Davidson bonkers to have spent the last 22 years living in a hotel," said the Daily Express in its editorial.

But their room rates are "not more than many people's mortgage payments, the housework is done for them and they do not pay utility bills. What's not to like?"

isn't that the greatest?!!!! not a bad idea either... hehe.

more writing, more work, more back massages.

my grandmother always tells me all these interesting little stories about our family and how she could write a book, but she never writes them down. :( i told her she should email me a page every day and then i'll put them all together.

gma: where do i start???
me: as far back as you can remember...
gma: i can remember things from when i was three years old...
me: well then you'll have a lot to write!!

hopefully this will inspire her to start typing soon. (*hint *hint)

yesterday aldo took rick and i to IKEA (it was my first time) and i bought some frames and something really kewl for my grandmother and one for andrea as well. (i can't tell you what it is because they read this). last night i finally finished editing an environmentally-friendly-how-to craft video i filmed this weekend while rick was at his parents' house. i'm pleased with the results and will post the final product on youtube. more info about it later. :)

as for work, i'm seeking a more reliable part time job. (as you've read, i sometimes have issues with scheduling/my boss). my boss told me yesterday that i can assist him at weddings, but he can't pay me because i don't produce enough quality images. ouch!! i would take this as conscructive criticism because i KNOW i could use more experience on the technical aspect of photography, but i don't think i was ever fairly represented. first off, i've only assisted him three times and twice i was handed a camera i've never used before. during my third assist, there wasn't a flash for me to use and we were shooting people dancing in a dark venue... so i was pretty much useless. i was always hesistant and weary to shoot reactions to what my employer was capturing because i could never predict his next move. i assisted two of his colleagues on seperate occasions and had a much better experience because neither ran around like a nervous gazelle. i'm not quite disappointed because i know i'm not cut out to be a wedding photographer anyway (too much ass-kissing), but i was still pretty bummed. luckily i've been receiving some awesome compliments in emails from people who are fans of the work i post on flickr. :) i'd much rather receive credit for my photography than to take wedding photos and not be attributed in somebody's wedding album. so onto bigger and better things...

cute story: i woke up with rick's alarm the other morning (6 am). Rick got up, showered, got ready for work and then came over to the side of the bed i was sleeping on, leaned over and challenged me to a game of scrabble (to be held that night) loser gives the other person a back massage!! hahaha. very random, but i loved it. and guess who won by 49 points... ME. :)

my progress report.

Friday, September 7, 2007

don't you ever wish you were a lollipop sculptor???

I need someone to sculpt 10-20 lolli pops, they will be one sided, in clay or wax 2-3 inches long and 2-3 inches wide,they will not have a lot of detail, i am looking to pay 100 dollars each item, please send me some pics of your work and a name and number, i needed to start ASAP


Wednesday, September 5, 2007


this morning i got up early because i spoke to one of my employers yesterday and he told me he would have work for me today and to be at his home office "the earlier, the better." so i get to his gated community this morning and they say i'm not on the list to enter. i call him to ask him to clear up the situation and this is the conversation we have:

him: what?! i don't have work for you today.
me: um, you told me to come over the earlier, the better.
him: i know i said that. but then i said 'i'll talk to you later about it' and you never called me back.
me: i thought you just had to get off the phone...
him: yeah, i did. but then you never called me back.
*after discussing how he doesn't have any work prepared for me*
me: so, should i just go back home then???
him: yeah...

arrrrrrrrrrrrg. :( i don't understand and i don't feel at fault. i think what happened was he forgot (or didn't have time) to set up work for me because when we were talking on the phone his 'i'll talk to you later' really just seemed like an 'i'll talk to you later.' not an 'i'll give you a time for tomorrow but if you don't talk to me later about it, i'll have no work for you.' :(

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

the tuesday that felt like a monday.

my goal was to clean. i didn't get very far, but i managed to put away all of my clothes, make some room in my closet, sort through a bunch of my papers that were covering rick's desk and almost finish my little photo project i started on the fridge. i also found a 1950's blonde wood desk on craigslist that will soon become my craft space. so now... desk :: craft space as kitchen table :: food space. (finally). i also cleaned the cat box (one of my not-so-favorite activities) and watched the hills online.

funny story: this weekend when rick and i went to my favorite spanish food store, we were in the checkout line when i remembered i wanted a head of iceberg lettuce, so rick ran back to get one... fast forward to tonight's dinner: i made the veges and rick was in charge of making the salad. he shredded the lettuce; cut up the cucumbers and the tomatoes; got out the olives, croutons and the walnuts. (we make a goood salad!!) so i walk over to grab some lettuce and notice that it's CABBAGE. he had accidentally grabbed a head of cabbage instead iceberg lettuce... which isn't a uncommon mistake for guys to make in a grocery store, i'm sure. ;) so now we're stuck with a fresh head of cabbage that neither of us will eat. so i walk over to our neighbors' to see if she could use it. she says "oh sure. i can't remember the last time i had cabbage!! and i hate to see food go to waste," so she takes it. then she says, "hey, wait. do you want some lettuce?!" then hands me a HUMUGOUS head of really nice romaine lettuce she bought at a organic farmer's market. then she asks, "do you need some tomatoes too???" just thought that was one of the nicest things ever. she also told me she'll food-swap whenever i wanted, hehe. moral of the story: one small act of kindness brings back double.

during dinner, rick and i watched A Simple Plan which i HIGHLY recommend. i can't recall a time when i wanted to describe a movie as "gripping," until now. the plot is very suspenseful and will have you guessing until the very end. the plot is very comparable to something Andre Dubus would create. and since most well-written scripts were adapted from a novel, novella or short story, i was not surprised to learn the movie is the screenplay version of the novel A Simple Plan by Scott B. Smith. according to, brad pitt was asked to play the main character, which would have ruined the film. you could roll brad pitt around in mud, but he'll still look too "pretty" and not rugged enough to portray a farm-raised working man. the casting in this film is right on and the acting is highly believable.

around 9:30 pm, rick and went swimming. :) it was a warm night and the pool was even warmer. i haven't been swimming at night since last summer.

tomorrow: work for michael. early.
friday: pick up my "new" desk. :)
saturday: promo.

Monday, September 3, 2007

labor day weekend.

saturday afternoon: rick and i went swimming!! we wound up playing frisbee in the pool for a looong time. surprisingly, there were only three other people at the pool for the majority of the day. rick and i watched The Manchurian Candidate while we were eating an early dinner. it was a decent movie, but predictable with every stereotypical character for its genre - the obscure older man/scientist who gives the protagonist the necessary meds; the female stranger who (has an interest in the protagonist) and switches sides to help him; and the whacko (who dies mid-movie) who is really telling the truth but no one believes him. it was definitely watchable, but i don't think it lives up to the 6.7 it received on the original Manchurian Candidate (with frank sinatra) received an 8.3 - VERY high for on and sounds like the wiser option to watch, so rick and i are going to try to find and rent it.

saturday evening: i got my first taste of a rolling blackout when we lost power for 35 minutes. i really wish the government (the californian government especially) would subsidize solar power instead of SUVs. (a point my boyfriend brought up when we were discussing the matter). just shows you what the government deems more "important." gas. oil. owning energy. depleting our natural resources. i firmly believe the government killed the electric car and that if people just let the government continue to be as corrupt as it is, we are all screwed. so now i'm feeling inspired to write to my congressman. :) or i think you have an option to call them.

saturday night: rick and i watched Butterflies are Free while playing scrabble. the movie (starring Edward Albert and Goldie Hawn) is about a blind man who moves out and gets his first apartment, neighboring Hawn who becomes his friend. Hawn is 27 in the movie, but looks and sounds MUCH younger. definitely rent the movie if you are a fan of hers just to hear how high-pitched her voice is!!

sunday morning: went over rick's parent's house. we were going to go to church with his sister, but she's sick :( so we hung out with his parents and ate breakfast instead. then we stopped over tim's house and went to the dollar store (to buy a beach ball) and then went to my favorite spanish super market (to buy produce). after we got back, rick and i watched The Holiday with his mom. had to have been my sixth time watching it, but it's a really well-made romantic comedy. definitely the last relatively recent movie (besides The Simpsons that i actually enjoyed.

sunday afternoon: we picked up rick's neices...

and took them back to rick's parents' house. after eating some BBQ, we colored and painted these cute little ceramic animals rick picked up on our way there. after we returned the girls to their house, we were EXHAUSTED. they didn't want us to leave. isabel (the oldest) was hanging on my leg and Daniella kept wanting to be picked up and called me "her" jena.

sunday night: after finishing some laundry and checking out rick's mom's photos from hawaii, we headed back to the apartment. (oh, p.s. rick also showed me the blood stains that are still in the parking lot of the store he was in when he cut his hand. eww!!)

monday morning: we bummed around in the heat. i wrote a short story (see my blog from yesterday). rick and i walked to the store so i could buy pretzels (of course).

monday afternoon: we went swimming. the pool was SO warm that it was not-at-all refreshing, but it was still fun. there were A LOT of people there. i was being quite the "pool pest" to ricardo which entails hanging on someone when they're trying to swim and trying to dunk them under the water constantly. it's fun, try it. ;) note: it's important to know your boundaries because your friends might never want to go swimming with you again. my tip: in between pestering, leave them alone for sparatic intervals of 5 minutes. that way, you won't seem as relentless. after we got back, we lost power for 30 minutes which sucked because i was just in the middle of creating something really kewl (and unsaved) in photoshop and i lost it. :( so now i'm saving projects after every significant addition or edit. during the blackout, we started cleaning the kitchen since we couldn't go online. hehe.

monday night: we ate a late dinner and started watching People I Know (with Al Pacino and Tea Leoni). about 15-20 minutes into the movie, we finally had to read the back of the box because we still didn't know what was happening or what the movie was supposed to be about... it was that awful.


lately i've been rediscovering things...

such as a website i discovered a few years ago that allows you to create a list of 43 goals, posting your progress and have the satisfaction of checking off the goals you've already accomplished. you can see how many other people have the same goals and you can comment on other people's items/goals. there are millions of goals to select, or you can create your own.

but don't worry, there's already a "learn to control animals mind, set a whole bunch of animals free, and have the tigers guard my secret base while i have the monkeys and gibbons steal gold at fort knox and then start a fake buisness as a front for my revolt of the animals to reclaim the world" goal. the funnier part is... 40 people have listed this as a goal.

here's are my 43things. i encourage you to make your own account. it's a fun site. i've already started to swim more and write more short stories. :)

there are also sister sites like 43places that allows you to list places you want to travel. you can also keep track of and comment on places you've already visited.

ever decide to throw some old cds in your rotation???
here are albums i've rediscovered and am currently listening to:
tonic's "sugar" (great to listen to at work).
stone temple pilots's "tiny music" (ditto).
dave matthews band's "under the table and dreaming"
next, i'm moving on to the beastie boys. :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

peanut butter and oatmeal.

friday: i worked a cosmetic promo. below is a descriptive, factual account of what happened as told in a present tense short story to fulfill one of my goals to write short stories more often.

Peanut butter and Oatmeal

As the world’s oldest couple moves in slow-motion past me, both of equal shortness, I wonder how they will manage to load their car with all of those heavy groceries. If I were that old, I doubt I’d buy in bulk.

An older man in his late 60s sees I have samples of lotion and chats me up about his razor burn. For some reason, there seems to be a plethora of senior citizens in this store.

“I just started growing this fuzzy button,” he says. “I used to have a bushy moustache. After I shaved it off, I looked forty years younger.”

It’s hard to imagine him forty years younger, but I try. He’s wearing a tropical print shirt with the first two buttons undone, allowing his chest hair to stick out – but not in a sleazy way. He reminds me of how my friend Kyle will act and look like when he's seventy.

He asks my name and thanks me for talking to him. He says he’s glad he finally had an excuse to stop over and talk to me and mentions something about my blue eyes. Since it’s my first time working in this store (and my eyes are green), I figure he's talking about one of the other girls or maybe just a young girl in general. He thanks me again for the lotion. It’s amazing how a small act of seemingly insignificant kindness seems to have made an impact. This trend continues until I finish my shift at 5 pm.

An older woman is interested in the makeup. She’s depressed she recently had to have cataract surgery. As she’s reading the back label on the lip liner lipstick duo, she tells me she buys makeup as a “lifter.” Based on her mannerisms and the deep creases in her expressionate face, I assume she implies a wrinkle lifter. After I realize she means “lifter” as in a “pick-me-up,” I dig through the cabinet for one of every sample I can find.

I only keep a handful of different samples on the counter and stash the good ones for costumers I deem as more deserving. (This method also discourages grubby freeloaders from hoarding them).

“Thank you,” she says. “I can’t wait to go home now!”

The older man returns with the razors he uses. He wants to call Gillette because the razors are making certain areas of his face red. He’s already called Pur – the water filter company.

“Keep all receipts,” he tells me. “They really appreciate knowing when you bought things. I bought that filter and it didn't work properly so found the receipt. It cost me eighty dollars. I called the number on the box and they sent me a new one. Then that one broke and they sent me another one.”

He changes the subject by telling me I should buy a box of Coach cookies.
“They’re so delicious and they’re right down there on the left at the end of the aisle.”
He won’t buy himself a box because he’ll finish them in one sitting. He seems to have stumbled upon a subject near to his heart – food. He tells me he’s a “Quaker Oats baby” who eats oatmeal every morning. Sometimes he adds a teaspoon of peanut butter.
“You like peanut butter, right? Try it – just a teaspoon. It tastes really good.”

After the cookies and oatmeal talk, the old man says good-bye again.
“It’s time to get my exercise.”

Throughout the day, I make a point to smile and say hello to every passerby, even the customers who could care less about the cosmetic line I’m supposed to be pushing. A forty-something-year-old man wearing work boots and shorts pushes a cart past my post. He gets flustered after I say hello, but coolly responds with a “How-are-you?” that sounds more sophisticated than he appears. I answer and return the question. Nearby, his mother and brother are waiting for him. I catch them grinning at me as if we were both fifteen. His bald brother can’t wait to tease him – “I look over and you’re picking up a girl!”

The old man returns once more, this time to say good-bye for real, he’s leaving the store. If not for the lotion samples he’s thanked me for numerous times, his cart would be empty. Even the razors were returned to their self.

“You’re not getting anything?” I ask.
“Oh no,” he says. “I only come here for the exercise.”